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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Madvillainy GenesisSilvermoon-EU9895Not updated
2Ingeksan Lazy Peon TavernSilvermoon-EU9425Not updated
3Johannes SilenceSilvermoon-EU7893Not updated
4Nyanpanda RevenantSilvermoon-EU7299Not updated
5Norwicked OriginSilvermoon-EU6977Not updated
6Satory Clan FieldmountainSilvermoon-EU6898Not updated
7Groblje Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU6893Not updated
8Majima GenesisSilvermoon-EU6780Not updated
9Ingileif Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU6597Not updated
10Ingenious AnathemaSilvermoon-EU6417Not updated
11Inverto PhoenixSilvermoon-EU6389Not updated
12Zerøcøøl KingslayersSilvermoon-EU5997Not updated
13Zek  Silvermoon-EU5799Not updated
14Galibier VISilvermoon-EU5796Not updated
15Tb  Silvermoon-EU5791Not updated
16Spio Divine GuardSilvermoon-EU5589Not updated
17Sándalphon Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU4999Not updated
18Shmuck SublimeSilvermoon-EU4994Not updated
19Jímbei Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU4992Not updated
20Meiffert Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU4991Not updated
21Djwizardx Clan FieldmountainSilvermoon-EU4990Not updated
22Vobert ForbearanceSilvermoon-EU4899Not updated
23Eslaa Shaddows EdgeSilvermoon-EU4896Not updated
24Vilanee Heroes And OthersSilvermoon-EU4891Not updated
25Jhindo dragon worldSilvermoon-EU4884Not updated
26Sychorax Danish allianceSilvermoon-EU4881Not updated
27Dksoul STARDUSTSilvermoon-EU4799Not updated
28Activators Common SecretSilvermoon-EU4798Not updated
29Thoughtcrime The Golden BananaSilvermoon-EU4797Not updated
30Soulwaxx IntensionSilvermoon-EU4796Not updated
31Aethera AlternativesSilvermoon-EU4796Not updated
32Nexudus Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU4792Not updated
33Härskarinnan EpidemicSilvermoon-EU4791Not updated
34Kosung Do Not DisturbSilvermoon-EU4790Not updated
35Edlh Wipe scene InvestigationSilvermoon-EU4789Not updated
36Devera ObsidiumSilvermoon-EU4699Not updated
37Plastkniv ObsidianSilvermoon-EU4695Not updated
38Paladestar GenesisSilvermoon-EU4680Not updated
39Kungfubear GenesisSilvermoon-EU4498Not updated
40Azji Alts R UsSilvermoon-EU4488Not updated
41Drunkfull ElysiumSilvermoon-EU4485Not updated
42Skumfidusen Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU4480Not updated
43Sluffy SilenceSilvermoon-EU4399Not updated
44Kénjin HaloSilvermoon-EU4399Not updated
45Glowe RevenantSilvermoon-EU4399Not updated
46Leydria  Silvermoon-EU4399Not updated
47Wooshumswag SpongeSilvermoon-EU4397Not updated
48Mageinchina GenesisSilvermoon-EU4396Not updated
49Ulicia Keepers of the OathSilvermoon-EU4395Not updated
50Glöden EminenceSilvermoon-EU4387Not updated
51Vué  Silvermoon-EU4380Not updated
52Meeni ObsidianSilvermoon-EU4368Not updated
53Bedlock Rome in a DaySilvermoon-EU4299Not updated
54Sleëpy DecadenceSilvermoon-EU4299Not updated
55Suícune Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU4296Not updated
56Suchwarlock  Silvermoon-EU3999Not updated
57Chenó  Silvermoon-EU3999Not updated
58Begemmot IntensionSilvermoon-EU3997Not updated
59Morrowína MergeSilvermoon-EU3996Not updated
60Pawilicious Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU3995Not updated
61Bleak HaloSilvermoon-EU3994Not updated
62Kasdiya Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU3992Not updated
63Keywiz MalorumSilvermoon-EU3992Not updated
64Sunwall GuiltySilvermoon-EU3990Not updated
65Akashia FaitheSilvermoon-EU3987Not updated
66Naamari DragonlightSilvermoon-EU3984Not updated
67Blâzin Kuro no kishiSilvermoon-EU3983Not updated
68Lunice The Night RaidersSilvermoon-EU3899Not updated
69Masazi GenesisSilvermoon-EU3898Not updated
70Kikindjanka MergeSilvermoon-EU3897Not updated
71Mincy PhoenixSilvermoon-EU3897Not updated
72Yogg Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU3897Not updated
73Psychotronn RohninSilvermoon-EU3897Not updated
74Shinenzu ObsidianSilvermoon-EU3896Not updated
75Kiw Unpredictable CarnageSilvermoon-EU3896Not updated
76Tommoh OriginSilvermoon-EU3895Not updated
77Cranc OriginSilvermoon-EU3894Not updated
78Ârtemís RevenantSilvermoon-EU3893Not updated
79Gabano SublimeSilvermoon-EU3892Not updated
80Egni VISilvermoon-EU3891Not updated
81Lamsee Bamses VennerSilvermoon-EU3890Not updated
82Spudlock OffspringSilvermoon-EU3890Not updated
83Coralie Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU3888Not updated
84Zaradur CascadeSilvermoon-EU3887Not updated
85Benzí  Silvermoon-EU3887Not updated
86Diggle Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU3883Not updated
87Bezzebna Colour CrewSilvermoon-EU3881Not updated
88Device  Silvermoon-EU3799Not updated
89Shaldiir MoistSilvermoon-EU3799Not updated
90Sunjalica Ashes of TrollbaneSilvermoon-EU3799Not updated
91Nexudor TabooSilvermoon-EU3799Not updated
92Fizziee AnarchySilvermoon-EU3798Not updated
93Meela Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU3797Not updated
94Raginx GenesisSilvermoon-EU3796Not updated
95Aedor  Silvermoon-EU3795Not updated
96Bitoni Last ResortSilvermoon-EU3795Not updated
97Razvezla Echoes of EternitySilvermoon-EU3794Not updated
98Summer jydekompanietSilvermoon-EU3794Not updated
99Potmoon Knights of the CyrusSilvermoon-EU3794Not updated
100Killstepz SilenceSilvermoon-EU3793Not updated

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