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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Rexxar-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Lolipopis The WarlordzRexxar-EU4898Not updated
2Flatty Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU4884Not updated
3Dyssie Per NoctemRexxar-EU3894Not updated
4Márduk GodlikeRexxar-EU3845Not updated
5Meru Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU3796Not updated
6Ianlol Mystical EmbraceRexxar-EU3696Not updated
7Jaycob I Angry Pirates IRexxar-EU3597Not updated
8Tarmira Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU3486Not updated
9Lolênia Carpe NøctemRexxar-EU3397Not updated
10Spun  Rexxar-EU3396Not updated
11Dasennui  Rexxar-EU3396Not updated
12Marakos Ched NasadRexxar-EU3387Not updated
13Xinlin  Rexxar-EU3297Not updated
14Serah The WarlordzRexxar-EU3297Not updated
15Reta Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU3276Not updated
16Lumozische Drachen der KreuzfahrerRexxar-EU3009Not updated
17Sôny DeathRexxar-EU2894Not updated
18Backari Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU2886Not updated
19Lèáp Mystical EmbraceRexxar-EU2795Not updated
20Narkor  Rexxar-EU2783Not updated
21Sonnyy WeltenbebenRexxar-EU2687Not updated
22Toccra Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU2581Not updated
23Shandó  Rexxar-EU2387Not updated
24Shandò Blood OmenRexxar-EU2387Not updated
25Noamed Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU1890Not updated
26Seríal Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU1799Not updated
27Acerbis Ad RemRexxar-EU1778Not updated
28Berghörnchen Per NoctemRexxar-EU1698Not updated
29Mezzoforte Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU1695Not updated
30Twêâk Die TempelkriegerRexxar-EU1426Not updated
31Amar Diener der HordeRexxar-EU1399Not updated
32Isac Ad RemRexxar-EU1398Not updated
33Morgor I Bavarian Barbarians IRexxar-EU1388Not updated
34Spengler Süßes oder SauresRexxar-EU1388Not updated
35Cptnhero Ad RemRexxar-EU1385Not updated
36Nemimaggy Drachen der KreuzfahrerRexxar-EU1380Not updated
37Fexx IncolumisRexxar-EU1377Not updated
38Imthebeast Day WalkerRexxar-EU1370Not updated
39Piret Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU1360Not updated
40Morrigain Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU1299Not updated
41Ayacria The Tauren ChieftainsRexxar-EU1298Not updated
42Kreiolos Allianz des ChaosRexxar-EU1294Not updated
43Findulin Gôlden RûshRexxar-EU992Not updated
44Cynthàlia Carpe NøctemRexxar-EU990Not updated
45Spiritous Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU988Not updated
46Angstblase La vita è bellaRexxar-EU977Not updated
47Abord GodlikeRexxar-EU898Not updated
48Bladiah Ära der RebellenRexxar-EU898Not updated
49Blásphemer Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU897Not updated
50Pupai I Angry Pirates IRexxar-EU897Not updated
51Kharzon  Rexxar-EU896Not updated
52Súshi ClannadRexxar-EU895Not updated
53Wasdl MagicalringRexxar-EU884Not updated
54Tisiphonex Die prallen KrallenRexxar-EU797Not updated
55Brighton The Poison AppleRexxar-EU797Not updated
56Doclexas Gentlemens ClubRexxar-EU793Not updated
57Stierstädter Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU791Not updated
58Jonës Ad RemRexxar-EU789Not updated
59Tritonn The WarlordzRexxar-EU778Not updated
60Dropos  Rexxar-EU764Not updated
61Axess Ad RemRexxar-EU699Not updated
62Arcticblue CøcktailbarRexxar-EU698Not updated
63Deepplease Gentlemens ClubRexxar-EU698Not updated
64Thorsrall DeathlessRexxar-EU697Not updated
65Shalaren Blood OmenRexxar-EU697Not updated
66Lerosa MidnightRexxar-EU697Not updated
67Sboih InsanéRexxar-EU697Not updated
68Deathtalon Royal FlushRexxar-EU694Not updated
69Cynthîsa Carpe NøctemRexxar-EU694Not updated
70Tawlz DeathlessRexxar-EU691Not updated
71Xirion Mystical EmbraceRexxar-EU691Not updated
72Taitø Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU690Not updated
73Tysada Tote Kekse krümeln nichtRexxar-EU690Not updated
74Viovodol Die HasilanerRexxar-EU687Not updated
75Flippin Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU687Not updated
76Kregen Seed of AngerRexxar-EU682Not updated
77Marluxia Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU681Not updated
78Shúrtugal EvolutionsRexxar-EU680Not updated
79Acteden Allianz des ChaosRexxar-EU679Not updated
80Megalos Blood OmenRexxar-EU679Not updated
81Bajala Mystical EmbraceRexxar-EU676Not updated
82Nixxon Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU674Not updated
83Burningchris The WarlordzRexxar-EU499Not updated
84Lyrica GodlikeRexxar-EU498Not updated
85Phêmos Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU495Not updated
86Orcler mala fideRexxar-EU495Not updated
87Hakon No BehaviorRexxar-EU491Not updated
88Thadde seriouSCasualsRexxar-EU428Not updated
89Marenoez New MetaRexxar-EU426Not updated
90Choghat BrainwashRexxar-EU417Not updated
91Kâthakombe Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU398Not updated
92Drynai GodlikeRexxar-EU398Not updated
93Mæntis Krieger des MondesRexxar-EU397Not updated
94Ðarkspikey Da Bloody AllianzzRexxar-EU397Not updated
95Riadon Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU397Not updated
96Haru Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU395Not updated
97Afenar  Rexxar-EU394Not updated
98Delarí  Rexxar-EU393Not updated
99Stif  Rexxar-EU393Not updated
100Ayanesca Sword of HonorRexxar-EU392Not updated

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