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Runetotem-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Alsace The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US4398
2Shikane Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3871
3Deathstolker Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3798
4Goldenbender We Brought SnacksRunetotem-US3788
5Deoxygenate ReforgedRunetotem-US3788
6Watevzdk Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3699
7Chillidk Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3599
8Kallistos Killing SpreesRunetotem-US3497Not updated
9Volimere KnightsOfTheRoundRunetotem-US3478Not updated
10Dreadbeat Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3430
11Geas Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3394
12Glerr Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US3394
13Spoot  Runetotem-US3393Not updated
14Wexzial New DawnRunetotem-US3363
15Damageman version twoRunetotem-US3292
16Asune Exiled from HellRunetotem-US3200
17Arte ExaltedRunetotem-US2896
18Fàmine Runetotem is Full GTFORunetotem-US2890Not updated
19Immediate Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US2890
20Wtfisffb Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US2693
21Hazin ExaltedRunetotem-US2682
22Gravitypunk TempestRunetotem-US2396
23Gordito New DawnRunetotem-US1998Not updated
24Horrorface Exiled from HellRunetotem-US1998
25Kalleadhoof DirgeRunetotem-US1988Not updated
26Kvothe New DawnRunetotem-US1898Not updated
27Fujubeastly Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US1889
28Capoferro ReforgedRunetotem-US1794
29Linkiok W I C K E DRunetotem-US1791Not updated
30Molly Exiled from HellRunetotem-US1697
31Wärær ExaltedRunetotem-US1691
32Spart Burns when I PvPRunetotem-US1682
33Kolthas The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US1682
34Poppinbandz  Runetotem-US1679Not updated
35Onyxius ExaltedRunetotem-US1599
36Glorfidelcan ExaltedRunetotem-US1497
37Corbenikx Exiled from HellRunetotem-US1397
38Bubblezzlol Big In JapanRunetotem-US1395Not updated
39Hazinette ExaltedRunetotem-US1394
40Chillitotem Exiled from HellRunetotem-US1299
41Shongmao ExaltedRunetotem-US1298
42Sophette ReforgedRunetotem-US1293
43Saygrr  Runetotem-US1287Not updated
44Mestaris DynastyRunetotem-US988
45Soulburner ExaltedRunetotem-US983
46Shádòw Exiled from HellRunetotem-US963
47Staryknight New DawnRunetotem-US961
48Panda Exiled from HellRunetotem-US892
49Xannon Justice In MurderRunetotem-US884
50Descension Exiled from HellRunetotem-US879
51Harkunan KnightsOfTheRoundRunetotem-US869
52Greez ExaltedRunetotem-US799
53Etenish ExitiumRunetotem-US796
54Barrel Exiled from HellRunetotem-US793Not updated
55Duhliciouz Exiled from HellRunetotem-US784
56Grena Exiled from HellRunetotem-US698
57Kabang JINXRunetotem-US697Not updated
58Tinkerhell Torch the MorgueRunetotem-US697Not updated
59Watevatrevor Exiled from HellRunetotem-US696
60Taíls Exiled from HellRunetotem-US695
61Roetorooter Exiled from HellRunetotem-US688
62Vambran KnightsOfTheRoundRunetotem-US685
63Ryû Exiled from HellRunetotem-US683
64Clytia ExitiumRunetotem-US676
65Vexisle  Runetotem-US653Not updated
66Acryllic The Dark BelowRunetotem-US497Not updated
67Jaelbait  Runetotem-US495Not updated
68Juras Killing SpreesRunetotem-US476
69Kristie Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US399
70Giyosewinini ReforgedRunetotem-US399
71Infiny Ten StormsRunetotem-US397Not updated
72Viciousthug Notorious ThugsRunetotem-US396Not updated
73Freyalise The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US395Not updated
74Doombad JINXRunetotem-US394
75Algormortis ReforgedRunetotem-US392
76Tedronai DirgeRunetotem-US392Not updated
77Bortobob Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US391Not updated
78Garresh ExitiumRunetotem-US390
79Kuma ExaltedRunetotem-US385
80Cetaz The TribunalRunetotem-US382
81Tanyn  Runetotem-US379Not updated
82Aflakk version twoRunetotem-US377
83Rarryn KindredRunetotem-US374Not updated
84Badimus version twoRunetotem-US372Not updated
85Ambiance ExaltedRunetotem-US369
86Inuburn The TribunalRunetotem-US356
87Hitmontop Exiled from HellRunetotem-US353
88Dirtdevil Avenging FireRunetotem-US345Not updated
89Dhayel The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US337Not updated
90Fûg Exiled from HellRunetotem-US299
91Bellee Killing SpreesRunetotem-US299
92Luncian Killing SpreesRunetotem-US298
93Yesseur The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US298Not updated
94Thorka The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US297
95Krillah Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US297
96Manzz Exiled from HellRunetotem-US297
97Officìal Exiled from HellRunetotem-US296
98Dudebro  Runetotem-US296Not updated
99Karl Exiled from HellRunetotem-US295
100Stibbs Arcanas SanctumRunetotem-US294

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