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Moonrunner-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Talanea Clever Latin NameMoonrunner-US3899Not updated
2Kiroe Darkspear ChophouseMoonrunner-US3482
3Supplicium Business TimeMoonrunner-US3100
4Kizlyar AbsoluteMoonrunner-US2888
5Seaver AbsoluteMoonrunner-US1787
6Underfire AbsoluteMoonrunner-US1691
7Akitira Guild NameMoonrunner-US1427
8Shallas Clever Latin NameMoonrunner-US1293
9Vorhalas Sharply SurrealMoonrunner-US988
10Brynden MarshmallowsMoonrunner-US898
11Xiion Honored ExilesMoonrunner-US892
12Ovayna Risen from DarknessMoonrunner-US891Not updated
13Millya Business TimeMoonrunner-US890
14Smidget Guild NameMoonrunner-US793
15Uhlry Darketh UdderMoonrunner-US787
16Femke Red TearMoonrunner-US781Not updated
17Obso Guild NameMoonrunner-US696
18Theeobsçene KotSMoonrunner-US694
19Rezputan No really we tryMoonrunner-US694Not updated
20Craycray failsportMoonrunner-US684
21Strami AbsoluteMoonrunner-US683
22Nightsmoke Phoenix RisingMoonrunner-US682
23Delphius Red TearMoonrunner-US682
24Crodar Remnants of ApocalypseMoonrunner-US681
25Acrayqt failsportMoonrunner-US661
26Tigerstrike Honored ExilesMoonrunner-US582
27Reanne AbsoluteMoonrunner-US498
28Hyong AbsoluteMoonrunner-US494
29Vahanya Sharply SurrealMoonrunner-US489
30Maalla Beads for SalfaMoonrunner-US399Not updated
31Papacray failsportMoonrunner-US398Not updated
32Hotak Phoenix RisingMoonrunner-US397
33Nihilo Drop BearsMoonrunner-US395
34Krum Red TearMoonrunner-US394
35Pàintràin Demons Of ChaosMoonrunner-US390
36Dblôk Untold RetributionMoonrunner-US389Not updated
37Jxknight Risen from DarknessMoonrunner-US357Not updated
38Zulameth Associated IndependentsMoonrunner-US298
39Jagier Darketh UdderMoonrunner-US296
40Pwnamonkey Alternative RealityMoonrunner-US293Not updated
41Seldran Forest for the TreesMoonrunner-US287Not updated
42Mezheven FalloutMoonrunner-US281Not updated
43Chucktastic Red TearMoonrunner-US276
44Rezzing IndignationMoonrunner-US199
45Àlleria Associated IndependentsMoonrunner-US197
46Frostwizzard failsportMoonrunner-US196
47Ryumi Guild NameMoonrunner-US193
48Coltin Darketh UdderMoonrunner-US193
49Blackndsoul FalloutMoonrunner-US192
50Talizorah Poached InnocenceMoonrunner-US191
51Threesixty ExceptionalMoonrunner-US186Not updated
52Stolenspirit The TimewastersMoonrunner-US184
53Laomein Phoenix RisingMoonrunner-US183

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