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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Glemdiah  Kael'thas-EU6484Not updated
2Wÿzn EternalisKael'thas-EU4984Not updated
3Highwarlords EternalisKael'thas-EU4979Not updated
4Reiiz MystKael'thas-EU4898Not updated
5Nohana The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU4898Not updated
6Warllord EternalisKael'thas-EU4794Not updated
7Mâe DrawKael'thas-EU4788Not updated
8Àrk  Kael'thas-EU4698Not updated
9Agireda LimitedKael'thas-EU4698Not updated
10Junction  Kael'thas-EU4692Not updated
11Amigos BrutalisKael'thas-EU4397Not updated
12Wyzn EternalisKael'thas-EU4293Not updated
13Eilorä Alliance des SeigneursKael'thas-EU4288Not updated
14Yuän Show TimeKael'thas-EU3990Not updated
15Denbaàt MystKael'thas-EU3899Not updated
16Àrya Pedobear and UnicornsKael'thas-EU3897Not updated
17Omlet The HowlKael'thas-EU3892Not updated
18Kettrikken IrrKael'thas-EU3889Not updated
19Evedeinn FreaksKael'thas-EU3798Not updated
20Delfynia BetaTestKael'thas-EU3796Not updated
21Corius MandragoreKael'thas-EU3792Not updated
22Crîzx The HowlKael'thas-EU3786Not updated
23Ipanema The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU3778Not updated
24Garmarar ParadøxKael'thas-EU3776Not updated
25Yaarr MandragoreKael'thas-EU3774Not updated
26Uslok FreaksKael'thas-EU3699Not updated
27Böün The HowlKael'thas-EU3699Not updated
28Yxiéme EternalisKael'thas-EU3698Not updated
29Vivanzo ErymantheKael'thas-EU3698Not updated
30Tiper Host IndikaKael'thas-EU3697Not updated
31Orfraie sanctum noctarisKael'thas-EU3697Not updated
32Ìkkî The HowlKael'thas-EU3696Not updated
33Khrònos FreaksKael'thas-EU3695Not updated
34Sodaspray MystKael'thas-EU3694Not updated
35Ikulphy MandragoreKael'thas-EU3689Not updated
36Halzael MystKael'thas-EU3686Not updated
37Colotî MystKael'thas-EU3596Not updated
38Crystaltears FreaksKael'thas-EU3491Not updated
39Blyse EternalisKael'thas-EU3484Not updated
40Sìny MemoriumKael'thas-EU3479Not updated
41Handjab CðnspiracyKael'thas-EU3419Not updated
42Endlessly BurgerLégionKael'thas-EU3418Not updated
43Dárrylh VaapadKael'thas-EU3399Not updated
44Spouarh The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU3399Not updated
45Djapan MandrasilKael'thas-EU3397Not updated
46Mycedra MyrthKael'thas-EU3397Not updated
47Zorixx DrawKael'thas-EU3396Not updated
48Maïwèn MystKael'thas-EU3396Not updated
49Nesty DrawKael'thas-EU3396Not updated
50Shaark Guards Of the PurgatoryKael'thas-EU3393Not updated
51Scattershot Cercle InfiniKael'thas-EU3393Not updated
52Zervan WrathKael'thas-EU3391Not updated
53Kaasa WrathKael'thas-EU3378Not updated
54Aecx The HowlKael'thas-EU3366Not updated
55Thelurion Nomad SoulsKael'thas-EU3359Not updated
56Ouhaa  Kael'thas-EU3299Not updated
57Bedhur MyrthKael'thas-EU3299Not updated
58Fastfist D K PKael'thas-EU3296Not updated
59Lay MyrthKael'thas-EU3285Not updated
60Nessaelendil Why NotKael'thas-EU3198Not updated
61Adras MystKael'thas-EU3193Not updated
62Brûlure FreedomKael'thas-EU3100Not updated
63Pùx FreedomKael'thas-EU3031Not updated
64Amerion MandragoreKael'thas-EU2899Not updated
65Shatsui MystKael'thas-EU2897Not updated
66Bbøûh illuZiøNKael'thas-EU2894Not updated
67Inixya FreedomKael'thas-EU2798Not updated
68Jizzy FreedomKael'thas-EU2795Not updated
69Kaaza WrathKael'thas-EU2792Not updated
70Aselithyolo  Kael'thas-EU2791Not updated
71Tetelle ChrøniclesKael'thas-EU2789Not updated
72Magnaë EternalisKael'thas-EU2691Not updated
73Mordox For the fourKael'thas-EU2690Not updated
74Kapcak  Kael'thas-EU2598Not updated
75Adaye BetaTestKael'thas-EU2497Not updated
76Yogg The HowlKael'thas-EU2494Not updated
77Anséa DrawKael'thas-EU2488Not updated
78Heãven The HowlKael'thas-EU2397Not updated
79Satÿna CrysalideKael'thas-EU2386Not updated
80Nëthylia MagicarpeKael'thas-EU2298Not updated
81Kiaeldan StraticsKael'thas-EU1998Not updated
82Hecthôr EternalisKael'thas-EU1898Not updated
83Karrar The HowlKael'thas-EU1897Not updated
84Åsstärte The HowlKael'thas-EU1893Not updated
85Glycérine StraticsKael'thas-EU1798Not updated
86Meinl The HowlKael'thas-EU1788Not updated
87Abesses MystKael'thas-EU1699Not updated
88Marylyne BetaTestKael'thas-EU1699Not updated
89Zonked A le permis de tuerKael'thas-EU1691Not updated
90Freyjaqt FreedomKael'thas-EU1684Not updated
91Inudoshi The HowlKael'thas-EU1673Not updated
92Hyzau MandragoreKael'thas-EU1599Not updated
93Vincinkg InfamøusKael'thas-EU1599Not updated
94Ákwo Zulshar HaiKael'thas-EU1595Not updated
95Kaasaa WrathKael'thas-EU1593Not updated
96Arnaut Alliance Du NordKael'thas-EU1581Not updated
97Chï Memory of LightKael'thas-EU1495Not updated
98Hyron The Last LegacyKael'thas-EU1396Not updated
99Dktho CrysalideKael'thas-EU1396Not updated
100Tïki Project ConquerorsKael'thas-EU1396Not updated

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