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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadowmoon-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kinsarah xoxoShadowmoon-US5597Not updated
2Snuffles  Shadowmoon-US4799Not updated
3Watola  Shadowmoon-US4698Not updated
4Mario  Shadowmoon-US4691Not updated
5Ragefarmer UnderratedShadowmoon-US4399Not updated
6Taranis AscendedShadowmoon-US3996Not updated
7Captnandcoke The HorsemenShadowmoon-US3899Not updated
8Shandriss The HorsemenShadowmoon-US3796Not updated
9Avatarofwar Gods MistakeShadowmoon-US3698Not updated
10Rogralla  Shadowmoon-US3694Not updated
11Xandur Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US3690Not updated
12Zodt The HorsemenShadowmoon-US3684Not updated
13Torchbringer The HorsemenShadowmoon-US3599Not updated
14Dcb xoxoShadowmoon-US3495Not updated
15Jawsojezus AuthorityShadowmoon-US3488Not updated
16Zensunní soLutionShadowmoon-US3477Not updated
17Schtor AuthorityShadowmoon-US3423Not updated
18Zornàk  Shadowmoon-US3398Not updated
19Sáucy FutilityShadowmoon-US3392Not updated
20Astraeos UnclaimedShadowmoon-US3344Not updated
21Lovemaster  Shadowmoon-US3282Not updated
22Thenightmare BaddiesShadowmoon-US3195Not updated
23Locklia Dysfunktional ChaosShadowmoon-US3119Not updated
24Ruufio Maximum ChopShadowmoon-US3100Not updated
25Brompton Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US3099Not updated
26Adrammelech Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US3034Not updated
27Papooze BaddiesShadowmoon-US3000Not updated
28Mortaal Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US3000Not updated
29Helbunny xoxoShadowmoon-US2892Not updated
30Zetes Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US2786Not updated
31Wurtles The HorsemenShadowmoon-US2599Not updated
32Puertó The HorsemenShadowmoon-US2397Not updated
33Dorglez The HorsemenShadowmoon-US2392Not updated
34Chillmatica VolatileShadowmoon-US2386Not updated
35Autoattacks Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US1996Not updated
36Valaal New LegionShadowmoon-US1885Not updated
37Zombiedude  Shadowmoon-US1797Not updated
38Realmhuntr AuthorityShadowmoon-US1785Not updated
39Arkadu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1683Not updated
40Krabpeople ReckoningShadowmoon-US1681Not updated
41Pwag The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1596Not updated
42Gnomelock  Shadowmoon-US1486Not updated
43Unper New LegionShadowmoon-US1477Not updated
44Imagenthat Devils RejectsShadowmoon-US1399Not updated
45Thebandit We Smoke RocksShadowmoon-US1399Not updated
46Scude AuthorityShadowmoon-US1399Not updated
47Bootyclapper xoxoShadowmoon-US1396Not updated
48Shrinkage  Shadowmoon-US1390Not updated
49Madarra UnderratedShadowmoon-US1389Not updated
50Phuzzi The HorsemenShadowmoon-US1299Not updated
51Kinsara xoxoShadowmoon-US1298Not updated
52Havorec AuthorityShadowmoon-US1297Not updated
53Dasim Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US997Not updated
54Davetheslave ReckoningShadowmoon-US994Not updated
55Brellekron AuthorityShadowmoon-US982Not updated
56Amalara  Shadowmoon-US897Not updated
57Ragegurr AuthorityShadowmoon-US896Not updated
58Bumsqueeze Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US894Not updated
59Greengiliga OblivionShadowmoon-US893Not updated
60Ragnasty AuthorityShadowmoon-US892Not updated
61Silverbolt  Shadowmoon-US888Not updated
62Healburn AuthorityShadowmoon-US886Not updated
63Snarffles FutilityShadowmoon-US798Not updated
64Bosrox SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US796Not updated
65Megrez SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US796Not updated
66Pycckuú New LegionShadowmoon-US794Not updated
67Risqué ReckoningShadowmoon-US792Not updated
68Alistair ONOSShadowmoon-US791Not updated
69Lukosripper Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US790Not updated
70Jux SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US788Not updated
71Maeldar UnderratedShadowmoon-US787Not updated
72Nakti New LegionShadowmoon-US785Not updated
73Littleprawn Eats GnomesShadowmoon-US783Not updated
74Azivalla  Shadowmoon-US782Not updated
75Slurs  Shadowmoon-US763Not updated
76Hookline UnclaimedShadowmoon-US697Not updated
77Juggernaùt AuthorityShadowmoon-US696Not updated
78Demön  Shadowmoon-US696Not updated
79Boldestmoron Hellscream VanguardShadowmoon-US695Not updated
80Harnlek Rippin It UpShadowmoon-US695Not updated
81Slaeren  Shadowmoon-US693Not updated
82Sylake SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US691Not updated
83Razikha Rotten BunchShadowmoon-US690Not updated
84Thesky We have cookiesShadowmoon-US690Not updated
85Thaumasurge Warlords RebornShadowmoon-US689Not updated
86Jàmes MaleficShadowmoon-US686Not updated
87Msdotz Commanders of ChaosShadowmoon-US686Not updated
88Banish Sosas DisciplesShadowmoon-US686Not updated
89Louni The HorsemenShadowmoon-US682Not updated
90Nalud BrigandsShadowmoon-US681Not updated
91Cadalac Happy Tree FriendsShadowmoon-US681Not updated
92Mysticpriest  Shadowmoon-US677Not updated
93Zabrinka  Shadowmoon-US674Not updated
94Shøgunn Bad WolfShadowmoon-US668Not updated
95Stinkhouse Island of Misfit ToysShadowmoon-US668Not updated
96Icecreamsoup  Shadowmoon-US649Not updated
97Vellgar  Shadowmoon-US645Not updated
98Putrescence  Shadowmoon-US635Not updated
99Hobnoxious SILVERBACKShadowmoon-US599Not updated
100Axemen UnderratedShadowmoon-US598Not updated

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