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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Minahonda-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Markiløl Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU6896Not updated
2Tîto RevolutionMinahonda-EU5692Not updated
3Gaila Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU4684Not updated
4Mänverû ExødarMinahonda-EU4395Not updated
5Irren Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU4298Not updated
6Falckon ExødarMinahonda-EU3895Not updated
7Gwynbleîdd CalideathMinahonda-EU3796Not updated
8Neltrus Masters Of AuthorityMinahonda-EU3795Not updated
9Coltan Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU3787Not updated
10Lagrima Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU3775Not updated
11Delinda Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU3698Not updated
12Ulquiôrra Ner zhulMinahonda-EU3695Not updated
13Chambo Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU3666Not updated
14Ashrad Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU3599Not updated
15Unbound LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU3596Not updated
16Aldoir NucelarMinahonda-EU3397Not updated
17Yopum APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU3396Not updated
18Talian Everlasting kingdomMinahonda-EU3395Not updated
19Dárksoul Ner zhulMinahonda-EU3394Not updated
20Mysthic LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU3388Not updated
21Bullx Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU3370Not updated
22Valino  Minahonda-EU3367Not updated
23Vicren Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU3298Not updated
24Valkofang Ner zhulMinahonda-EU3293Not updated
25Elera Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU3287Not updated
26Iyoo Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU3000Not updated
27Akada Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU2994Not updated
28Olaba ExtasisMinahonda-EU2992Not updated
29Andrahil  Minahonda-EU2896Not updated
30Poxselis Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU2895Not updated
31Kroxion Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU2787Not updated
32Zygzhen Guardianes de AtlantisMinahonda-EU2499Not updated
33Lastbreath Guardianes de AtlantisMinahonda-EU2489Not updated
34Aphromoo Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU2169Not updated
35Tirenia NightfallMinahonda-EU1990Not updated
36Blakhear  Minahonda-EU1986Not updated
37Silmeriä Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1984Not updated
38Fastclaw El Reinado del TruenoMinahonda-EU1899Not updated
39Drokoner NocturneMinahonda-EU1896Not updated
40Yöru Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU1798Not updated
41Kasius NightfallMinahonda-EU1796Not updated
42Nibas Ner zhulMinahonda-EU1796Not updated
43Spitfirë blackmoonMinahonda-EU1791Not updated
44Galanar Pacto SagradoMinahonda-EU1695Not updated
45Hynatos CalideathMinahonda-EU1679Not updated
46Alkalar The ElkamystsMinahonda-EU1399Not updated
47Shâylølz Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU1393Not updated
48Blackcrack Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU1391Not updated
49Jalara  Minahonda-EU1356Not updated
50Tumak  Minahonda-EU1299Not updated
51Cleus  Minahonda-EU1296Not updated
52Mhoo El ultimo BastiónMinahonda-EU1292Not updated
53Gharrull CalideathMinahonda-EU1291Not updated
54Rentue AngelesMinahonda-EU1282Not updated
55Shadowollger La Guardia CarmesíMinahonda-EU1199Not updated
56Darkshoul May DieMinahonda-EU1171Not updated
57Asekitas DesidiaMinahonda-EU989Not updated
58Venedrial  Minahonda-EU988Not updated
59Tauco Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU982Not updated
60Cacho Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU975Not updated
61Pitvader Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU899Not updated
62Warulf SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU898Not updated
63Sark ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU897Not updated
64Oscurio Dead FastMinahonda-EU896Not updated
65Lnâ Angêles CaïdosMinahonda-EU894Not updated
66Viedma Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU891Not updated
67Umega Inmortal knightsMinahonda-EU891Not updated
68Darkinclemen ExtasisMinahonda-EU886Not updated
69Zêt ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU885Not updated
70Darkul Inmortal knightsMinahonda-EU881Not updated
71Xayen  Minahonda-EU868Not updated
72Arcannthos Gremio de NordrassilMinahonda-EU798Not updated
73Tottenwolf Ner zhulMinahonda-EU798Not updated
74Olthin Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU798Not updated
75Nêurosis  Minahonda-EU795Not updated
76Vennom LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU792Not updated
77Broni APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU791Not updated
78Blackterror  Minahonda-EU789Not updated
79Franxx Dark AllianceMinahonda-EU788Not updated
80Ovión  Minahonda-EU788Not updated
81Fuzetsu NO soy un MURLOCMinahonda-EU783Not updated
82Minurka Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU780Not updated
83Ginés  Minahonda-EU699Not updated
84Nostredamuss LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU698Not updated
85Tugashot APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU694Not updated
86Quincy Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU691Not updated
87Jhonkieh Falsas IlusionesMinahonda-EU691Not updated
88Almacruel Entre TinieblasMinahonda-EU690Not updated
89Kiparix WinterMinahonda-EU689Not updated
90Orbaz NocturnaSMinahonda-EU687Not updated
91Pelrock May DieMinahonda-EU686Not updated
92Drusylla AvalonMinahonda-EU685Not updated
93Zemalnit ParadojaMinahonda-EU685Not updated
94Cerøir El Clan de los ExiliadosMinahonda-EU683Not updated
95Ihnë APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU682Not updated
96Nargash May DieMinahonda-EU678Not updated
97Beøgolfa RevolutionMinahonda-EU677Not updated
98Nodzz CurseMinahonda-EU677Not updated
99Espiru Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU676Not updated
100Payorange Dark AllianceMinahonda-EU675Not updated

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