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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Cjzz BIZZNORavencrest-EU12996Not updated
2Touchmé EXRavencrest-EU11398Not updated
3Skillgripped One of UsRavencrest-EU8984Not updated
4Gonorrea Red Moon IIRavencrest-EU7698Not updated
5Simbaholyc Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU7589Not updated
6Trexninja Group TherapyRavencrest-EU7484Not updated
7Verses DivergentRavencrest-EU7362Not updated
8Eddyox eXampleRavencrest-EU6693Not updated
9Olorout EvocatiRavencrest-EU6399Not updated
10Smalle The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU5999Not updated
11Blíndsnów eXampleRavencrest-EU5990Not updated
12Jîgg DivergentRavencrest-EU5898Not updated
13Obrima EthicRavencrest-EU5897Not updated
14Snipinz Project SlothRavencrest-EU5896Not updated
15Ichimaru UnforgivenRavencrest-EU5799Not updated
16Adrixie eXampleRavencrest-EU5798Not updated
17Gwann DivergentRavencrest-EU5795Not updated
18Moonorì The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU5792Not updated
19Adsjk  Ravencrest-EU5683Not updated
20Rabidwolferi Kjøkken av helveteRavencrest-EU5396Not updated
21Solokìng Dark SaintsRavencrest-EU5391Not updated
22Cjzzx  Ravencrest-EU4997Not updated
23Dangen What did you sayRavencrest-EU4898Not updated
24Naema Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU4893Not updated
25Aphorism Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU4890Not updated
26Frosha  Ravencrest-EU4876Not updated
27Goodié One of UsRavencrest-EU4796Not updated
28Crayz Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU4796Not updated
29Saldyx EvocatiRavencrest-EU4795Not updated
30Claynøe Group TherapyRavencrest-EU4794Not updated
31Stonedcold StasisRavencrest-EU4697Not updated
32Mightydee  Ravencrest-EU4696Not updated
33Danichan Legion VRavencrest-EU4696Not updated
34Suline One Percent WipeRavencrest-EU4690Not updated
35Moonòri The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU4687Not updated
36Bloodycookie CivitasRavencrest-EU4596Not updated
37Magfrey The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU4592Not updated
38Tarantela NordmänRavencrest-EU4499Not updated
39Sarithus ImmortaliumRavencrest-EU4499Not updated
40Lanaðelreÿ  Ravencrest-EU4497Not updated
41Bergie DivergentRavencrest-EU4494Not updated
42Pittig The Surge Of TranquilityRavencrest-EU4488Not updated
43Stefdaddie Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU4399Not updated
44Fiskeball IlluminatiRavencrest-EU4398Not updated
45Simlicka  Ravencrest-EU4398Not updated
46Dotterpotter Shaman Stole My BikeRavencrest-EU4398Not updated
47Snoopjitsu RefrigeraidersRavencrest-EU4398Not updated
48Gammatron YakùzaRavencrest-EU4398Not updated
49Nat  Ravencrest-EU4395Not updated
50Gnomezide Legion VRavencrest-EU4393Not updated
51Turtlebomb ImmortaliumRavencrest-EU4390Not updated
52Imagenatîon HypothermiaRavencrest-EU4384Not updated
53Dodosorsa UnderdogsRavencrest-EU4375Not updated
54Fiski Familiar with DramaRavencrest-EU4300Not updated
55Wâllirikz Group TherapyRavencrest-EU4299Not updated
56Gogeta DivergentRavencrest-EU4294Not updated
57Therìon OmnicideRavencrest-EU4293Not updated
58Signaa Project Gaming ErrorRavencrest-EU4197Not updated
59Omégâ BolagetRavencrest-EU4193Not updated
60Blazedx Poetic JusticeRavencrest-EU4182Not updated
61Soliduz RLoARavencrest-EU4000Not updated
62Dethron  Ravencrest-EU3989Not updated
63Enedriel Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU3988Not updated
64Valerya  Ravencrest-EU3981Not updated
65Crypticon Semper DanesRavencrest-EU3980Not updated
66Caligulá ReactionRavencrest-EU3966Not updated
67Trickssy  Ravencrest-EU3899Not updated
68Mehê Nuff SaidRavencrest-EU3899Not updated
69Leyee Beverly SkillzRavencrest-EU3899Not updated
70Missernaiter KhanRavencrest-EU3899Not updated
71Taerilla ImpurityRavencrest-EU3898Not updated
72Sharlicious ConsequenceRavencrest-EU3897Not updated
73Lirian BorkedRavencrest-EU3897Not updated
74Eothán Gnavne Gamle MændRavencrest-EU3896Not updated
75Luvsick ResistanssiRavencrest-EU3896Not updated
76Ska okRavencrest-EU3896Not updated
77Nixxian Forsaken BloodlineRavencrest-EU3896Not updated
78Jackalen  Ravencrest-EU3895Not updated
79Tickletin GloriaRavencrest-EU3895Not updated
80Kinux  Ravencrest-EU3895Not updated
81Rigorina EvocatiRavencrest-EU3894Not updated
82Holyshoxz Deadly GrinRavencrest-EU3894Not updated
83Sylwrath UnforgivenRavencrest-EU3893Not updated
84Bereadytodot Nuke FTWRavencrest-EU3893Not updated
85Infamous HypothermiaRavencrest-EU3892Not updated
86Uruyh  Ravencrest-EU3892Not updated
87Chariza Fugle og andre dyrRavencrest-EU3891Not updated
88Misslyckad Mexican Border PatrolRavencrest-EU3890Not updated
89Shandelzare Alterac DeviantsRavencrest-EU3889Not updated
90Jucifer Group TherapyRavencrest-EU3887Not updated
91ßwß Adapt Maintain DestroyRavencrest-EU3799Not updated
92Uplift Ad InfinitumRavencrest-EU3799Not updated
93Flurrius The BrewmastersRavencrest-EU3799Not updated
94Ponzai  Ravencrest-EU3798Not updated
95Mordevolt The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU3798Not updated
96Tootyfruity EXRavencrest-EU3797Not updated
97Xhéno ReactionRavencrest-EU3797Not updated
98Lornd The Enigma OrderRavencrest-EU3796Not updated
99Dillexd StormlashRavencrest-EU3795Not updated
100Vanddynen Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU3795Not updated

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