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Proudmoore-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Manager SolarProudmoore-US8699
2Coldstreak Non Combat PetProudmoore-US7598
3Hate ParamountProudmoore-US6494
4Ritalol To LOVE RuProudmoore-US6294
5Remiscarlet Scarlet ConservativeProudmoore-US5966
6Celemon Banzai GuardiansProudmoore-US5599
7Orban SolarProudmoore-US5597
8Deathntaxes  Proudmoore-US5297Not updated
9Zarros Paradigm ShiftProudmoore-US4995
10Pandasun The Anti Drama SocietyProudmoore-US4895
11Tatiana ParamountProudmoore-US4791
12Ravene Game OverProudmoore-US4673
13Zomgeria CAVAGProudmoore-US4398
14Oliver Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US4383
15Carthh  Proudmoore-US4296Not updated
16Latraa Extended WarrantyProudmoore-US3998Not updated
17Shuffles icecream bikini girlsProudmoore-US3992Not updated
18Shupanda To LOVE RuProudmoore-US3897
19Jack  Proudmoore-US3895
20Deepchill Game OverProudmoore-US3894
21Ritao To LOVE RuProudmoore-US3894Not updated
22Nickdanger HavenProudmoore-US3892
23Icanttrap Alliance Brute SquadProudmoore-US3885
24Ruined Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3799Not updated
25Contender ParamountProudmoore-US3798
26Wölverine Silent AscensionProudmoore-US3797Not updated
27Yuphy Amaranth KnightsProudmoore-US3796
28Daios Immortal NightProudmoore-US3795
29Kibblenkrits AmicusProudmoore-US3794
30Hipster Monster Sarcasm RallyProudmoore-US3793Not updated
31Naoya ApotheosisProudmoore-US3791
32Skywhisper The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US3777
33Ghasfarost Lost BoysProudmoore-US3774
34Xunlai  Proudmoore-US3774Not updated
35Downfawl AxiomProudmoore-US3699
36Persias The Midnight SocietyProudmoore-US3699
37Nicorobin The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US3698
38Despotik ParamountProudmoore-US3696
39Luna HawtnessProudmoore-US3692Not updated
40Bane NazgulProudmoore-US3686
41Grendelfire DNAProudmoore-US3681
42Ziddari We Got it This Time GuysProudmoore-US3599
43Terasu Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US3596
44Deejus Raid NakedProudmoore-US3594
45Sasarez AmicusProudmoore-US3587
46Esmeryl ausProudmoore-US3499
47Flavors  Proudmoore-US3499Not updated
48Tengaaris  Proudmoore-US3496Not updated
49Cur Phoenix ResurrectionProudmoore-US3488
50Angrybrd Cinnamon ChallengeProudmoore-US3483
51Kuroco HimawariProudmoore-US3399
52Dainono The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US3399
53Dovalock Shinra IncProudmoore-US3397
54Pryce  Proudmoore-US3397Not updated
55Chlöë Game OverProudmoore-US3396
56Baddeh RuinedProudmoore-US3396
57Menanore Immortal NightProudmoore-US3396Not updated
58Hazelwood Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US3396
59Bojangelina IQProudmoore-US3394
60Twylyt PathosProudmoore-US3394
61Landjuice ExtortionProudmoore-US3394
62Skarn Game TheoryProudmoore-US3392
63Uncleretard Game OverProudmoore-US3391
64Wrutchet  Proudmoore-US3388Not updated
65Jugeum Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3387
66Altherius  Proudmoore-US3381Not updated
67Lurr FortisProudmoore-US3380
68Drama ParamountProudmoore-US3299
69Nobeard OuroborosProudmoore-US3296
70Sparkledoom  Proudmoore-US3295Not updated
71Durns Murloc JihadProudmoore-US3293
72Zéph EXTREME SLEEPOVERProudmoore-US3198
73Ïmpy LogicälProudmoore-US3190
74Mizu  Proudmoore-US3189
75Zarice Arrested DevelopmentProudmoore-US3161
76Therrien OuroborosProudmoore-US3123
77Jessfu Shinra IncProudmoore-US3100
78Andriella Egalitarian MisanthropeProudmoore-US3100
79Describe Arrested DevelopmentProudmoore-US3100
80Tranquilkit BlackLabelProudmoore-US3099
81Archrael AmicusProudmoore-US3056
82Jas Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3035
83Three  Proudmoore-US3000Not updated
84Bird  Proudmoore-US3000Not updated
85Onduel Amaranth KnightsProudmoore-US3000
86Jadewolves Redeemers of AzerothProudmoore-US3000
87Caien Immortal NightProudmoore-US2998
88Hattey IQProudmoore-US2993
89Chummins Redeemers of AzerothProudmoore-US2899
90Wattsun IQProudmoore-US2897
91Abaanion We Got it This Time GuysProudmoore-US2896
92Carrotstyx ausProudmoore-US2886
93Irinixx Descendants of HavocProudmoore-US2799
94Yotuba WarboundProudmoore-US2696
95Vyralsid  Proudmoore-US2689Not updated
96Pôx Game OverProudmoore-US2681
97Crescendo IQProudmoore-US2599
98Vauwn Game OverProudmoore-US2582
99Nerfy Sparkle MagicProudmoore-US2494
100Nimuë Game OverProudmoore-US2494

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