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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Khaz'goroth-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Yagano Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU6795
2Schoni Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU5393
3Paxor Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU4896
4Taminti EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU4598
5Shínkai Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU3889
6Madamme Clan der LeithianKhaz'goroth-EU3882Not updated
7Maleyrira  Khaz'goroth-EU3880Not updated
8Malekith Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU3880
9Talik Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU3792
10Anguz TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU3682Not updated
11Cowjack EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU3681Not updated
12Durzar EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU3599
13Adnub Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU3491Not updated
14Sharíngan Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU3399Not updated
15Brenainn PhoenixKhaz'goroth-EU3397Not updated
16Diké KnorkeKhaz'goroth-EU3397
17Saliva Dark Children of CHU CHUKhaz'goroth-EU3392
18Revÿ  Khaz'goroth-EU3369Not updated
19Icesoul Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU3349Not updated
20Kósa Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU3298Not updated
21Tearys  Khaz'goroth-EU3296Not updated
22Maveríck Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU3164Not updated
23Phisko Super Phun ThymeKhaz'goroth-EU3112
24Gammaquant Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU3096
25Livala Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU3091
26Elpacho Legion of DoomKhaz'goroth-EU3000
27Sinstalis Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU2988
28Jupìter Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU2798
29Bronx ist am StisiKhaz'goroth-EU2796Not updated
30Stejul Age of DestinyKhaz'goroth-EU2484
31Meintyra Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU2396
32Snowblind Warsong IncKhaz'goroth-EU2390Not updated
33Voltago PhoenixKhaz'goroth-EU2295
34Lederkeule Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU1991
35Mindo BÄMMKhaz'goroth-EU1899Not updated
36Ylvaria Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1898Not updated
37Lanx Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1893
38  Khaz'goroth-EU1889Not updated
39Smb Brut des VerderbensKhaz'goroth-EU1699
40Jéssy EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1697Not updated
41Carnìwar EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1696Not updated
42Messer Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1694
43Keneu Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU1693
44Kalypto Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1691Not updated
45Gulredbull EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU1689
46Telomer BÄMMKhaz'goroth-EU1688Not updated
47Flyinglotus Only AdultsKhaz'goroth-EU1684Not updated
48Kadhunter Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1682
49Helos Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU1598Not updated
50Mmbrains TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU1598Not updated
51Nèò Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1594
52Riordan Primo victoriaKhaz'goroth-EU1399Not updated
53Magieus Age of DestinyKhaz'goroth-EU1394Not updated
54Nullgrad  Khaz'goroth-EU1389Not updated
55Narat My Dirty HobbyKhaz'goroth-EU1363Not updated
56Huntering TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU1198Not updated
57Pfífi Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU1193
58Lodrîk Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU987Not updated
59Saalem  Khaz'goroth-EU982Not updated
60Tyreese DeFactoKhaz'goroth-EU982
61Neogelon Legion of DoomKhaz'goroth-EU980Not updated
62Handschlag  Khaz'goroth-EU976Not updated
63Hansisdruide Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU973Not updated
64Silverlion  Khaz'goroth-EU969Not updated
65Gekkou Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU963
66Sodiok EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU899
67Xarfei Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU896Not updated
68Delomor MysteriumKhaz'goroth-EU895
69Hansishexer Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU891Not updated
70Threepwood TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU887Not updated
71Saiga Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU799Not updated
72Dahlja Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU798
73Ahmet Die SeelensammlerKhaz'goroth-EU796
74Zykonium TimelessKhaz'goroth-EU793Not updated
75Noxya Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU789Not updated
76Ghorinchai Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU787
77Nodt Complete FunKhaz'goroth-EU781Not updated
78Axo Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU699Not updated
79Karpate Band of BrothersKhaz'goroth-EU698Not updated
80Curran HUNTER CLANKhaz'goroth-EU696
81Goldfíeld Kendo ShimaKhaz'goroth-EU696
82Meintyrâ Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU695
83Pyrolyse Adrenalin IVKhaz'goroth-EU695
84Típler Die schwarze RoseKhaz'goroth-EU693
85Zarôx Ðusky ÐragonsKhaz'goroth-EU692
86Déreant SchattendrachenKhaz'goroth-EU691
87Shajá WüstenwühlazKhaz'goroth-EU690
88Belkelel SolitaireKhaz'goroth-EU690Not updated
89Ayken Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU688
90Malacia XlIIKhaz'goroth-EU688Not updated
91Sheéx Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU684
92Parácetamol  Khaz'goroth-EU683Not updated
93Wayax HustensaftschmugglerKhaz'goroth-EU679Not updated
94Tevolon Mokrah ToktokKhaz'goroth-EU678
95Zwekloss Seven SinsKhaz'goroth-EU678
96Lagrenui Die Horde trägt RosaKhaz'goroth-EU678
97Marter EndzeitKhaz'goroth-EU677
98Simsala TortugaKhaz'goroth-EU672
99Bloodhurst MediciKhaz'goroth-EU599
100Xasera hat Aggro gezogenKhaz'goroth-EU599Not updated

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