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Shattered Hand-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Fiona  Shattered Hand-US5788Not updated
2Qizzie ApophasisShattered Hand-US3987Not updated
3Mstred The MyrmidonsShattered Hand-US3691Not updated
4Sayj Whack a GnomeShattered Hand-US3691
5Spirillum TyrannyShattered Hand-US3489
6Spoopy VindicationShattered Hand-US3398
7Nikortwo We Are Not UberShattered Hand-US3295Not updated
8Thelonious Gnome AloneShattered Hand-US3293Not updated
9Lyricks  Shattered Hand-US3131Not updated
10Poppincapsyo TyrannyShattered Hand-US2897
11Kràtos EnclaveShattered Hand-US2696
12Vlvdimirovnv DeathDealerShattered Hand-US2398Not updated
13Hayk Pro NoobsShattered Hand-US1898Not updated
14Dabigdeekay TyrannyShattered Hand-US1799Not updated
15Greatfoxx Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US1797Not updated
16Doublethreat ApophasisShattered Hand-US1789
17Camutao AnônymousShattered Hand-US1698Not updated
18Ricket TyrannyShattered Hand-US1395
19Kamikazaye EvadeShattered Hand-US1394Not updated
20Lorthem  Shattered Hand-US1391Not updated
21Colo TyrannyShattered Hand-US982Not updated
22Magetrainer Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US896Not updated
23Deathandk Gank My Alt Get My MainShattered Hand-US891Not updated
24Nerdboss RelentlessShattered Hand-US887Not updated
25Sephurik TyrannyShattered Hand-US883
26Guily EvadeShattered Hand-US794Not updated
27Glimps ChimeraShattered Hand-US692Not updated
28Lionfury ChosenShattered Hand-US688Not updated
29Dabigman TyrannyShattered Hand-US686Not updated
30Mistmia Whack a GnomeShattered Hand-US677Not updated
31Vemo  Shattered Hand-US596Not updated
32Silmarya EvadeShattered Hand-US587Not updated
33Hellgorak Pro NoobsShattered Hand-US564Not updated
34Elyian Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US495Not updated
35Anonymøus ImpracticalShattered Hand-US429Not updated
36Sylaar Misguided AngelsShattered Hand-US399Not updated
37Deposition Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US398Not updated
38Rhadamir  Shattered Hand-US397Not updated
39Croncord  Shattered Hand-US396Not updated
40Whachout ShamelessShattered Hand-US395Not updated
41Taxon EnclaveShattered Hand-US391Not updated
42Damax Will Work for FoodShattered Hand-US389Not updated
43Ardol TyrannyShattered Hand-US385
44Grôm VindicationShattered Hand-US384Not updated
45Keekers EvadeShattered Hand-US377Not updated
46Foolish TyrannyShattered Hand-US355Not updated
47Joobie Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US353Not updated
48Protostout TyrannyShattered Hand-US299
49Lilnooga  Shattered Hand-US299Not updated
50Derax VindicationShattered Hand-US298Not updated
51Dizzii ShamelessShattered Hand-US298Not updated
52Yangsze OvertoonedShattered Hand-US298Not updated
53Warschild TyrannyShattered Hand-US298Not updated
54Plarenth Shadow OrderShattered Hand-US296Not updated
55Contego VindicationShattered Hand-US290
56Kaner Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US290
57Crazydragoon ShamelessShattered Hand-US287Not updated
58Luhrsy EnclaveShattered Hand-US287
59Landtamer  Shattered Hand-US278Not updated
60Dilf EnclaveShattered Hand-US199Not updated
61Longhrn Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US198
62Yabbadabbado RelentlessShattered Hand-US198Not updated
63Hectic Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US197
64Lovemuffins Darkspear TribeShattered Hand-US193Not updated
65Earthface  Shattered Hand-US191Not updated
66Stínky Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US190
67Fron AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US186
68Komb  Shattered Hand-US182Not updated
69Ggrievous Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US172Not updated
70Annorah EnclaveShattered Hand-US77Not updated
71Slui  Shattered Hand-US23Not updated
72Dewber BellumachineShattered Hand-US22Not updated

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