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Shadow Council-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Prödigious Light BrigadeShadow Council-US4491
2Comatos  Shadow Council-US4398
3Zehnn Safe WordShadow Council-US4352
4Kintok Black OmenShadow Council-US3887Not updated
5Xealot Light BrigadeShadow Council-US3698Not updated
6Reela Digital AddictionShadow Council-US3694
7Shannoa Light BrigadeShadow Council-US3691
8Fekule  Shadow Council-US3417
9Ahyan Twisted NerveShadow Council-US3392
10Decáy BlissShadow Council-US3199
11Tbïrd  Shadow Council-US2796Not updated
12Memnøn Digital AddictionShadow Council-US2680
13Rahharah Digital AddictionShadow Council-US2193
14Keanis BlissShadow Council-US1892
15Leonídas Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US1890
16Quínn Twisted NerveShadow Council-US1795
17Oathfinder The Rune LordsShadow Council-US1794Not updated
18Shimmerr Safe WordShadow Council-US1697
19Daenerys Light BrigadeShadow Council-US1677
20Demintor Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1671
21Jeslis Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1398
22Yoshimitsu The Southern CrossShadow Council-US1397
23Caracharoth Safe WordShadow Council-US1344
24Kìrin And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US1297
25Venolesion Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1096
26Dinnu Digital AddictionShadow Council-US1073Not updated
27Kairasu Team WhiskersShadow Council-US982
28Exodus Digital AddictionShadow Council-US966
29Antarion Royal OrderShadow Council-US899Not updated
30Psymian FriendsDontLetFriendsPVPShadow Council-US892
31Maralina The Silver DragoonsShadow Council-US891
32Zelenin  Shadow Council-US799Not updated
33Lialynn Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US798
34Roskna School of WoWShadow Council-US793
35Fresco The Southern CrossShadow Council-US792
36Deathdrawn Virtus AeternumShadow Council-US792Not updated
37Soulgrinder Suns of AnubisShadow Council-US699Not updated
38Sept  Shadow Council-US699Not updated
39Khandaid Jungle FeverShadow Council-US695
40Zód Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US690
41Formortiis Eternal ShadowsShadow Council-US687
42Myrodia  Shadow Council-US683
43Badbovine Digital AddictionShadow Council-US678
44Clarke Digital AddictionShadow Council-US676
45Gromekk BentShadow Council-US599Not updated
46Ironbark Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US599
47Kráang my back hurtsShadow Council-US599Not updated
48Redtyger BlissShadow Council-US592
49Fattandy For the ShiniesShadow Council-US587
50Lazywonko League of OceaniaShadow Council-US585
51Divisi The Second ComingShadow Council-US575Not updated
52Natheren Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US497
53Senseijimmy Just The Two Of UsShadow Council-US490
54Confession Crimson HaloShadow Council-US484
55Horizons NoShadow Council-US399Not updated
56Giglusta ResurrectionShadow Council-US399Not updated
57Enzite ExodusShadow Council-US398
58Totalrecall Light BrigadeShadow Council-US398Not updated
59Allcaps Twisted NerveShadow Council-US398
60Bones Kingdom of Quel ThalasShadow Council-US397Not updated
61Lukicewalkr BlissShadow Council-US396Not updated
62Nelanna Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US396
63Ronangic Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US396
64Firie The MeddlersShadow Council-US395
65Pôrgy Digital AddictionShadow Council-US394
66Serendeth The Valiant GuardiansShadow Council-US394
67Grymstaff The Rune LordsShadow Council-US393Not updated
68Uproll Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US392
69Chitemana The Southern CrossShadow Council-US391
70Zanthus And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US391
71Jeildadpern NubcakesShadow Council-US391Not updated
72Azazehl Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US390
73Koalabites AdeptShadow Council-US388Not updated
74Koalabi And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US388
75Jimgaffigan Black OmenShadow Council-US381
76Aaedin League of OceaniaShadow Council-US381
77Blackjakk Full DisclosureShadow Council-US380
78Yleira The Wild HuntShadow Council-US378
79Growmech BentShadow Council-US369
80Munroe RetributionShadow Council-US369Not updated
81Luyten Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US348Not updated
82Duo For the ShiniesShadow Council-US299
83Ethella KaizenShadow Council-US297
84Poppea  Shadow Council-US295Not updated
85Ursalag Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US294
86Scatterout  Shadow Council-US294
87Moogoogaipan PredatorShadow Council-US294Not updated
88Shirufeng The ThirstShadow Council-US294Not updated
89Einazurvein Light BrigadeShadow Council-US293
90Rauros Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US285
91Hardhitter Crimson HaloShadow Council-US285
92Gazelem Wolf PackShadow Council-US285Not updated
93Dragoneye The Circle of ChampionsShadow Council-US281
94Krodium Forsaken HopeShadow Council-US270
95Overpoweredd  Shadow Council-US267
96Mågicmån RetributionShadow Council-US198
97Wubub The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US193Not updated
98Rolfüber Death by FireShadow Council-US193Not updated
99Orbis The Second ComingShadow Council-US192
100Shockáchim Twisted NerveShadow Council-US191

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