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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Vahinko  Onyxia-EU7478Not updated
2Lymes ImpactOnyxia-EU5389Not updated
3Darkwîng FlawlessOnyxia-EU4897Not updated
4Aroiaa  Onyxia-EU4873Not updated
5Glatzel connectedOnyxia-EU4797Not updated
6Morgomîr Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU4496Not updated
7Teneas ExcidiumOnyxia-EU4399Not updated
8Troopwarlock Bad MojoOnyxia-EU4386Not updated
9Egregos Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU4382Not updated
10Quexie unintendedOnyxia-EU4290Not updated
11Forveere The Last AgeOnyxia-EU3996Not updated
12Exö SturmklingeOnyxia-EU3898Not updated
13Belicus Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU3884Not updated
14Bèpo RevêlationSOnyxia-EU3871Not updated
15Ðjango RevêlationSOnyxia-EU3797Not updated
16Morodeth Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU3796Not updated
17Azeloth dream bigOnyxia-EU3796Not updated
18Drostöö DUDE WHERE IS MY HODOROnyxia-EU3796Not updated
19Vanuz WalhallaOnyxia-EU3796Not updated
20Bobmorane metaOnyxia-EU3792Not updated
21Nahikosan  Onyxia-EU3788Not updated
22Tonraq ImpactOnyxia-EU3779Not updated
23Larutan Defenders of KalimdorOnyxia-EU3755Not updated
24Mulukukuhu ImpactOnyxia-EU3698Not updated
25Vénire Sylvanas VengeanceOnyxia-EU3698Not updated
26Nathy ImpactOnyxia-EU3685Not updated
27Jannzee FlawlessOnyxia-EU3599Not updated
28Ihated prequelOnyxia-EU3597Not updated
29Yáng GeneticOnyxia-EU3597Not updated
30Misaayu ExcidiumOnyxia-EU3594Not updated
31Shameonus ImpactOnyxia-EU3584Not updated
32Dozahrx Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU3498Not updated
33Angin dream bigOnyxia-EU3494Not updated
34Vacbustiøn  Onyxia-EU3492Not updated
35Cadogan InnocentiaOnyxia-EU3488Not updated
36Lau Bad MojoOnyxia-EU3476Not updated
37Epotum Endstation HoffnungOnyxia-EU3427Not updated
38Xelby Highway to GeistheilerOnyxia-EU3422Not updated
39Karash ImpactOnyxia-EU3399Not updated
40Sharok connectedOnyxia-EU3399Not updated
41Coru Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU3398Not updated
42Eoxxs  Onyxia-EU3397Not updated
43Vaspo  Onyxia-EU3397Not updated
44Thrailas  Onyxia-EU3397Not updated
45Elu ImpactOnyxia-EU3392Not updated
46Dagueen DarksidersOnyxia-EU3386Not updated
47Irritated prequelOnyxia-EU3384Not updated
48Makaiju FlawlessOnyxia-EU3381Not updated
49Axeas GeneticOnyxia-EU3370Not updated
50Leslynette Last HopeOnyxia-EU3363Not updated
51Misami You No Take CandleOnyxia-EU3299Not updated
52Zaabu Verrückt nach AllyOnyxia-EU3298Not updated
53Xandoo ImpactOnyxia-EU3296Not updated
54Sinthalia Last HopeOnyxia-EU3296Not updated
55Ðambrian Unbändiger ZornOnyxia-EU3219Not updated
56Cetho  Onyxia-EU3197Not updated
57Traww Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU3100Not updated
58Zelgad SturmklingeOnyxia-EU3099Not updated
59Xorun connectedOnyxia-EU3068Not updated
60Khaap Last HopeOnyxia-EU2989Not updated
61Jacksy ImpactOnyxia-EU2975Not updated
62Isna CorvusOnyxia-EU2898Not updated
63Âirmax DarksidersOnyxia-EU2895Not updated
64Waterboysen kein Mensch mehrOnyxia-EU2892Not updated
65Hölly Ex InferisOnyxia-EU2892Not updated
66Têmpest Last HopeOnyxia-EU2882Not updated
67Tanzwanne The goodfellasOnyxia-EU2799Not updated
68Tädd The Last AgeOnyxia-EU2783Not updated
69Zenji Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU2698Not updated
70Lemonenbrot Rhapsody Raid ClubOnyxia-EU2694Not updated
71Musbenyz Consilium UmbrarumOnyxia-EU2692Not updated
72Koaa Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU2685Not updated
73Terraxx SturmklingeOnyxia-EU2491Not updated
74Algoron Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU2487Not updated
75Navlex metaOnyxia-EU2399Not updated
76Chearaa  Onyxia-EU2399Not updated
77Myán GeneticOnyxia-EU2100Not updated
78Lyne untamedOnyxia-EU1997Not updated
79Siler Last HopeOnyxia-EU1980Not updated
80Razorsedge Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU1973Not updated
81Rautenyzze FlawlessOnyxia-EU1897Not updated
82Schnôrrý dream bigOnyxia-EU1896Not updated
83Miamore dream bigOnyxia-EU1896Not updated
84Eray SelfpwndOnyxia-EU1891Not updated
85Invio ImpactOnyxia-EU1885Not updated
86Ohmschick CorvusOnyxia-EU1882Not updated
87Izet  Onyxia-EU1864Not updated
88Léee GeneticOnyxia-EU1796Not updated
89Trujiro  Onyxia-EU1794Not updated
90Narélya dream bigOnyxia-EU1792Not updated
91Aqsixx Das Dunkle BündnisOnyxia-EU1699Not updated
92Niryna securitasOnyxia-EU1696Not updated
93Xenjo True BloodlineOnyxia-EU1694Not updated
94Revex ReloadOnyxia-EU1689Not updated
95Tahg Sufferings EndOnyxia-EU1687Not updated
96Balgra Beta ProtokollOnyxia-EU1685Not updated
97Hoaluma FlawlessOnyxia-EU1677Not updated
98Takeiteasy  Onyxia-EU1668Not updated
99Ellda disruptedOnyxia-EU1599Not updated
100Shameongrip ImpactOnyxia-EU1499Not updated

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