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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Tîeera Eleven DegreesLothar-EU7698Not updated
2Leéroy Chaos InsideLothar-EU6980Not updated
3Wulthur æternitasLothar-EU5391Not updated
4Buschî Chaos InsideLothar-EU4891Not updated
5Cece Hortus AlereLothar-EU4599Not updated
6Feydekin KoosaiLothar-EU4419Not updated
7Bloodycharm InseparabilisLothar-EU3899Not updated
8Magistèr Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU3897Not updated
9Marilu WithOutlaWsLothar-EU3888Not updated
10Rayzor Set Sail for FailLothar-EU3878Not updated
11Aranesh SunburnLothar-EU3793Not updated
12Lohengrîn Chaos InsideLothar-EU3695Not updated
13Erigone IrasciLothar-EU3691Not updated
14Paseil Die Ewigen RitterLothar-EU3599Not updated
15Amazía GravitasLothar-EU3599Not updated
16Furias æternitasLothar-EU3495Not updated
17Orthar æternitasLothar-EU3493Not updated
18Theros æternitasLothar-EU3398Not updated
19Muhnk Chaos InsideLothar-EU3397Not updated
20Amundil ResistanceLothar-EU3396Not updated
21Crackpunch æternitasLothar-EU3396Not updated
22Secondary Chaos InsideLothar-EU3395Not updated
23Zilbi Full Metal JacketLothar-EU3394Not updated
24Dunkeleisen BlutsbruderschaftLothar-EU3393Not updated
25Bûschi Chaos InsideLothar-EU3391Not updated
26Yunè Eleven DegreesLothar-EU3372Not updated
27Sollya æternitasLothar-EU3299Not updated
28Moriar AddictedLothar-EU3299Not updated
29Triptira InseparabilisLothar-EU3296Not updated
30Avana WithOutlaWsLothar-EU3294Not updated
31Hatron InseparabilisLothar-EU3285Not updated
32Lilliath SunburnLothar-EU3178Not updated
33Tribola Vivere Militare EstLothar-EU3100Not updated
34Cyclia Pacta sunt ServandaLothar-EU3000Not updated
35Ilanus æternitasLothar-EU2899Not updated
36Maxwell ResistanceLothar-EU2796Not updated
37Dávian æternitasLothar-EU2795Not updated
38Sraap  Lothar-EU2769Not updated
39Didit æternitasLothar-EU2694Not updated
40Aska ArckanumLothar-EU2688Not updated
41Aerin æternitasLothar-EU2394Not updated
42Ilania Aes SedaiLothar-EU2384Not updated
43Rukya  Lothar-EU1984Not updated
44Sanjy æternitasLothar-EU1983Not updated
45Zordie YARLothar-EU1970Not updated
46Kaldurmain Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1895Not updated
47Kaiaren Chaos InsideLothar-EU1891Not updated
48Mâli Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1890Not updated
49Pickser Chaos InsideLothar-EU1798Not updated
50Nakashima KoosaiLothar-EU1797Not updated
51Lucean MajesticLothar-EU1795Not updated
52Shyrali Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1698Not updated
53Furanos Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1696Not updated
54Navarak InseparabilisLothar-EU1690Not updated
55Tuskà KoosaiLothar-EU1684Not updated
56Schlumphi KoosaiLothar-EU1598Not updated
57Iciro æternitasLothar-EU1486Not updated
58Mizuho æternitasLothar-EU1394Not updated
59Identity ExperíenceLothar-EU1389Not updated
60Deameon MajesticLothar-EU1370Not updated
61Xeda BlutsbruderschaftLothar-EU1359Not updated
62Silentice WithOutlaWsLothar-EU1298Not updated
63Brahman Eleven DegreesLothar-EU1296Not updated
64Seelix MajesticLothar-EU1296Not updated
65Cogliostro Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU1195Not updated
66Sappa æternitasLothar-EU1188Not updated
67Emorius æternitasLothar-EU1099Not updated
68Adamas IrasciLothar-EU1097Not updated
69Arckanum ArckanumLothar-EU999Not updated
70Vizzerdrix Aes SedaiLothar-EU995Not updated
71Ryloth Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU994Not updated
72Lolí Set Sail for FailLothar-EU989Not updated
73Fonzillor Mystery of FlameLothar-EU986Not updated
74Xalinia NintaiLothar-EU984Not updated
75Gyonas WithOutlaWsLothar-EU982Not updated
76Omorok HitchhikersLothar-EU897Not updated
77Melowne Set Sail for FailLothar-EU897Not updated
78Argaroth IrasciLothar-EU894Not updated
79Sselusa Set Sail for FailLothar-EU890Not updated
80Rixxon Eleven DegreesLothar-EU886Not updated
81Ladilos Set Sail for FailLothar-EU884Not updated
82Julaby BlutsbruderschaftLothar-EU882Not updated
83Shinho MajesticLothar-EU859Not updated
84Spread MajesticLothar-EU799Not updated
85Talaria InseparabilisLothar-EU796Not updated
86Lølerqui IrasciLothar-EU796Not updated
87Soulsleeper NextLothar-EU794Not updated
88Ozzati AddictedLothar-EU794Not updated
89Valaba KoosaiLothar-EU792Not updated
90Triklops apokalypsedLothar-EU791Not updated
91Jangorn EhrenamtLothar-EU774Not updated
92Lanare ArckanumLothar-EU770Not updated
93Ekzeone Me and my MonkeyLothar-EU770Not updated
94Lightdragon ExperíenceLothar-EU699Not updated
95Ascylio Eleven DegreesLothar-EU698Not updated
96Carela No FearLothar-EU697Not updated
97Tyroune AlkopopsLothar-EU697Not updated
98Rutger ObscuritasLothar-EU696Not updated
99Chaosblood InseparabilisLothar-EU696Not updated
100Volkani IrasciLothar-EU696Not updated

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