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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Ravenholdt-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Lyre NephilimRavenholdt-US5496
2Slathia NephilimRavenholdt-US3788
3Ailchú Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US3673Not updated
4Zinze Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US3600Not updated
5Viernes  Ravenholdt-US3487Not updated
6Ioi The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US3399
7Oishi DepricatedRavenholdt-US3395
8Claos IntentRavenholdt-US3393Not updated
9Tharama  Ravenholdt-US3385Not updated
10Caikirn Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US3373
11Cupajo Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US3300
12Hegel The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US3220
13Paladiiran Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US3191Not updated
14Lílìth RiskbreakersRavenholdt-US3059Not updated
15Ginnhh  Ravenholdt-US3000Not updated
16Anoxxia Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US3000
17Crimelord Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US3000Not updated
18Chimeriss Cheat SheetRavenholdt-US2981Not updated
19Quilocai Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US2399
20Ruleus Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US2367Not updated
21Ekleipsis That GuildRavenholdt-US2193Not updated
22Lizintry Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US1698Not updated
23Bralineda NephilimRavenholdt-US1698
24Slaykins Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US1690Not updated
25Summongods  Ravenholdt-US1661
26Rehmi Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US1387Not updated
27Deerez Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US996Not updated
28Mcwarlock No FearRavenholdt-US993Not updated
29Aedanius That GuildRavenholdt-US968Not updated
30Jaimene Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US883
31Valisia BlutengelRavenholdt-US799Not updated
32Guiles DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US796Not updated
33Steeg Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US791Not updated
34Dromian Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US782Not updated
35Ayala Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US781Not updated
36Macdublin RenaissanceRavenholdt-US777
37Jalsihr Pax UmbrisRavenholdt-US773
38Míér DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US699Not updated
39Chestter DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US697Not updated
40Sanyaza DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US697
41Spøt  Ravenholdt-US694Not updated
42Magicmango MuricahRavenholdt-US691Not updated
43Ampsalts Disorganized CrimeRavenholdt-US685Not updated
44Bajablasts DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US680
45Tarashan Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US675Not updated
46Chococutie Release SpiritRavenholdt-US669Not updated
47Nexior The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US669
48Zorag DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US598Not updated
49Arathros The Hordes HooligansRavenholdt-US596Not updated
50Qualthenas DepricatedRavenholdt-US572
51Holgrÿm That GuildRavenholdt-US498Not updated
52Quejinn NephilimRavenholdt-US498Not updated
53Silentbow Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US493Not updated
54Atrøcity T X SRavenholdt-US486Not updated
55Hacchi  Ravenholdt-US482Not updated
56Xanthu Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US399Not updated
57Seg Universal OrderRavenholdt-US398
58Darquis No FearRavenholdt-US398Not updated
59Asger DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US397Not updated
60Cerec Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US394Not updated
61Resìleaf Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US392Not updated
62Thoben Group TwoRavenholdt-US392Not updated
63Banelings DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US391Not updated
64Averila Twilight EmpireRavenholdt-US391Not updated
65Romatter Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US388Not updated
66Blixxis Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US387
67Noremorse Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US383Not updated
68Skkiere HostileRavenholdt-US379Not updated
69Illena Group TwoRavenholdt-US378Not updated
70Dirtyferrett Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US369Not updated
71Prims DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US369Not updated
72Evelidra Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US361Not updated
73Ursíus IntentRavenholdt-US299
74Ventblaze  Ravenholdt-US298Not updated
75Harukii  Ravenholdt-US298Not updated
76Phreakout FelonyRavenholdt-US297Not updated
77Shielyn Universal OrderRavenholdt-US297Not updated
78Usain Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US297Not updated
79Cayreth The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US295
80Moardotss Legion of Shadow KnightsRavenholdt-US294Not updated
81Deathwiind Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US294Not updated
82Daemonmaker IntentRavenholdt-US293
83Aradune NephilimRavenholdt-US293
84Errina IntentRavenholdt-US290Not updated
85Hjulstrom DeathWyndsRavenholdt-US288Not updated
86Quezt  Ravenholdt-US281Not updated
87Beaansr Deeprun Tram SecurityRavenholdt-US280Not updated
88Sythuul Infamous OutlawsRavenholdt-US279Not updated
89Halmir Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US199Not updated
90Stratagem NephilimRavenholdt-US197
91Papierkorb DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US197Not updated
92Scootâloo Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US195Not updated
93Genari Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US195Not updated
94Veraci The Last LaughRavenholdt-US194Not updated
95Haukkah Universal OrderRavenholdt-US188
96Espreso NephilimRavenholdt-US186
97Silvaeris  Ravenholdt-US179Not updated
98Chopan HostileRavenholdt-US178
99Grizwuld The Boisterous FewRavenholdt-US157Not updated

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