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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Icecrown-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Verraine ReminiscenceIcecrown-US4599Not updated
2Edsheeran MonopolizingIcecrown-US4290Not updated
3Kosan DistortedIcecrown-US3888Not updated
4Powerwaddle VindicatumIcecrown-US3797Not updated
5Eludeveren  Icecrown-US3698Not updated
6Quelana InsurrectionIcecrown-US3691Not updated
7Spelmasta  Icecrown-US3690Not updated
8Arrow VindicatumIcecrown-US3398Not updated
9Rackedup MonopolizingIcecrown-US3395Not updated
10Bridges My So Called GuildIcecrown-US3394Not updated
11Tyler ReminiscenceIcecrown-US3392Not updated
12Thereroll MonopolizingIcecrown-US3391Not updated
13Tanned VindicatumIcecrown-US3373Not updated
14Coffeebean Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US3295Not updated
15Ïmpy ReminiscenceIcecrown-US3190Not updated
16Greylin DistortedIcecrown-US3076Not updated
17Korrasi VindicatumIcecrown-US3000Not updated
18Cis VindicatumIcecrown-US2991Not updated
19Raic ReminiscenceIcecrown-US2887Not updated
20Carrymasterx VindicatumIcecrown-US2773Not updated
21Stigmas MOVEIcecrown-US2397Not updated
22Thursten Deus InvictusIcecrown-US2387Not updated
23Trevax  Icecrown-US2031Not updated
24Tharon MOVEIcecrown-US1895Not updated
25Cross Destined SoulsIcecrown-US1887Not updated
26Tormord ReminiscenceIcecrown-US1799Not updated
27Nalini VeikarIcecrown-US1767Not updated
28Antiprism InsurrectionIcecrown-US1695Not updated
29Zeus ReminiscenceIcecrown-US1691Not updated
30Dankpancakes The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US1691Not updated
31Telkor ReminiscenceIcecrown-US1689Not updated
32Xrehsaw MonopolizingIcecrown-US1588Not updated
33Bearwyn ReminiscenceIcecrown-US1494Not updated
34Ability ArcheanIcecrown-US1398Not updated
35Marthan SoulfireIcecrown-US998Not updated
36Stalat VeikarIcecrown-US998Not updated
37Toxicant Second NatureIcecrown-US992Not updated
38Heatseeker Deus InvictusIcecrown-US984Not updated
39Rhyze The Daily ProIcecrown-US984Not updated
40Twobeers VindicatumIcecrown-US983Not updated
41Luminoire VindicatumIcecrown-US979Not updated
42Conann TalismanIcecrown-US968Not updated
43Ricere VeikarIcecrown-US965Not updated
44Valinqt MonopolizingIcecrown-US895Not updated
45Whitedragons Light of LightsIcecrown-US894Not updated
46Elife Deus InvictusIcecrown-US889Not updated
47Luceo Furious PantaloonsIcecrown-US887Not updated
48Ultradrunix  Icecrown-US885Not updated
49Bael VindicatumIcecrown-US885Not updated
50Alfourae Destined SoulsIcecrown-US874Not updated
51Cerial MonopolizingIcecrown-US797Not updated
52Powersurge PenetrationIcecrown-US795Not updated
53Voomer Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US795Not updated
54Khanz WyrmfoeIcecrown-US794Not updated
55Tharn The Intrepid ExplorersIcecrown-US785Not updated
56Coalfire  Icecrown-US783Not updated
57Nurfed VindicatumIcecrown-US748Not updated
58Turbowaddle VindicatumIcecrown-US696Not updated
59Bramman WyrmfoeIcecrown-US695Not updated
60Rinsecycle MonopolizingIcecrown-US695Not updated
61Gormesh  Icecrown-US692Not updated
62Hokiette Dead Hunter SocietyIcecrown-US691Not updated
63Bioturd DeterminedIcecrown-US690Not updated
64Lockmuscles VindicatumIcecrown-US682Not updated
65Oshíkuru My So Called GuildIcecrown-US681Not updated
66Septus MOVEIcecrown-US681Not updated
67Bohannon PraetoriumIcecrown-US671Not updated
68Clingerjar DistortedIcecrown-US671Not updated
69Yerba is Packin HeatIcecrown-US658Not updated
70Kagejin The Intrepid ExplorersIcecrown-US599Not updated
71Veelluminati VeikarIcecrown-US596Not updated
72Maeglos InsurrectionIcecrown-US498Not updated
73Braavos ReminiscenceIcecrown-US496Not updated
74Kanibul Destined SoulsIcecrown-US491Not updated
75Slöth Team RocketIcecrown-US399Not updated
76Lris  Icecrown-US399Not updated
77Northernfury  Icecrown-US399Not updated
78Sepa VindicatumIcecrown-US397Not updated
79Icy Deus InvictusIcecrown-US396Not updated
80Ravensour FatalityIcecrown-US396Not updated
81Saxmån The Sons Of OdinIcecrown-US396Not updated
82Jjswift DistortedIcecrown-US392Not updated
83Carnelian Light of LightsIcecrown-US392Not updated
84Sky Team RocketIcecrown-US389Not updated
85Ilzan VindicatumIcecrown-US388Not updated
86Calrus WyrmfoeIcecrown-US388Not updated
87Gimpyonepaw VindicatumIcecrown-US388Not updated
88Zenlop Crimson ShadowIcecrown-US387Not updated
89Beringsea WðW ÆÐÐÎCTS ÄÑØÑÝMÒÚSIcecrown-US387Not updated
90Avandria Deus InvictusIcecrown-US384Not updated
91Drakana DistortedIcecrown-US383Not updated
92Ogspokes EvocatiIcecrown-US380Not updated
93Makåy  Icecrown-US380Not updated
94Allegri SELECT geeks FROM WoWIcecrown-US379Not updated
95Sarthuul MonopolizingIcecrown-US378Not updated
96Average  Icecrown-US377Not updated
97Alexio Pizza ClubIcecrown-US376Not updated
98Paleaura VindicatumIcecrown-US369Not updated
99Hubjubub InsurrectionIcecrown-US369Not updated
100Zargo Alien ConquerorsIcecrown-US365Not updated

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