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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sen'jin-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Unholiest  Sen'jin-US6394Not updated
2Withoutmana  Sen'jin-US6394Not updated
3Tregs  Sen'jin-US5396Not updated
4Clubbie  Sen'jin-US4884Not updated
5Charlie  Sen'jin-US4697Not updated
6Ryonen Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US4598Not updated
7Aildrik  Sen'jin-US4184Not updated
8Splosive dont inspect meSen'jin-US3797Not updated
9Kitartisha  Sen'jin-US3657Not updated
10Vendousama Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US3494Not updated
11Kosong ReformedSen'jin-US3491Not updated
12Kirie cookieSen'jin-US3399Not updated
13Alysrazor Big CritsSen'jin-US3398Not updated
14Skeith Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US3397Not updated
15Zennen  Sen'jin-US3395Not updated
16Rudak Last AttemptSen'jin-US3394Not updated
17Utandaven Big CritsSen'jin-US3299Not updated
18Giyanna ZombieSen'jin-US3297Not updated
19Elorenia Imminent FailureSen'jin-US3200Not updated
20Aroundthefur  Sen'jin-US3114Not updated
21Brandn Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US3100Not updated
22Jonseb Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US2785Not updated
23Mcgruck Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US2490Not updated
24Rohok  Sen'jin-US2298Not updated
25Tov Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US1899Not updated
26Sontarg  Sen'jin-US1893Not updated
27Namesake ForsakenSen'jin-US1791Not updated
28Tuatha Imminent FailureSen'jin-US1691Not updated
29Dp Imminent FailureSen'jin-US1683Not updated
30Espoire Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US1597Not updated
31Moarecon Big CritsSen'jin-US1492Not updated
32Mazzeric  Sen'jin-US1488Not updated
33Addyiscute  Sen'jin-US1435Not updated
34Sellitto Big CritsSen'jin-US1394Not updated
35Ducard Big CritsSen'jin-US1387Not updated
36Draught ZombieSen'jin-US1378Not updated
37Törmented  Sen'jin-US1360Not updated
38Elodin  Sen'jin-US1195Not updated
39Fearedsummon Something FantasticSen'jin-US1048Not updated
40Renegademagi AltMost CrazySen'jin-US996Not updated
41Optimal Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US992Not updated
42Persica ZombieSen'jin-US988Not updated
43Lethkar Big CritsSen'jin-US981Not updated
44Kanazaré The Panda SquadSen'jin-US960Not updated
45Daoxu Imminent FailureSen'jin-US898Not updated
46Elshixel Imminent FailureSen'jin-US895Not updated
47Kütee A p e xSen'jin-US893Not updated
48Jammytender THE BEST RAIDING GUILDSen'jin-US893Not updated
49Kyrpa Big CritsSen'jin-US893Not updated
50Dipqt The Panda SquadSen'jin-US892Not updated
51Ippai Heroes of SerenitySen'jin-US891Not updated
52Tîtan Big CritsSen'jin-US887Not updated
53Dktooeasy  Sen'jin-US886Not updated
54Wwoman Tiny RaidersSen'jin-US882Not updated
55Ukahen Big CritsSen'jin-US797Not updated
56Rhysie  Sen'jin-US797Not updated
57Nagrom ShadowfireSen'jin-US795Not updated
58Flintlock Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US794Not updated
59Bysket Imminent FailureSen'jin-US792Not updated
60Spiderfiend  Sen'jin-US792Not updated
61Octâvian ReformedSen'jin-US790Not updated
62Delirîum ReformedSen'jin-US787Not updated
63Sofronia Imminent FailureSen'jin-US785Not updated
64Sntpeter Big CritsSen'jin-US785Not updated
65Eériè  Sen'jin-US782Not updated
66Joesizzle SummuSSen'jin-US780Not updated
67Lavran SummuSSen'jin-US764Not updated
68Takashii A p e xSen'jin-US699Not updated
69Syira Penguin MilkSen'jin-US698Not updated
70Jibb  Sen'jin-US698Not updated
71Wininthar  Sen'jin-US694Not updated
72Ailthas Big CritsSen'jin-US693Not updated
73Sunsworn The Order of the PhoenixSen'jin-US692Not updated
74Kallani RequìemSen'jin-US691Not updated
75Zeta ZombieSen'jin-US691Not updated
76Avalinda RequìemSen'jin-US691Not updated
77Orimas Easy ModeSen'jin-US687Not updated
78Arclight SummuSSen'jin-US684Not updated
79Dinaer The DragonsSen'jin-US683Not updated
80Monning  Sen'jin-US683Not updated
81Schabo Imminent FailureSen'jin-US682Not updated
82Hèarts A p e xSen'jin-US682Not updated
83Shomeone  Sen'jin-US681Not updated
84Jackkel  Sen'jin-US659Not updated
85ßravehearth Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US599Not updated
86Anarçhy Wrath of ThunderSen'jin-US599Not updated
87Spinnahow Big CritsSen'jin-US599Not updated
88Tokiko Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US597Not updated
89Aseal PrestigeSen'jin-US594Not updated
90Adessei RequìemSen'jin-US591Not updated
91Vortigern  Sen'jin-US499Not updated
92Angelcrusher  Sen'jin-US498Not updated
93Sesuj Big CritsSen'jin-US497Not updated
94Ses  Sen'jin-US497Not updated
95Masayuki Lil CritsSen'jin-US497Not updated
96Michealvi  Sen'jin-US496Not updated
97Meothe  Sen'jin-US422Not updated
98Sychar Pick em UpSen'jin-US399Not updated
99Biggalyboo Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US399Not updated
100Ballzelle Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US398Not updated

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