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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khadgar-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Trwipl RemnantKhadgar-US4296Not updated
2Shadowbone Fear NothingKhadgar-US3899Not updated
3Geraith RemnantKhadgar-US3895Not updated
4Iskrå Age of ReasonKhadgar-US3796Not updated
5Raspberry Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3793Not updated
6Deatharrow SunderedKhadgar-US3688Not updated
7Archer Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3499Not updated
8Blindfire Lazy PeonsKhadgar-US3392Not updated
9Ktang SunderedKhadgar-US3297Not updated
10Ferbguy Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3193Not updated
11Cutezac Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3100Not updated
12Theocles Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US3000Not updated
13Person Little RascalsKhadgar-US2797Not updated
14Ballaecis VisceralKhadgar-US2699Not updated
15Durtymando Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US2395Not updated
16Tohdoh House StarkKhadgar-US2392Not updated
17Citlalpol BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US2292Not updated
18Invìsy Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1996Not updated
19Monstrosity Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1899Not updated
20Berienton Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1897Not updated
21Blax Hördish Nut HöuseKhadgar-US1895Not updated
22Thaelan SunderedKhadgar-US1891Not updated
23Sadirah Little RascalsKhadgar-US1799Not updated
24Racte RemnantKhadgar-US1776Not updated
25Noon Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1687Not updated
26Shobias Council of EldersKhadgar-US1683Not updated
27Sargee Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US1399Not updated
28Drunkenmonky Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US1392Not updated
29Vakhir BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US1386Not updated
30Glorfindël BG Death DealersKhadgar-US1386Not updated
31Comus HavocKhadgar-US986Not updated
32Zutar SunderedKhadgar-US984Not updated
33Zopa SunderedKhadgar-US980Not updated
34Tchuvak TheBrethrenKhadgar-US898Not updated
35Syfër  Khadgar-US894Not updated
36Volgon RemnantKhadgar-US891Not updated
37Zein BANG lN MY WHlTE TEEKhadgar-US889Not updated
38Sycosen Lord of DamnationKhadgar-US885Not updated
39Havoc ApatheiaKhadgar-US882Not updated
40Zeals IHMKhadgar-US798Not updated
41Regret AgelessKhadgar-US797Not updated
42Joriana Age of ReasonKhadgar-US797Not updated
43Tullopa SunderedKhadgar-US795Not updated
44Mhirl ApatheiaKhadgar-US794Not updated
45Kunkira Age of ReasonKhadgar-US793Not updated
46Guntenk AgelessKhadgar-US790Not updated
47Darkening GoNKhadgar-US784Not updated
48Breezha Age of ReasonKhadgar-US697Not updated
49Rylia Age of ReasonKhadgar-US697Not updated
50Abaiu SunderedKhadgar-US696Not updated
51Gudmundr VoltageKhadgar-US693Not updated
52Bloodbounty G O A TKhadgar-US692Not updated
53Shukaku RemnantKhadgar-US687Not updated
54Guntank AgelessKhadgar-US687Not updated
55Osirus SunderedKhadgar-US683Not updated
56Malderas DestinyKhadgar-US680Not updated
57Rozgrez Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US678Not updated
58Necrophage Council of EldersKhadgar-US678Not updated
59Mikrias Little RascalsKhadgar-US673Not updated
60Nefariousrav VisceralKhadgar-US670Not updated
61Zexexe RemnantKhadgar-US666Not updated
62Novicane Little RascalsKhadgar-US664Not updated
63Emron  Khadgar-US649Not updated
64Wredwilly DrakkenKhadgar-US598Not updated
65Frostty ApatheiaKhadgar-US597Not updated
66Lolskate Moderately EvilKhadgar-US499Not updated
67Aleannia Little RascalsKhadgar-US496Not updated
68Deathcometou  Khadgar-US492Not updated
69Willkick Obsidian BladesKhadgar-US482Not updated
70Wrathena Experimental FurbolgKhadgar-US480Not updated
71Shadron The Bloody MummersKhadgar-US426Not updated
72Falwen TheBrethrenKhadgar-US399Not updated
73Lybohske VoltageKhadgar-US399Not updated
74Slyt Enrage TimerKhadgar-US398Not updated
75Devastatìon FallenKhadgar-US397Not updated
76Oscarmike SunderedKhadgar-US397Not updated
77Solarnova Super Duper FriendsKhadgar-US396Not updated
78Firstaidkit Enrage TimerKhadgar-US396Not updated
79Dotnrun Hemopheliac AFK RaidersKhadgar-US395Not updated
80Bahuk Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US393Not updated
81Danny Little RascalsKhadgar-US393Not updated
82Kanxer  Khadgar-US393Not updated
83Magesareeasy FallenKhadgar-US391Not updated
84Gorlockè RemnantKhadgar-US391Not updated
85Tailspin  Khadgar-US390Not updated
86Tinkerz HavocKhadgar-US389Not updated
87Antistrophe VisceralKhadgar-US388Not updated
88Havenfell Council of EldersKhadgar-US388Not updated
89Gazu VoltageKhadgar-US387Not updated
90Mallowfluff ApatheiaKhadgar-US387Not updated
91Zaedra SunderedKhadgar-US386Not updated
92Nikkikayama BG Death DealersKhadgar-US385Not updated
93Onua  Khadgar-US385Not updated
94Jalarir DrakkenKhadgar-US385Not updated
95Powerfailure Fear NothingKhadgar-US384Not updated
96Whit Challenge AcceptedKhadgar-US383Not updated
97Shinanigen Fear NothingKhadgar-US381Not updated
98Jellypouch Refugees of Lions ArchKhadgar-US373Not updated
99Giggadots OMG BRB ICE CREAM TRUCKKhadgar-US355Not updated
100Ferociousrav VisceralKhadgar-US337Not updated

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