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Laughing Skull-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kayman EchoesLaughing Skull-EU8799
2Luthara The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU3895
3Serps The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU3699
4Xru EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3699
5Skread EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3599
6Taoshí EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3596
7Signy EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3498
8Jenster FusionLaughing Skull-EU3396
9Azortharion EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3296
10Tomikadzi EchoesLaughing Skull-EU3294
11Illi HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU3199
12Windicious The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU3003
13Bigdeal The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU3000
14Whaboom EchoesLaughing Skull-EU2873
15Filth EchoesLaughing Skull-EU2791Not updated
16Eloquar The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU2775
17Synida FusionLaughing Skull-EU1988
18Burningdeath  Laughing Skull-EU1986
19Hutward The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU1892
20Ravencorp HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU1790
21Fenics EchoesLaughing Skull-EU1697
22Geralltqt EchoesLaughing Skull-EU1694
23Meelá EchoesLaughing Skull-EU1399
24Stiggern EchoesLaughing Skull-EU1396
25Perfuro HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU1392
26Deathmones FusionLaughing Skull-EU1380
27Asamba The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU1376
28Frosty FusionLaughing Skull-EU1299
29Renewing EchoesLaughing Skull-EU991
30Ryile The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU991
31Daffý EchoesLaughing Skull-EU988
32Ragebringer FusionLaughing Skull-EU892
33Silentplague The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU889
34Aresbl  Laughing Skull-EU868Not updated
35Paltos EchoesLaughing Skull-EU852
36Zakkyx HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU794
37Whiplasher EchoesLaughing Skull-EU791
38Deadyboy FusionLaughing Skull-EU791Not updated
39Pestie HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU789
40Zanzha EchoesLaughing Skull-EU759
41Predentia EchoesLaughing Skull-EU699
42Ignocia EchoesLaughing Skull-EU697
43Deathguard The NightwatchLaughing Skull-EU697
44Aerolock Order Of The TempleLaughing Skull-EU696
45Consata EchoesLaughing Skull-EU692
46Mauricé Order Of The TempleLaughing Skull-EU686
47Xumak HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU665
48Immortall The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU588
49Lylena The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU488
50Morvi Serenity NowLaughing Skull-EU397Not updated
51Lîlîth The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU397Not updated
52Thugnificent The OutcastLaughing Skull-EU394Not updated
53Furymortal The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU388
54Rommy HordealiciousLaughing Skull-EU382
55Mósby FusionLaughing Skull-EU371
56Bruh  Laughing Skull-EU365Not updated
57Big The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU299
58Teefje  Laughing Skull-EU299Not updated
59Madlockk The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU295
60Skugg EchoesLaughing Skull-EU295
61Zhaag EchoesLaughing Skull-EU294
62Somerske The Laughing SkullsLaughing Skull-EU288
63Lensy EchoesLaughing Skull-EU268
64Bodybuilding  Laughing Skull-EU173Not updated

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