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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Illidan-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Azrogam TimelessIllidan-EU10746Not updated
2Arahar TimelessIllidan-EU5899Not updated
3Zbøubix Des Cendres au PhoenixIllidan-EU4893Not updated
4Hëllscream kickbackIllidan-EU4589Not updated
5Baldraq Frozen TearsIllidan-EU4399Not updated
6Shooshi And Justice for AllIllidan-EU4398Not updated
7Selstrah American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU4397Not updated
8Talazas HadésIllidan-EU3899Not updated
9Engeeka Die AntwoordIllidan-EU3897Not updated
10Xallos Bad ClownIllidan-EU3896Not updated
11Sarithra FeintIllidan-EU3891Not updated
12Urkaluk ExaniumIllidan-EU3888Not updated
13Eldiablox KaminaIllidan-EU3887Not updated
14Søuthxflnc Monté comme un TaurenIllidan-EU3883Not updated
15Ciremyk  Illidan-EU3799Not updated
16Slýxz HadésIllidan-EU3798Not updated
17Cøoper  Illidan-EU3797Not updated
18Azliiash BlowIllidan-EU3699Not updated
19Khaldrå Frozen TearsIllidan-EU3699Not updated
20Elhinã KaminaIllidan-EU3695Not updated
21Rosvield TimelessIllidan-EU3694Not updated
22Tanith KaminaIllidan-EU3689Not updated
23Jetetwoll AtomIllidan-EU3679Not updated
24Rayes KaminaIllidan-EU3596Not updated
25Dergone  Illidan-EU3576Not updated
26Ëldwwiñ Ergo ProxyIllidan-EU3498Not updated
27Earthdream Siren YellIllidan-EU3497Not updated
28Miíd  Illidan-EU3397Not updated
29Ghostundead Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU3394Not updated
30Erwurg KaminaIllidan-EU3394Not updated
31Mordoth American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU3393Not updated
32Ayàel Bad ClownIllidan-EU3392Not updated
33Hásh FinestIllidan-EU3392Not updated
34Salîra KaminaIllidan-EU3388Not updated
35Ironstriker Les No LifeIllidan-EU3369Not updated
36Shanly Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU3296Not updated
37Cøx OdysséeIllidan-EU3278Not updated
38Yufi MurlocIllidan-EU3197Not updated
39Blïxx AtomIllidan-EU3192Not updated
40Odieux Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU3190Not updated
41Notaah InTenebrisIllidan-EU3109Not updated
42Eirlys CataclysmeIllidan-EU3107Not updated
43Akaris Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU3100Not updated
44Vanadis BlowIllidan-EU3100Not updated
45Deshi antichambreIllidan-EU3077Not updated
46Iselya BlowIllidan-EU3058Not updated
47Pistâchette KaminaIllidan-EU3033Not updated
48Yanlee Pull pas no brainIllidan-EU3018Not updated
49Anamisk KaminaIllidan-EU3009Not updated
50Dulðcken antichambreIllidan-EU3000Not updated
51Laevathein Sanctum SeisIllidan-EU3000Not updated
52Mazerock Néant DistorduIllidan-EU2984Not updated
53Sheeyi Die AntwoordIllidan-EU2799Not updated
54Dehlinda FeintIllidan-EU2796Not updated
55Melz FinestIllidan-EU2794Not updated
56Kyozan Rage KitIllidan-EU2788Not updated
57Minostirith kickbackIllidan-EU2766Not updated
58Elaenore VersùsIllidan-EU2396Not updated
59Adoloes Les Petits ScarabéesIllidan-EU2381Not updated
60Arzith InTenebrisIllidan-EU2371Not updated
61Larve ExaniumIllidan-EU2363Not updated
62Blys ReverseIllidan-EU2357Not updated
63Redmag InTenebrisIllidan-EU2296Not updated
64Yoshida BlowIllidan-EU2000Not updated
65Feyfðlken ÆFKIllidan-EU1915Not updated
66Herucaran TimelessIllidan-EU1897Not updated
67Oniram Ergo ProxyIllidan-EU1894Not updated
68Veinecendrée  Illidan-EU1887Not updated
69Rylià KaminaIllidan-EU1887Not updated
70Ni BlowIllidan-EU1885Not updated
71Soggoth  Illidan-EU1883Not updated
72Ylandriá est sur FacebookIllidan-EU1871Not updated
73Optîmus  Illidan-EU1799Not updated
74Narom Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1798Not updated
75Xeha Die AntwoordIllidan-EU1797Not updated
76Dîøude TimelessIllidan-EU1795Not updated
77Khallane Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1795Not updated
78Moloverino ExtaZeIllidan-EU1792Not updated
79Évii Ad Vitam ÆternamIllidan-EU1791Not updated
80Raÿko No GloryIllidan-EU1791Not updated
81Gimedanger AMØKIllidan-EU1790Not updated
82Lhoki  Illidan-EU1789Not updated
83Nylstrand  Illidan-EU1698Not updated
84Certainement Les EmpafésIllidan-EU1697Not updated
85Zenïth Psykø FøundatiønIllidan-EU1693Not updated
86Thyo do not disturbIllidan-EU1693Not updated
87Krâm Rage KitIllidan-EU1691Not updated
88Elkawaie RAWRIllidan-EU1671Not updated
89Fëà ReverseIllidan-EU1561Not updated
90Solicrow EluXIllidan-EU1398Not updated
91Drakkâ Frozen TearsIllidan-EU1394Not updated
92Ørías ValhallaIllidan-EU1393Not updated
93Chasa American CheeseburgerIllidan-EU1380Not updated
94Rîgald Les CroisésIllidan-EU1377Not updated
95Shaliz Moo TangIllidan-EU1295Not updated
96Kaöri  Illidan-EU1284Not updated
97Zawax BlowIllidan-EU1225Not updated
98Lmfdgoigfdgj HadésIllidan-EU999Not updated
99Nevedea Nø MercyIllidan-EU998Not updated
100Närko KaminaIllidan-EU998Not updated

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