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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kael'thas-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Wtfamidoing Just One More BossKael'thas-US5484Not updated
2Colossus LegendaryKael'thas-US5388Not updated
3Itzpie Warrior NationKael'thas-US3494Not updated
4Ecilam OOBKael'thas-US3399Not updated
5Lycàn IntegrityKael'thas-US3398Not updated
6Anadrex BlacklistedKael'thas-US3392Not updated
7Jackiechanda HubrisKael'thas-US3197Not updated
8Millavanilla OOBKael'thas-US2898Not updated
9Id The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US2798Not updated
10Tolaez OOBKael'thas-US2390Not updated
11Pawsea Just One More BossKael'thas-US1973Not updated
12Elleon HubrisKael'thas-US1895Not updated
13Chakra  Kael'thas-US1882Not updated
14Nando OOBKael'thas-US1782Not updated
15Alerin KinsmenKael'thas-US1697Not updated
16Mortifie Dragon GuardiansKael'thas-US1690Not updated
17Eudain IntegrityKael'thas-US1682Not updated
18Kaatiana Princes Of The UniverseKael'thas-US1599Not updated
19Krunchy BlacklistedKael'thas-US1397Not updated
20Aelrroy Azerothz FinestKael'thas-US1397Not updated
21Warriorlobo BlacklistedKael'thas-US1395Not updated
22Bottom The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US1394Not updated
23Bloodmachine Hells LegionKael'thas-US1392Not updated
24Pändemonia OOBKael'thas-US1387Not updated
25Fiftythree GCKael'thas-US1378Not updated
26Moldypoptart BlacklistedKael'thas-US1299Not updated
27Ghontull Titans of DeathKael'thas-US1186Not updated
28Kardìn IntegrityKael'thas-US1098Not updated
29Deathbypie HubrisKael'thas-US1000Not updated
30Sugaburga Just One More BossKael'thas-US990Not updated
31Alathria OOBKael'thas-US985Not updated
32Lucielea Westfall Fight ClubKael'thas-US897Not updated
33Epoch AegissKael'thas-US896Not updated
34Redivh veritas sed equitasKael'thas-US895Not updated
35Runihuraqt  Kael'thas-US890Not updated
36Orchitis The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US796Not updated
37Sedarris UpheavalKael'thas-US793Not updated
38Caneman Warrior NationKael'thas-US699Not updated
39Flowbbe KinsmenKael'thas-US697Not updated
40Malciks  Kael'thas-US694Not updated
41Lawlita EmberKael'thas-US694Not updated
42Visions Just One More BossKael'thas-US693Not updated
43Cicatrice  Kael'thas-US691Not updated
44Jingks KinsmenKael'thas-US688Not updated
45Integrand AscendKael'thas-US686Not updated
46Nagini DysfunkionalKael'thas-US681Not updated
47Mejai  Kael'thas-US596Not updated
48Icylina IntegrityKael'thas-US592Not updated
49Kelkar BlackLabelKael'thas-US577Not updated
50Sensimillia Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US498Not updated
51Ruebon Darkest LightKael'thas-US495Not updated
52Geto HubrisKael'thas-US495Not updated
53Vantista The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US485Not updated
54Death KarmaKael'thas-US462Not updated
55Quoril The Boston ProjectKael'thas-US398Not updated
56Tikus KinsmenKael'thas-US398Not updated
57Skiurus TenaciousKael'thas-US397Not updated
58Serahstia IntegrityKael'thas-US396Not updated
59Rainfallen Warrior NationKael'thas-US395Not updated
60Suelly BlacklistedKael'thas-US395Not updated
61Gjir OOBKael'thas-US393Not updated
62Jaxson Controlled ChaosKael'thas-US391Not updated
63Deadlegs SacredSoulsKael'thas-US388Not updated
64Gorgrum The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US386Not updated
65Runeatik  Kael'thas-US382Not updated
66Shadycat Super Smashed BrosKael'thas-US381Not updated
67Wraks AddictedKael'thas-US380Not updated
68Maverîck BlacklistedKael'thas-US380Not updated
69Luchacabra IntegrityKael'thas-US375Not updated
70Grümble SacredSoulsKael'thas-US374Not updated
71Lakshan  Kael'thas-US373Not updated
72Bulletant BlackLabelKael'thas-US369Not updated
73Gehenna  Kael'thas-US365Not updated
74Whatwasthat  Kael'thas-US356Not updated
75Kelrox OOBKael'thas-US355Not updated
76Alustreil The HarpersKael'thas-US350Not updated
77Tookuh The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US298Not updated
78Ajinator DIBSKael'thas-US298Not updated
79Steppenpaw La Costra NostraKael'thas-US298Not updated
80Ferrara Titans of DeathKael'thas-US296Not updated
81Undergeared OOBKael'thas-US295Not updated
82Davram Blackrock Brew ClubKael'thas-US293Not updated
83Opeth BlacklistedKael'thas-US292Not updated
84Zipperlock Captains of MorganKael'thas-US291Not updated
85Moggzi KazokuKael'thas-US287Not updated
86Xtç  Kael'thas-US286Not updated
87Sandkat OOBKael'thas-US286Not updated
88Xanyá Dark MatterKael'thas-US285Not updated
89Zargus  Kael'thas-US282Not updated
90Energetic HubrisKael'thas-US280Not updated
91Sharisa  Kael'thas-US196Not updated
92Hatredcopter The Fuzzy Secret ServiceKael'thas-US186Not updated
93Goldendeath PwnstarsKael'thas-US177Not updated
94Kaylek ProfitKael'thas-US177Not updated
95Ouroboro HubrisKael'thas-US176Not updated
96Darthtrix BlackLabelKael'thas-US93Not updated
97Syros NotoriousKael'thas-US92Not updated
98Tigriss HubrisKael'thas-US83Not updated
99Ukhuul PwnstarsKael'thas-US64Not updated
100Sassifrass Praise the SunKael'thas-US59Not updated

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