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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Guac TFHyjal-US10599Not updated
2Pyran TFHyjal-US5397Not updated
3Majinfooze Antisocial ClubHyjal-US5385Not updated
4Crimsonsky TFHyjal-US4998Not updated
5Lexacor SupernovaHyjal-US4992Not updated
6Xinc Antisocial ClubHyjal-US4782Not updated
7Kínjín Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US4693Not updated
8Corun Death By DesignHyjal-US4488Not updated
9Klik Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US4394Not updated
10Flexxy Righteous ImpurityHyjal-US4390Not updated
11Arktös TFHyjal-US4298Not updated
12Iamtpi Post ApocalypseHyjal-US4000Not updated
13Zullumage UndauntedHyjal-US3980Not updated
14Malosa Not TodayHyjal-US3897Not updated
15Mecorb  Hyjal-US3892Not updated
16Frankcastle Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3890Not updated
17Redbell NorthHyjal-US3887Not updated
18Alythria  Hyjal-US3885Not updated
19Zerakul HavenHyjal-US3799Not updated
20Iwatobi  Hyjal-US3798Not updated
21Pawkets Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3797Not updated
22Kolthos Malim PraedariHyjal-US3797Not updated
23Meknoid NomadHyjal-US3796Not updated
24Dimmest  Hyjal-US3795Not updated
25Dileth LividHyjal-US3790Not updated
26Dervish Immortals EndHyjal-US3782Not updated
27Ravelvan CatalystHyjal-US3781Not updated
28Harbingèr Touch of ChaosHyjal-US3699Not updated
29Yadomaru Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US3699Not updated
30Gor Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3697Not updated
31Tribúnal TridentHyjal-US3695Not updated
32Obsol ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US3694Not updated
33Bellexia Dark SkiesHyjal-US3694Not updated
34Ceartas Sic Finit NoctemHyjal-US3692Not updated
35Improvz PrætorianHyjal-US3690Not updated
36Elure TFHyjal-US3687Not updated
37Bananas RaidtardsHyjal-US3686Not updated
38Eyba CatalystHyjal-US3686Not updated
39Garyoakley Touch of ChaosHyjal-US3685Not updated
40Orestis  Hyjal-US3684Not updated
41Expomarker VikingsHyjal-US3681Not updated
42Kalym TFHyjal-US3671Not updated
43Barazkhazad DrivenHyjal-US3599Not updated
44Maimei WarsongHyjal-US3599Not updated
45Kriegger  Hyjal-US3599Not updated
46Xanil TFHyjal-US3595Not updated
47Rushingwind EmbersHyjal-US3594Not updated
48Bats Last CallHyjal-US3594Not updated
49Kulldar Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US3592Not updated
50Akiela Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3512Not updated
51Unbreakable Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3499Not updated
52Durgarr  Hyjal-US3499Not updated
53Winkieface Modified GeeksHyjal-US3496Not updated
54Talanvor Vox ImmortalisHyjal-US3495Not updated
55Stannic HavenHyjal-US3493Not updated
56Niadar WarsongHyjal-US3424Not updated
57Kylê Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3399Not updated
58Femoris WarsongHyjal-US3399Not updated
59Fronttbutt Advent FuryHyjal-US3399Not updated
60Kaypop TFHyjal-US3398Not updated
61Markarian  Hyjal-US3398Not updated
62Greywolf The Wolves of WarHyjal-US3397Not updated
63Opathold LividHyjal-US3397Not updated
64Ckainn DrivenHyjal-US3395Not updated
65Kraosiss MetamorphosisHyjal-US3394Not updated
66Sarzin The NightwatchHyjal-US3392Not updated
67Miskatonix LunarisHyjal-US3390Not updated
68Mylie Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3386Not updated
69Torrosh Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3382Not updated
70Shadowsworn  Hyjal-US3379Not updated
71Sàberr  Hyjal-US3374Not updated
72Zoo Sadistic SanityHyjal-US3363Not updated
73Pågåñ ÄddîçtîõñHyjal-US3352Not updated
74Persequori Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3301Not updated
75Trixxia ElysiumHyjal-US3300Not updated
76Nalapo Aggroholics AnonymousHyjal-US3300Not updated
77Edify Modified GeeksHyjal-US3299Not updated
78Xarial  Hyjal-US3298Not updated
79Nightroadx Advent FuryHyjal-US3298Not updated
80Smokenfire Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3297Not updated
81Celessti Antisocial ClubHyjal-US3296Not updated
82Zevo TFHyjal-US3295Not updated
83Lonak Last PullHyjal-US3291Not updated
84Thayos Forgotten AspectsHyjal-US3289Not updated
85Fatman The Ides of MarchHyjal-US3288Not updated
86Jephi Fat ChanceHyjal-US3288Not updated
87Grayse Inner LoopHyjal-US3287Not updated
88Simplicityy The Forbidden RisingHyjal-US3273Not updated
89Xarghis L E G E N DHyjal-US3196Not updated
90Gratefuldead Modified GeeksHyjal-US3175Not updated
91Phenom NomadHyjal-US3160Not updated
92Toiletfat  Hyjal-US3145Not updated
93Døctor TFHyjal-US3110Not updated
94Ivan EmbersHyjal-US3105Not updated
95Yunalesa Last PullHyjal-US3100Not updated
96Deeo Gone FishingHyjal-US3100Not updated
97Tinister HavenHyjal-US3100Not updated
98Malvshot TFHyjal-US3100Not updated
99Ellfen Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3100Not updated
100Sigrave Post ApocalypseHyjal-US3100Not updated

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