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Korialstrasz-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Riou Hates Guild InvitesKorialstrasz-US3798
2Kanael The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US3598
3Brainnagh P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US3396
4Formerly P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US3370
5Hookshotz Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US3100
6Syphõn Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US3095
7Terri Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US3000
8Mythenoos Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US2882
9Venarî The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US2799
10Stevets Oath of TreasonKorialstrasz-US1898Not updated
11Aiedden Brotherhood of the BunnyKorialstrasz-US1693
12Malimar The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US1396
13Boramire The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US995
14Akatsuki HexedKorialstrasz-US891Not updated
15Lunatic The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US843
16Tsunamai P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US791
17Xelifar FadedKorialstrasz-US669Not updated
18Kêzia Sinister UrgeKorialstrasz-US590
19Krinkels We Raid NakedKorialstrasz-US498Not updated
20Reaperofsoul Peace Be Da JourneyKorialstrasz-US494
21Kousei FadedKorialstrasz-US483Not updated
22Blakblade We Raid NakedKorialstrasz-US399Not updated
23Jimothyy F I L T HKorialstrasz-US398
24Chargelot shenanigansKorialstrasz-US397Not updated
25Cleavestorm ShiftKorialstrasz-US397Not updated
26Frvinniepooh Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US392
27Gazooten Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US390
28Progmere P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US389
29Ralleigh Forces That BeKorialstrasz-US387
30Malkus Hearts of FIREKorialstrasz-US387Not updated
31Orongar Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US387
32Mianceden Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US381
33Dragennd Premature IncinerationKorialstrasz-US381
34Wollfy TwInKsKorialstrasz-US378Not updated
35Vladishammy The Knights TemplarKorialstrasz-US377Not updated
36Dannelche  Korialstrasz-US376
37Rhorix F I L T HKorialstrasz-US357
38Rouen P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US299
39Bensonan Righteous IndignationKorialstrasz-US299
40Hycerion F I L T HKorialstrasz-US298
41Râven FairyTailKorialstrasz-US298
42Goje F I L T HKorialstrasz-US295
43Siegürd F I L T HKorialstrasz-US293
44Hoganknwsbst Epic GuardiansKorialstrasz-US291
45Runsinshadow The RevolutionKorialstrasz-US290
46Closetmonkey  Korialstrasz-US285Not updated
47Tigra P A R A M O U N TKorialstrasz-US284
48Araüs We Raid NakedKorialstrasz-US199
49Yimofprey The BridgeburnersKorialstrasz-US198Not updated
50Agileßeast  Korialstrasz-US193
51Krazilock Seven Deadly SinsKorialstrasz-US188Not updated
52Shådøwßow WipeKorialstrasz-US100
53Colbey shenanigansKorialstrasz-US93
54Gexis Ancient DefendersKorialstrasz-US70

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