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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Laughing Skull-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Hiosa The SourceLaughing Skull-US7386Not updated
2Highhand Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US6787Not updated
3Miltänk VoidLaughing Skull-US5991Not updated
4Stabbay VoidLaughing Skull-US5862Not updated
5Pwndaria  Laughing Skull-US5598Not updated
6Mograine VoidLaughing Skull-US4195Not updated
7Maeve PrevengeLaughing Skull-US3899Not updated
8Bírgítte PrevengeLaughing Skull-US3894Not updated
9Huntre Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US3794Not updated
10Corpsel Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US3690Not updated
11Briandris Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US3387Not updated
12Wolfa  Laughing Skull-US3369Not updated
13Doomtoyou Straight Cash HomieLaughing Skull-US3298Not updated
14Asterism PrevengeLaughing Skull-US3298Not updated
15Saltarrian VoidLaughing Skull-US3270Not updated
16Mandate It FitsLaughing Skull-US3198Not updated
17Karuii PrevengeLaughing Skull-US3100Not updated
18Jeffxyyz Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US3100Not updated
19Kloak Big HealsLaughing Skull-US3100Not updated
20Brutalizèr  Laughing Skull-US3000Not updated
21Manbær  Laughing Skull-US3000Not updated
22Valdrakon Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US2896Not updated
23Moe The SourceLaughing Skull-US2698Not updated
24Kick ExtraditionLaughing Skull-US2597Not updated
25Injected VoidLaughing Skull-US2386Not updated
26Bambooquisha VoidLaughing Skull-US2365Not updated
27Milarose PrevengeLaughing Skull-US2299Not updated
28Douevnuplift VoidLaughing Skull-US2100Not updated
29Darkestdion Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US2052Not updated
30Invisiblash AltercationLaughing Skull-US1887Not updated
31Ilovechicken ExtraditionLaughing Skull-US1789Not updated
32Snarlfangz  Laughing Skull-US1696Not updated
33Celaste  Laughing Skull-US1690Not updated
34Ineedheal The SourceLaughing Skull-US1685Not updated
35Renekton The SourceLaughing Skull-US1499Not updated
36Loobu Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US1426Not updated
37Mazgrun MalevolenceLaughing Skull-US1387Not updated
38Soteria PrevengeLaughing Skull-US999Not updated
39Taelon nerdCREWLaughing Skull-US894Not updated
40Pathos Restraining OrderLaughing Skull-US892Not updated
41Blitzwerk Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US890Not updated
42Bullyed Big HealsLaughing Skull-US884Not updated
43Adrenar  Laughing Skull-US882Not updated
44Bobhopeless Car RamRodLaughing Skull-US875Not updated
45Orestisies  Laughing Skull-US796Not updated
46Ballpooner VoidLaughing Skull-US795Not updated
47Pobahr  Laughing Skull-US795Not updated
48Iluvlamp Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US791Not updated
49Huanshoe VoidLaughing Skull-US699Not updated
50Empio The SourceLaughing Skull-US698Not updated
51Ihssndl Ladies PleaseLaughing Skull-US695Not updated
52Kalsh Kung Fu TicklersLaughing Skull-US694Not updated
53Akolt  Laughing Skull-US694Not updated
54Masato VoidLaughing Skull-US693Not updated
55Fäe  Laughing Skull-US693Not updated
56Thenatural  Laughing Skull-US693Not updated
57Sevenseeker The SourceLaughing Skull-US692Not updated
58Tserik  Laughing Skull-US690Not updated
59Fortheglory The SourceLaughing Skull-US688Not updated
60Bazilfaultie PrevengeLaughing Skull-US687Not updated
61Youpi The SourceLaughing Skull-US686Not updated
62Atacar ExtraditionLaughing Skull-US679Not updated
63Lenneth VoidLaughing Skull-US677Not updated
64Moelefic The SourceLaughing Skull-US653Not updated
65Leë Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US597Not updated
66Spaghetti CondemnedLaughing Skull-US596Not updated
67Atheismftw VoidLaughing Skull-US589Not updated
68Rubies VoidLaughing Skull-US498Not updated
69Aoikiji Novus InitiumLaughing Skull-US498Not updated
70Cefadroxil PrevengeLaughing Skull-US497Not updated
71Åj Top ShelfLaughing Skull-US496Not updated
72Halfbakeduh The Charred CouncilLaughing Skull-US479Not updated
73Jds VoidLaughing Skull-US432Not updated
74Zîlî The SourceLaughing Skull-US399Not updated
75Mcgóógler  Laughing Skull-US399Not updated
76Nexixx Ethereal EntrailsLaughing Skull-US397Not updated
77Dremaka Hyjal Kids Hyjal WivesLaughing Skull-US396Not updated
78Lökì  Laughing Skull-US396Not updated
79Ocht Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US396Not updated
80Kaemasu  Laughing Skull-US395Not updated
81Taliin  Laughing Skull-US392Not updated
82Youngsavy RoyaltyLaughing Skull-US392Not updated
83Cancelled  Laughing Skull-US390Not updated
84Ryödan Yo Mamas a HordeLaughing Skull-US390Not updated
85Rassypanx PrevengeLaughing Skull-US389Not updated
86Jjmace Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US389Not updated
87Bobert The SourceLaughing Skull-US388Not updated
88Avis Kung Fu TicklersLaughing Skull-US388Not updated
89Bràig Stands in FireLaughing Skull-US386Not updated
90Kryptø Dark EclipseLaughing Skull-US386Not updated
91Rattlesnake Sons of AnarchyLaughing Skull-US382Not updated
92Ragoronn EminentLaughing Skull-US381Not updated
93Needmoneypls Straight Cash HomieLaughing Skull-US379Not updated
94Powertoke The SourceLaughing Skull-US375Not updated
95Juicen The High SocietyLaughing Skull-US374Not updated
96Tockit Knights of HonorLaughing Skull-US363Not updated
97Gravos UnbreakableLaughing Skull-US360Not updated
98Nathrazeim  Laughing Skull-US358Not updated
99Pornfedd  Laughing Skull-US355Not updated
100Blastphame is AmazingLaughing Skull-US350Not updated

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