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Scarlet Crusade-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Shortpower Silent MajorityScarlet Crusade-US4695
2Nebulus Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US3886Not updated
3Inversion ConsequencesScarlet Crusade-US3399Not updated
4Liubei MaliceScarlet Crusade-US3298
5Achbar Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US2789
6Furyaid The HeartlessScarlet Crusade-US1899
7Chrysafides Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US1699Not updated
8Cacician Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US1691Not updated
9Draelorn Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US1679
10Ysmb i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US1375
11Gaol CoalescenceScarlet Crusade-US1095
12Muaythai Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US990
13Velosta Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US976
14Erendel ConsequencesScarlet Crusade-US968Not updated
15Agoril Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US899
16Acerr Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US892
17Mooniara i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US887
18Treazen Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US795
19Exemplar Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US787
20Nieri ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US787
21Ilgandeil Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US786
22Homeright Legion Of ChaosScarlet Crusade-US781
23Mustang Chaos ReignsScarlet Crusade-US692
24Bossakula MischiefScarlet Crusade-US690
25Fronsac The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US684
26Ariiyana The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US684
27Meliand i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US678
28Mitzi  Scarlet Crusade-US676
29Msmaho ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US675
30Rhona The BastionScarlet Crusade-US599
31Atrapos MaliceScarlet Crusade-US595
32Radiological Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US595
33Chaoskings Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US577
34Xanus MeleeStormScarlet Crusade-US492
35Dijiest i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US397
36Desenas Sivi and Her MinionsScarlet Crusade-US394
37Snafi Divine BrillianceScarlet Crusade-US393
38Nisar  Scarlet Crusade-US391
39Waldonty Scarlet AristocracyScarlet Crusade-US391
40Delexan Obscured by CloudsScarlet Crusade-US390
41Ciaphas Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US390
42Jthoven Cool and the GangScarlet Crusade-US389Not updated
43Kajikami Praetorian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US387
44Morgaith The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US383
45Feshi Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US383
46Golluk Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US377
47Darkmonkz The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US375
48Moby The Fel WatchScarlet Crusade-US367
49Dreagar MischiefScarlet Crusade-US363
50Hanrak The Crimson WarriorsScarlet Crusade-US356
51Lazurin Free AgentsScarlet Crusade-US298
52Gorgenite Flamingly FabulousScarlet Crusade-US297Not updated
53Daeva The Arcadian KnightsScarlet Crusade-US296
54Sayians Painful EndScarlet Crusade-US296
55Oyashiro i am protagonist pls noScarlet Crusade-US295
56Arkenos ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US295
57Edercia Misfit MilitiaScarlet Crusade-US294Not updated
58Fold MischiefScarlet Crusade-US288Not updated
59Coelho The Maidens KnightsScarlet Crusade-US278Not updated
60Eridras HordeCoreScarlet Crusade-US199
61Beastamer  Scarlet Crusade-US198Not updated
62Tarizul ApatheticScarlet Crusade-US198Not updated
63Crewdinge Lordaeron ExilesScarlet Crusade-US196
64Zaref IntegrityScarlet Crusade-US196
65Crushermax Wicked WaysScarlet Crusade-US192Not updated
66Mograthnna The BastionScarlet Crusade-US186
67Antara Unbowed Unbent UnbrokenScarlet Crusade-US170Not updated
68Zhulong The NevermoreScarlet Crusade-US128Not updated
69Broodslayer Shadow SyndicateScarlet Crusade-US94
70Hoodofrobin The Crimson WarriorsScarlet Crusade-US58

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