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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Koqo  Kazzak-EU9394Not updated
2Höpönöpö RuojatKazzak-EU8967Not updated
3Akg  Kazzak-EU8698Not updated
4Mioneechan EnvyKazzak-EU8597Not updated
5Vakkaan Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU7795Not updated
6Seriøs PendulumKazzak-EU7697Not updated
7Nøxeh PerceptionKazzak-EU7482Not updated
8Bué FangKazzak-EU7397Not updated
9Nibuto Rock Paper ScissorsKazzak-EU6893Not updated
10Mordrin Santa MariaKazzak-EU6891Not updated
11Russler  Kazzak-EU6872Not updated
12Phixels PerceptionKazzak-EU6799Not updated
13Hâzur  Kazzak-EU6798Not updated
14Helyum  Kazzak-EU6784Not updated
15Atimontaná EnvyKazzak-EU6693Not updated
16Chrisel  Kazzak-EU6394Not updated
17Haazur FreemasonsKazzak-EU6296Not updated
18Dábs EnvyKazzak-EU5898Not updated
19Lyddqtpie EnvyKazzak-EU5890Not updated
20Koganu Last ResortKazzak-EU5799Not updated
21Ryggan Once AgainKazzak-EU5799Not updated
22Brewnix VanguardKazzak-EU5699Not updated
23Orichalco ApexKazzak-EU5696Not updated
24Demoneo PerceptionKazzak-EU5678Not updated
25Crystallìze Noobs got talentKazzak-EU5599Not updated
26Monfrin  Kazzak-EU5484Not updated
27Jàtsu VanguardKazzak-EU5481Not updated
28Sinafey Iron EdgeKazzak-EU5474Not updated
29Zneider  Kazzak-EU5396Not updated
30Terrivar EcologyKazzak-EU5396Not updated
31Mavyth Minions of MithrilKazzak-EU5396Not updated
32Sinalei Iron EdgeKazzak-EU5295Not updated
33Minma InclusionKazzak-EU5285Not updated
34Shábz  Kazzak-EU4996Not updated
35Fèv VanguardKazzak-EU4985Not updated
36Nexorg  Kazzak-EU4980Not updated
37Tegernako  Kazzak-EU4968Not updated
38Mobmagnet E x i l e dKazzak-EU4899Not updated
39Atilol EnvyKazzak-EU4898Not updated
40War MarsKazzak-EU4896Not updated
41Krocell Once AgainKazzak-EU4895Not updated
42Xshuulaku All BlueKazzak-EU4894Not updated
43Creepstrítch  Kazzak-EU4894Not updated
44Gormar  Kazzak-EU4893Not updated
45Bachio Order of SargerasKazzak-EU4892Not updated
46Visc Last ResortKazzak-EU4891Not updated
47Curiel DelightfulKazzak-EU4890Not updated
48Thuth Rød StueKazzak-EU4881Not updated
49Ashkroft BifrostKazzak-EU4799Not updated
50Xoraz HibilityKazzak-EU4797Not updated
51Badfella Mayhem ControlKazzak-EU4797Not updated
52Reiyumi R A I D W O R XKazzak-EU4796Not updated
53Celean AequítasKazzak-EU4790Not updated
54Moonspellz Mental InsanityKazzak-EU4790Not updated
55Casull VanguardKazzak-EU4787Not updated
56Ohix PerceptionKazzak-EU4786Not updated
57Cortexux GregariousKazzak-EU4785Not updated
58Còldskull MrAcidKazzak-EU4697Not updated
59Därksa Bandit LoungeKazzak-EU4695Not updated
60Huska BreakoutKazzak-EU4693Not updated
61Hellinator McDriveKazzak-EU4691Not updated
62Prodzisz AsseverateKazzak-EU4596Not updated
63Didior CerebralKazzak-EU4595Not updated
64Marveck FangKazzak-EU4591Not updated
65Moozmvp VanguardKazzak-EU4499Not updated
66Deathcoiler XeonKazzak-EU4496Not updated
67Cidien QuintessenceKazzak-EU4494Not updated
68Vice Lucid DreamKazzak-EU4488Not updated
69Ilinadil O o OKazzak-EU4487Not updated
70Mudrain Telvarre NoeriKazzak-EU4485Not updated
71Mockels  Kazzak-EU4402Not updated
72Traszka No RemorseKazzak-EU4397Not updated
73Reddox BifrostKazzak-EU4397Not updated
74Teila CoalescenceKazzak-EU4397Not updated
75Angelo House of PrideKazzak-EU4396Not updated
76Acrylics PerceptionKazzak-EU4394Not updated
77Mayfadez McDriveKazzak-EU4391Not updated
78Loathe  Kazzak-EU4390Not updated
79Coontra Norrlands GuldKazzak-EU4388Not updated
80Folshot VanguardKazzak-EU4385Not updated
81Pawone  Kazzak-EU4371Not updated
82Eleaenor The Dragonfell TribeKazzak-EU4299Not updated
83Inký  Kazzak-EU4297Not updated
84Midoslavica PerceptionKazzak-EU4296Not updated
85Swæy The CoveKazzak-EU4290Not updated
86Fractial Weekend WarriorsKazzak-EU4194Not updated
87Çrixus V o t HKazzak-EU4174Not updated
88Fragoor  Kazzak-EU4100Not updated
89Strelyte The ForsakenKazzak-EU4099Not updated
90Esoum BifrostKazzak-EU4044Not updated
91Småvilt PurifiedKazzak-EU4000Not updated
92Schyven XeonKazzak-EU3999Not updated
93Cheebie BloodswornKazzak-EU3996Not updated
94Holmestrand McDriveKazzak-EU3996Not updated
95Nurj Santa MariaKazzak-EU3994Not updated
96Stúpid VanguardKazzak-EU3994Not updated
97Ørïøñ FangKazzak-EU3994Not updated
98Tormenttor AmbuscadeKazzak-EU3993Not updated
99Quixot  Kazzak-EU3991Not updated
100Luwana House of PrideKazzak-EU3989Not updated

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