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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Zinnin Blood LegionIllidan-US9797Not updated
2Piecez SolaceIllidan-US8699Not updated
3Mitchjones Minor ProphetsIllidan-US6695Not updated
4Imperial AngryIllidan-US5799Not updated
5Gem FantasiaIllidan-US5690Not updated
6Pitt The IlluminatiIllidan-US5648Not updated
7Ellîe  Illidan-US5597Not updated
8Lithnor Righteous IntentionsIllidan-US5399Not updated
9Xsinful Electric AvenueIllidan-US5397Not updated
10Perpledaze  Illidan-US5299Not updated
11Almightyfunk  Illidan-US5297Not updated
12Dranosh Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US4898Not updated
13Slamina Blood LegionIllidan-US4897Not updated
14Evospec DMCGIllidan-US4796Not updated
15Evil Rainbow Doom WizardsIllidan-US4795Not updated
16Taldarimx Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US4697Not updated
17Frosticks Slash CryIllidan-US4599Not updated
18Armsrace SummitIllidan-US4598Not updated
19Yourefired BloodlinesIllidan-US4594Not updated
20Sikkz AvidIllidan-US4499Not updated
21Nitsyarg AngryIllidan-US4399Not updated
22Pokémon SempiternalIllidan-US4399Not updated
23Kylinxu StyleIllidan-US4398Not updated
24Zingar WylinIllidan-US4396Not updated
25Moscorpion Shake MiracleIllidan-US4390Not updated
26Xtrongest StyleIllidan-US4390Not updated
27Xariiz Blood LegionIllidan-US4360Not updated
28Xbm  Illidan-US4356Not updated
29Amunit StyleIllidan-US4299Not updated
30Netherheart MiraclesIllidan-US4299Not updated
31Fallings Freak ShowIllidan-US4297Not updated
32Endevers Slash CryIllidan-US4295Not updated
33Icemang TravestyIllidan-US4292Not updated
34Kruciel Blood LegionIllidan-US4198Not updated
35Vexovoid Nothing PersonalIllidan-US4196Not updated
36Vykath AvidIllidan-US4188Not updated
37Apennyworth EncoreIllidan-US4098Not updated
38Nerai Unknown CovenIllidan-US4000Not updated
39Jingkongcang FantasiaIllidan-US3997Not updated
40Unfury SGuildIllidan-US3988Not updated
41Ksmackx Apologetic MushroomIllidan-US3899Not updated
42Vérb SwornIllidan-US3899Not updated
43Flourence Babe LegionIllidan-US3898Not updated
44Mahdea  Illidan-US3897Not updated
45Heebii Skill CappedIllidan-US3896Not updated
46Zariis Blood LegionIllidan-US3895Not updated
47Alyisia PvP PowerIllidan-US3893Not updated
48Marisold RefractionIllidan-US3891Not updated
49Meowtamer CrueltyIllidan-US3890Not updated
50Lebouche Slash CryIllidan-US3889Not updated
51Checkraise  Illidan-US3889Not updated
52Nateopotato Last PhaseIllidan-US3883Not updated
53Caravela Sultan of SwingIllidan-US3883Not updated
54Asrodel VersatilityIllidan-US3799Not updated
55Liquidcool Fallen SanctuaryIllidan-US3799Not updated
56Devsx  Illidan-US3799Not updated
57Simplicityx  Illidan-US3798Not updated
58Macstallion EncoreIllidan-US3798Not updated
59Iapeto Blood LegionIllidan-US3797Not updated
60Rotbrain Tainted LegacyIllidan-US3797Not updated
61Ipin EncoreIllidan-US3796Not updated
62Logoz Blood LegionIllidan-US3796Not updated
63Avengedlol  Illidan-US3796Not updated
64Sodagreen For the DreamIllidan-US3796Not updated
65Ardonyx AngryIllidan-US3795Not updated
66Wtbhunter Ninjas In PyjamasIllidan-US3795Not updated
67Shoults EncoreIllidan-US3791Not updated
68Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US3787Not updated
69Readyaimfire AttritionIllidan-US3786Not updated
70Tchu Notorious MaraudersIllidan-US3786Not updated
71Salavar  Illidan-US3782Not updated
72Allenwalkers SARSIllidan-US3782Not updated
73Puremanchun Gong FeiIllidan-US3699Not updated
74Tugou MiraclesIllidan-US3699Not updated
75Regeas The DecoyIllidan-US3698Not updated
76Asterixx  Illidan-US3698Not updated
77Twotîmes Come HonorIllidan-US3698Not updated
78Muchfire Ascend GamingIllidan-US3698Not updated
79Fizzld RIP IN PEACEIllidan-US3697Not updated
80Xyronic Blood LegionIllidan-US3697Not updated
81Shoubu  Illidan-US3697Not updated
82Uagenius Blazing SunIllidan-US3697Not updated
83Nateriver Thunder ThroneIllidan-US3697Not updated
84Marsold Tang DynastyIllidan-US3696Not updated
85Kiâri Rise of the PhoenixIllidan-US3695Not updated
86Savejejunow  Illidan-US3695Not updated
87Sig Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US3694Not updated
88Nzv Falling LeavesIllidan-US3693Not updated
89Whitë EulogyIllidan-US3693Not updated
90Kromcrush  Illidan-US3693Not updated
91Crocel SanctumIllidan-US3692Not updated
92Jsnipes Pro EraIllidan-US3691Not updated
93Hardshoot falconsIllidan-US3689Not updated
94Blackysac  Illidan-US3688Not updated
95Thaliah ReflectionIllidan-US3688Not updated
96Kaizayin SummitIllidan-US3687Not updated
97Swegasaurus He Man Woman HatersIllidan-US3687Not updated
98Doomgard The StruggleIllidan-US3685Not updated
99Yukio AngryIllidan-US3681Not updated
100Cerenitie AnimusIllidan-US3681Not updated

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