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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Quel'Thalas-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Unholyshadow TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US5693Not updated
2Mälzahar OvernightQuel'Thalas-US4895Not updated
3Soharaa PGRQuel'Thalas-US4892Not updated
4Singora The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US4794Not updated
5Esploye VértigoQuel'Thalas-US3996Not updated
6Mevioz EuphoriaQuel'Thalas-US3983Not updated
7Khrona Throni DraconumQuel'Thalas-US3898Not updated
8Smyledon Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US3888Not updated
9Aleexxis VértigoQuel'Thalas-US3799Not updated
10Thecanival BL in trashQuel'Thalas-US3797Not updated
11Krohner Los CompadresQuel'Thalas-US3789Not updated
12Vélla BL in trashQuel'Thalas-US3782Not updated
13Darkarkantos One More TryQuel'Thalas-US3774Not updated
14Kiuth Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US3699Not updated
15Yesshot Legion of TiamatQuel'Thalas-US3698Not updated
16Marshid Bleeding HollowQuel'Thalas-US3698Not updated
17Diegonius Ad InferusQuel'Thalas-US3696Not updated
18Rousser El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3694Not updated
19Sagnar Stronger Than BeforeQuel'Thalas-US3693Not updated
20Brazzrs Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US3677Not updated
21Dúma NesingwaryQuel'Thalas-US3673Not updated
22Elprotector El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3641Not updated
23Muertah Ad InferusQuel'Thalas-US3599Not updated
24Kadja NesingwaryQuel'Thalas-US3596Not updated
25Rhonaef Guild BreakersQuel'Thalas-US3500Not updated
26Stromen  Quel'Thalas-US3500Not updated
27Aratroth BL in trashQuel'Thalas-US3497Not updated
28Zann Zombie CORPQuel'Thalas-US3495Not updated
29Pachonsíta  Quel'Thalas-US3494Not updated
30Äeris SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US3486Not updated
31Áraxiel El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3478Not updated
32Izune NesingwaryQuel'Thalas-US3399Not updated
33Clockstopper Veteran PlayersQuel'Thalas-US3399Not updated
34Skyadrum El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3398Not updated
35Irrám El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3397Not updated
36Cosette A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US3397Not updated
37Kögmaw The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US3397Not updated
38Môý SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US3396Not updated
39Borhdemort DhramaQuel'Thalas-US3396Not updated
40Nái BL in trashQuel'Thalas-US3396Not updated
41Rengarsam VértigoQuel'Thalas-US3396Not updated
42Smøkér NesingwaryQuel'Thalas-US3396Not updated
43Grarzug The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US3394Not updated
44César  Quel'Thalas-US3394Not updated
45Cognizance A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US3393Not updated
46Superdemo A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US3392Not updated
47Gorasam Revenge of the NerdsQuel'Thalas-US3391Not updated
48Silvertip Caballeros DragonQuel'Thalas-US3390Not updated
49Bëethy  Quel'Thalas-US3382Not updated
50Sashagrëyy SixtyNineWipesQuel'Thalas-US3382Not updated
51Asaseino The Clash of The MetalQuel'Thalas-US3380Not updated
52Kreivz TopsecretQuel'Thalas-US3365Not updated
53Ylluzor Destroyers Of DarknessQuel'Thalas-US3364Not updated
54Henrrîeta ContraxQuel'Thalas-US3299Not updated
55Hazzar Crit Happens LEGQuel'Thalas-US3299Not updated
56Legolazr Throni DraconumQuel'Thalas-US3298Not updated
57Brujittaa A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US3296Not updated
58Crystalqt Show me some PvPQuel'Thalas-US3295Not updated
59Volthum Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US3198Not updated
60Benjaplaga Destroyers Of DarknessQuel'Thalas-US3196Not updated
61Almualín DhramaQuel'Thalas-US3186Not updated
62Kalhibur ValkyriesQuel'Thalas-US3172Not updated
63Darha El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3120Not updated
64Milnar TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US3111Not updated
65Marsháll The RevengersQuel'Thalas-US3104Not updated
66Lÿght Hardcore RevolutionQuel'Thalas-US3100Not updated
67Asmoug Los Hijos de la LuzQuel'Thalas-US3100Not updated
68Azxard Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US3100Not updated
69Arachnido Titanes ÆsirQuel'Thalas-US3100Not updated
70Hardenbrook Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US3100Not updated
71Amrael Nightmare CoreQuel'Thalas-US3054Not updated
72Tebaswag  Quel'Thalas-US3022Not updated
73Yxter VértigoQuel'Thalas-US3000Not updated
74Bríttany  Quel'Thalas-US2999Not updated
75Føx Guardians Of The NightQuel'Thalas-US2896Not updated
76Gandálf Kings Of RealmQuel'Thalas-US2895Not updated
77Aleekk  Quel'Thalas-US2888Not updated
78Terilian Guild BreakersQuel'Thalas-US2874Not updated
79Piromántico Zombie CORPQuel'Thalas-US2799Not updated
80Shinigamì PGRQuel'Thalas-US2797Not updated
81Monstroll MexicanosQuel'Thalas-US2789Not updated
82Bloried El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US2698Not updated
83Vikingorock Pain and PleasureQuel'Thalas-US2693Not updated
84Antoneella PGRQuel'Thalas-US2599Not updated
85Urameshdice Artesanos de GuerraQuel'Thalas-US2499Not updated
86Disso VértigoQuel'Thalas-US2398Not updated
87Lingwey Third WarQuel'Thalas-US2397Not updated
88Brickell Zombie CORPQuel'Thalas-US2394Not updated
89Kënshi Burst IncomingQuel'Thalas-US2376Not updated
90Kevb Guardianes de IllidanQuel'Thalas-US2356Not updated
91Nickkfury Guardianes de QuelThalasQuel'Thalas-US2197Not updated
92Meredyth El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US2100Not updated
93Magaobscura VértigoQuel'Thalas-US1999Not updated
94Spikev UtøpiaQuel'Thalas-US1997Not updated
95Xenzhi MorningtideQuel'Thalas-US1897Not updated
96Maojt El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US1896Not updated
97Freezerer PGRQuel'Thalas-US1895Not updated
98Arkbal Like a ChampQuel'Thalas-US1895Not updated
99Belatrixcaza The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US1891Not updated
100Nepheene DhramaQuel'Thalas-US1891Not updated

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