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Sargeras-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Eiikø BrotherhoodSargeras-EU7989Not updated
2Uneed From ScratchSargeras-EU6896
3Aleuh From ScratchSargeras-EU5799
4Cobrale EnhancedSargeras-EU5799
5Edhën EnhancedSargeras-EU4993
6Haiikø BrotherhoodSargeras-EU4988Not updated
7Weejzftw EviL BleSsSargeras-EU4890
8Cowkyne EnhancedSargeras-EU4795
9Narushyma WraithSargeras-EU4794
10Teebo From ScratchSargeras-EU4697
11Aiiko BrotherhoodSargeras-EU4696Not updated
12Yùnã Start OverSargeras-EU4693
13Exodès EnhancedSargeras-EU4599
14Nyru UnKnøwnSargeras-EU4598Not updated
15Inlayz DomînatîonSargeras-EU4597Not updated
16Lapinpew From ScratchSargeras-EU4595
17Indeedj EnhancedSargeras-EU4594
18Zantrixx From ScratchSargeras-EU4399
19Iceburst Son of SpartaSargeras-EU4386
20Djangøw From ScratchSargeras-EU4299
21Infernow NightSargeras-EU4297
22Rodd la MeuteSargeras-EU3999
23Toðe  Sargeras-EU3995Not updated
24Fastkïll EnhancedSargeras-EU3988
25Nyxe VindictaSargeras-EU3897Not updated
26Razlð EsquisseSargeras-EU3894
27Merenween From ScratchSargeras-EU3891
28Matamune Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3890
29Altrax Les Sapins de la HordeSargeras-EU3887
30Frezdébwa  Sargeras-EU3882Not updated
31Muad EmpyriumSargeras-EU3799
32Raym la MeuteSargeras-EU3798
33Hraes TribeSargeras-EU3798Not updated
34Faabe Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3797
35Slimboby la MeuteSargeras-EU3793
36Xeñder Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3790
37Wyrees From ScratchSargeras-EU3761
38Zîm From ScratchSargeras-EU3698
39Rytnek From ScratchSargeras-EU3695
40Spyra Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3693
41Dralounet BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3693
42Exposantix BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3687
43Mâthy EviL BleSsSargeras-EU3682
44Kenkisslolz  Sargeras-EU3599Not updated
45Mask From ScratchSargeras-EU3599
46Sîskä  Sargeras-EU3590Not updated
47Gracya BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3499
48Bladewing BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3497Not updated
49Màlibou MisterFistSargeras-EU3496
50Peluchon UnKnøwnSargeras-EU3487
51Poubel PHENIXSargeras-EU3424Not updated
52Blattouze NøT FøunÐSargeras-EU3399Not updated
53Libeo UfrogSargeras-EU3399
54Sëîko BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3398
55Apya From ScratchSargeras-EU3396Not updated
56Amlach  Sargeras-EU3396Not updated
57Thelito BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3395
58Thâm Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3394
59Koltar BrotherhoodSargeras-EU3394
60Lïndys  Sargeras-EU3388Not updated
61Zyul Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3388
62Amjad  Sargeras-EU3297Not updated
63Tchoobydoo From ScratchSargeras-EU3296
64Sabela NightSargeras-EU3290
65Arcazen Les Sapins de la HordeSargeras-EU3274
66Céliä VindictaSargeras-EU3197
67Waynson VindictaSargeras-EU3100
68Kraptor Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3095
69Blàd From ScratchSargeras-EU3077
70Utopïa From ScratchSargeras-EU3054
71Keriganes From ScratchSargeras-EU3009
72Aihnoa PHENIXSargeras-EU3000Not updated
73Titrap Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU3000
74Caramelus EnhancedSargeras-EU3000
75Reckup WraithSargeras-EU2969
76Pilika  Sargeras-EU2894Not updated
77Nøfêar Twisted MindSargeras-EU2892
78Oneij Start OverSargeras-EU2799
79Faolin DoxaSargeras-EU2799
80Toonz  Sargeras-EU2785Not updated
81Winterníght VindictaSargeras-EU2690
82Exponentiel BrotherhoodSargeras-EU2682
83Maëlyssän Chaos destinySargeras-EU2587
84Kkcx From ScratchSargeras-EU2390
85Rytnekz From ScratchSargeras-EU2389
86Earthcrawler From ScratchSargeras-EU2360
87Princou From ScratchSargeras-EU1986
88Shiinz From ScratchSargeras-EU1986
89Keott Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1983
90Ayxec  Sargeras-EU1980Not updated
91Tchooby From ScratchSargeras-EU1974
92Katrinà THFPSargeras-EU1899Not updated
93Spyral Si Vis Pacem ParabellumSargeras-EU1898
94Ajanyre  Sargeras-EU1897Not updated
95Rytnouk From ScratchSargeras-EU1896
96Aliz From ScratchSargeras-EU1893
97Nïrvana VindictaSargeras-EU1891
98Làpouf AgønïESargeras-EU1891
99Butana BrotherhoodSargeras-EU1890
100Aloot From ScratchSargeras-EU1887

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