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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hyjal-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Gaminna TrinityHyjal-EU10365Not updated
2Kojïma PandemøniumHyjal-EU7884Not updated
3Whites EmpriseHyjal-EU7697Not updated
4Brokestorm NightstormHyjal-EU7490Not updated
5Ulto Wreak HavocHyjal-EU6997Not updated
6Maliox TenacityHyjal-EU6789Not updated
7Myriddin Loups CourageuxHyjal-EU6695Not updated
8Azentøn  Hyjal-EU6687Not updated
9Clèsros ElysìumHyjal-EU5999Not updated
10Feufaulet EmpyreanHyjal-EU5795Not updated
11Màjicarpe TrinityHyjal-EU5679Not updated
12Crid TrinityHyjal-EU5676Not updated
13Durendil Verba IgnisHyjal-EU5598Not updated
14Jâgang Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU4996Not updated
15Rikïmaru OutplayedHyjal-EU4981Not updated
16Hephisto TrinityHyjal-EU4899Not updated
17Eldow UltimaHyjal-EU4898Not updated
18Kéréos Crocs SanguinairesHyjal-EU4897Not updated
19Skýe The Strength Is UnionHyjal-EU4891Not updated
20Loyle The TempestHyjal-EU4890Not updated
21Kaldreth Thundergaze LegionHyjal-EU4799Not updated
22Cristaly  Hyjal-EU4798Not updated
23Leukè PandemøniumHyjal-EU4794Not updated
24Mïtsû Wreak HavocHyjal-EU4760Not updated
25Poodoo OutcastHyjal-EU4699Not updated
26Hÿga  Hyjal-EU4697Not updated
27Öks OríonHyjal-EU4697Not updated
28Shiføunette TrinityHyjal-EU4689Not updated
29Skÿtêck  Hyjal-EU4684Not updated
30Lunastrasza AltérationHyjal-EU4598Not updated
31Müpa EdemoniumHyjal-EU4597Not updated
32Lïpton Banane FlambéeHyjal-EU4494Not updated
33Shadøwstørm  Hyjal-EU4492Not updated
34Ghørgs Magister MortalisHyjal-EU4397Not updated
35Nashoba Blood and SandHyjal-EU4396Not updated
36Araitik  Hyjal-EU4396Not updated
37Tornade La Milice du Tigre BlancHyjal-EU4395Not updated
38Héster RenaissanceHyjal-EU4393Not updated
39Archÿ ValkyriesHyjal-EU4393Not updated
40Gree Unknown WaysHyjal-EU4392Not updated
41Bakers Onixia ChildrenHyjal-EU4392Not updated
42Chainlock TrinityHyjal-EU4347Not updated
43Ziell Warsong FuryHyjal-EU4332Not updated
44Staaggma Wreak HavocHyjal-EU4298Not updated
45Aemona OutcastHyjal-EU4298Not updated
46Híroo Ab NihiloHyjal-EU4297Not updated
47Djakalla Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU4292Not updated
48Arkadiâ IggdrasilHyjal-EU4100Not updated
49Myndrâ NightstormHyjal-EU3995Not updated
50Toðe Tropical flowersHyjal-EU3995Not updated
51Atramess Les Fils du DragonHyjal-EU3993Not updated
52Auralyn EmpyreanHyjal-EU3987Not updated
53Kaÿna Relique SacréeHyjal-EU3978Not updated
54Gador EmpriseHyjal-EU3899Not updated
55Yøz  Hyjal-EU3898Not updated
56Benfoly  Hyjal-EU3898Not updated
57Étïncelle Pedo Mellon a minnoHyjal-EU3896Not updated
58Tatasnoova  Hyjal-EU3896Not updated
59Tchay The Unicorn KillersHyjal-EU3896Not updated
60Frostwin osmosHyjal-EU3896Not updated
61Cornelio NightS FeverSHyjal-EU3896Not updated
62Shenhime MutinerieHyjal-EU3894Not updated
63Vonkarstein Balamb GardenHyjal-EU3894Not updated
64Bløodarrøw  Hyjal-EU3893Not updated
65Tomhet TrinityHyjal-EU3890Not updated
66Anànas TrinityHyjal-EU3886Not updated
67Sabrae Les Héritiers d HyjalHyjal-EU3886Not updated
68Eowendil FaithHyjal-EU3881Not updated
69Zedreïev PhoenïxHyjal-EU3879Not updated
70Nopeace All Trolls Must DieHyjal-EU3878Not updated
71Nynelock  Hyjal-EU3873Not updated
72Alkansekhwa Vincit Omnia VeritasHyjal-EU3799Not updated
73Lèvi  Hyjal-EU3799Not updated
74Kaÿne Chapeaux de pailleHyjal-EU3799Not updated
75Superfst Wreak HavocHyjal-EU3798Not updated
76Keïona INFAMOUSHyjal-EU3797Not updated
77Jimmystar Dark BisounoursHyjal-EU3797Not updated
78Khraa RejectHyjal-EU3796Not updated
79Dendimon TenacityHyjal-EU3796Not updated
80Khäleesí Adopte Un TwollHyjal-EU3795Not updated
81Skýze  Hyjal-EU3793Not updated
82Pandemike Lost HorizonHyjal-EU3793Not updated
83Taylia  Hyjal-EU3791Not updated
84Monolithes Last AriaHyjal-EU3786Not updated
85Baboulïnette TrinityHyjal-EU3785Not updated
86Zhyne NayroziaHyjal-EU3782Not updated
87Azaríel OríonHyjal-EU3781Not updated
88Zitrox La Lune NøïreHyjal-EU3781Not updated
89Wundry RenaissanceHyjal-EU3778Not updated
90Xelenna OutplayedHyjal-EU3699Not updated
91Youi WaveHyjal-EU3699Not updated
92Albatrøsas BaZiingaHyjal-EU3698Not updated
93Kraalrak La Lune NøïreHyjal-EU3697Not updated
94Amyleen  Hyjal-EU3697Not updated
95Sonbrlou ProjectHyjal-EU3697Not updated
96Durth Les Larmes du PhoenixHyjal-EU3697Not updated
97Sphaxou SkarulesHyjal-EU3697Not updated
98Zlÿ ProjectHyjal-EU3696Not updated
99Zêldã Magister MortalisHyjal-EU3696Not updated
100Cita EntourageHyjal-EU3696Not updated

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