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Mal'Ganis-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1You Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US9795
2Him Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US9795
3Kirby Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US8699
4Taeyeon Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US8396
5Rettroh OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US7896
6Lumiair OutrageousMal'Ganis-US6980
7Brofile VigilMal'Ganis-US6898
8Zagarely  Mal'Ganis-US6796
9Prasgatas OvertureMal'Ganis-US6794
10Toofshots Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US6494
11Handsome Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US6428
12Linchen Probably NakedMal'Ganis-US6395
13Dcvendetta UltimatumMal'Ganis-US5995
14Claire Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US4983
15Zeemag PlagueMal'Ganis-US4896
16Devllin QueijoMal'Ganis-US4881
17Brolandi VigilMal'Ganis-US4797
18Ony  Mal'Ganis-US4786Not updated
19Ballyhoo Basement WizardsMal'Ganis-US4784Not updated
20Dead VigilMal'Ganis-US4699
21Xeleyzor  Mal'Ganis-US4698Not updated
22Insaneshotz  Mal'Ganis-US4698Not updated
23Saarii BoyfriendsMal'Ganis-US4695
24Dárkria  Mal'Ganis-US4684
25Novembrex Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US4594
26Geometer Still StandingMal'Ganis-US4593
27Ew Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US4484
28Halions Death PenaltyMal'Ganis-US4398Not updated
29Cocobutters OvertureMal'Ganis-US4397
30Losiro Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US4397
31Maznivia Accidentally LustedMal'Ganis-US4397
32Cameron FinesseMal'Ganis-US4396Not updated
33Fangofdeath BEST RAPPER ALIVEMal'Ganis-US4389
34Iamautistic  Mal'Ganis-US4388Not updated
35Onishi ProvidenceMal'Ganis-US4388
36Drpeanut OmnipotentMal'Ganis-US4284
37Visakha Sanguine ProphecyMal'Ganis-US4100
38ßater The Legion of BOOMMal'Ganis-US3996
39Zealsie VigilMal'Ganis-US3995
40Singeslayer OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US3995
41Cocöabutters OvertureMal'Ganis-US3993
42Wheyproteend Bearded BrethrenMal'Ganis-US3990Not updated
43Flaine Pip Pap Snip SnapMal'Ganis-US3981Not updated
44Calixia Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US3899
45Storenn Pip Pap Snip SnapMal'Ganis-US3895
46Skru Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US3894
47Psyclopse SeraphMal'Ganis-US3892
48Crispies Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US3891
49Chocolatpain InebriatiMal'Ganis-US3885Not updated
50Pinko Backpedal to the futureMal'Ganis-US3827
51Spinalcrack VintageMal'Ganis-US3798
52Guljaeden Invalid TargetMal'Ganis-US3798
53Husaberg MethodMal'Ganis-US3796Not updated
54Nyctô BanishedMal'Ganis-US3795
55Aldaric VigilMal'Ganis-US3794
56Shaftx  Mal'Ganis-US3794
57Shaft VigilMal'Ganis-US3794
58Lethalshøts MonsterMal'Ganis-US3794
59Mìku MythMal'Ganis-US3794
60Arachne The Far OutsiderMal'Ganis-US3794Not updated
61Themoneypack HavenMal'Ganis-US3794
62Bhainne Serious CasualMal'Ganis-US3792
63Steinuh Team Big DogsMal'Ganis-US3790Not updated
64Rilu StormbornMal'Ganis-US3788
65Hoddant teamLUSTMal'Ganis-US3787Not updated
66Ferrington  Mal'Ganis-US3784
67Kåid Royale with CheeseMal'Ganis-US3768
68Dreadnaught Dunk SquadMal'Ganis-US3699
69Upriser  Mal'Ganis-US3699Not updated
70Rinöx Iggy Azalea Fan ClubMal'Ganis-US3699
71Finick DeliriumMal'Ganis-US3698
72Furrywall KapowMal'Ganis-US3697
73Quixote Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US3697Not updated
74Voodues Probably NakedMal'Ganis-US3697
75Massacre SeraphMal'Ganis-US3696
76Sjsu HavenMal'Ganis-US3696Not updated
77Tirinor IsopaleocopriaMal'Ganis-US3695
78Itaration VigilMal'Ganis-US3694
79Grimmacabre Fairy TaìlMal'Ganis-US3694
80Froggyfresh ChainfireMal'Ganis-US3694Not updated
81Zagam Semi RespectableMal'Ganis-US3693
82Ecafjp Kitty Me SprinklesMal'Ganis-US3693
83Mctiggs Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US3692
84Tempestk Heart of the CardsMal'Ganis-US3689
85Moggria OuroborosMal'Ganis-US3689Not updated
86Eazycheeze VintageMal'Ganis-US3687
87Winterime SeraphMal'Ganis-US3687
88Kungenbane  Mal'Ganis-US3685
89Fortyz Semi RespectableMal'Ganis-US3685
90Mossing VileMal'Ganis-US3685
91Andromalia DisruptionMal'Ganis-US3685
92Torkar VintageMal'Ganis-US3682
93Crushsoda Goon SquadMal'Ganis-US3679
94Kletian Nailed ItMal'Ganis-US3650
95Legendslayer OBSCURE REFERENCEMal'Ganis-US3598
96Bursting Pip Pap Snip SnapMal'Ganis-US3598
97Deity DeviantMal'Ganis-US3598Not updated
98Gunmaan OutrageousMal'Ganis-US3598
99Keltharion Shadow ProclamationMal'Ganis-US3598
100Itchyy VigilMal'Ganis-US3597

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