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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Light's Hope-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1永夜霜晨  Light's Hope-TW4799Not updated
2鬼縈 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW4784Not updated
3心肝 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW4499Not updated
4程墨 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW4398Not updated
5Miterl Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW3984Not updated
6逐風之吻 Light ElvesLight's Hope-TW3893Not updated
7翦瞳 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW3793Not updated
8納米 娃娃軍團Light's Hope-TW3696Not updated
9這巨像會閃現 天空殿Light's Hope-TW3691Not updated
10超跑火箭車 碧落之歌Light's Hope-TW3497Not updated
11薩克奧爾 滅團旅行同好會Light's Hope-TW3488Not updated
12萌萌的露露炭 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW3484Not updated
13夜月血 GeminiLight's Hope-TW3470Not updated
14Narkar 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW3438Not updated
15一很黑很黑一 真心逼寧Light's Hope-TW3399Not updated
16深邃星海 娃娃軍團Light's Hope-TW3398Not updated
17紫靈瑆 GeminiLight's Hope-TW3389Not updated
18專禦怪叔 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW3388Not updated
19小小凌月靈 ICBCLight's Hope-TW3386Not updated
20獄狼龍 抬狼棒會Light's Hope-TW3386Not updated
21天使月儿 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW3191Not updated
22涼涼得暖暖 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW3100Not updated
23Malthael BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW3014Not updated
24呥兒 喵魂Light's Hope-TW3000Not updated
25傑爾特斯 天空殿Light's Hope-TW2994Not updated
26Amina 同班同學Light's Hope-TW2798Not updated
27Umasou 墜星海Light's Hope-TW2798Not updated
28艾可莎莎 熱血Light's Hope-TW2792Not updated
29亞瑟米奈西爾 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW2694Not updated
30洛曦  Light's Hope-TW2693Not updated
31秋曦 USTLight's Hope-TW2664Not updated
32糟老頭兒 抬狼棒會Light's Hope-TW2595Not updated
33豆大福 墜星海Light's Hope-TW2399Not updated
34Davidoff  Light's Hope-TW2373Not updated
35虹雲 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW2299Not updated
36Nie 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW1989Not updated
37暖暖的涼涼 喵魂Light's Hope-TW1971Not updated
38Mouu 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW1895Not updated
39重生之斯奎拉 天空殿Light's Hope-TW1888Not updated
40Tobaby NirvanaLight's Hope-TW1798Not updated
41迷茫的小孩 墜星海Light's Hope-TW1797Not updated
42夏莎楓 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW1792Not updated
43直死之魔眼 Time Goes ByLight's Hope-TW1791Not updated
44天使睿儿 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW1698Not updated
45周佩森 喵魂Light's Hope-TW1697Not updated
46航海士娜美 Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW1695Not updated
47羅賴把 蒼穹之冠臺北突擊小分隊Light's Hope-TW1689Not updated
48流淚的彗星 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW1687Not updated
49憧不知 ICBCLight's Hope-TW1687Not updated
50逝影滅空  Light's Hope-TW1678Not updated
51雪影冰痕 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW1599Not updated
52米昂雷诺 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW1499Not updated
53乂晨星乂 微笑橘子Light's Hope-TW1495Not updated
54西西咖快活 小芳家族Light's Hope-TW1399Not updated
55Tetrad 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW1398Not updated
56雪影祈願 極速巔峰Light's Hope-TW1397Not updated
57一傲羽一 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW1397Not updated
58四月凛冬 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW1397Not updated
59說太歲 夢想雲端Light's Hope-TW1389Not updated
60Staryn Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW1382Not updated
61天使貓貓 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW1299Not updated
62Extase 喵魂Light's Hope-TW1200Not updated
63晨曦细雨 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW999Not updated
64上帝之刃 喵魂Light's Hope-TW998Not updated
65暗風魅影 下午茶Light's Hope-TW986Not updated
66愛的主場秀 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW985Not updated
67一大大頭一 天空殿Light's Hope-TW985Not updated
68藍色飛翔 夢想銀河Light's Hope-TW982Not updated
69心病無藥物 疾病之家Light's Hope-TW981Not updated
70螺旋貓 喵魂Light's Hope-TW978Not updated
71瑟坦特 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW898Not updated
72棉尾巴 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW898Not updated
73滷豬腳啦 不悔Light's Hope-TW898Not updated
74幻雪燕晨 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW898Not updated
75娘親的呼喚 喵吼Light's Hope-TW896Not updated
76果汁弟弟 天空殿Light's Hope-TW895Not updated
77等草莓的蘋果 Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW892Not updated
78萌萌的洛曦 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW891Not updated
79水冷式 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW890Not updated
80秋夜玥 真心逼寧Light's Hope-TW888Not updated
81箭風殘影 天空殿Light's Hope-TW887Not updated
82稀飯你 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW886Not updated
83帝爺 喵魂Light's Hope-TW882Not updated
84Annafor Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW880Not updated
85御矢十六夜 BalnazzarLight's Hope-TW796Not updated
86咪咕嚕嚕 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW796Not updated
87艾爾克斯 熱血Light's Hope-TW792Not updated
88聽劍 水晶城堡Light's Hope-TW789Not updated
89墮天使 永恆Light's Hope-TW782Not updated
90懲風騎浪 NirvanaLight's Hope-TW699Not updated
91Jazzy Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW698Not updated
92陳烈風 喵魂Light's Hope-TW698Not updated
93大問問 夢想起飛Light's Hope-TW697Not updated
94彈丸論破 進擊的老馬濕Light's Hope-TW696Not updated
95席拉爾斯 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW696Not updated
96小野恵令奈 北落師門Light's Hope-TW694Not updated
97北辰星光 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW694Not updated
98火喵喵 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW693Not updated
99中國式同居 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW692Not updated
100小小列 天下有情Light's Hope-TW692Not updated

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