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Hellscream-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Olíve Nerds O WarHellscream-US4790Not updated
2Hyokkou Mooing ChaosHellscream-US4390
3Karuba Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US4371
4Hityou Carpe NoctemHellscream-US3899Not updated
5Apakaleky Armored JusticeHellscream-US3896
6Maegistus  Hellscream-US3895Not updated
7Klypsafya Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US3892
8Sylvannas Mooing ChaosHellscream-US3890
9Venomstrike  Hellscream-US3889Not updated
10Azani BankaiHellscream-US3884
11Tritian Hogger Ate My SandwichHellscream-US3796
12Acetore Mooing ChaosHellscream-US3699
13Samsunight  Hellscream-US3593
14Mysh  Hellscream-US3390Not updated
15Extradmg The AnnihilatorsHellscream-US3197
16Plutonia Armored JusticeHellscream-US2662
17Alcomine Armored JusticeHellscream-US2488
18Celzavi Knights of ArathorHellscream-US2384Not updated
19Derjägër Guilty PleasureHellscream-US2344Not updated
20Avatar Armored JusticeHellscream-US1991
21Meloetta Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US1970Not updated
22Baelzharon Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US1687Not updated
23Valeski EntropyHellscream-US1395
24Kunger Harmony in ChaosHellscream-US1370Not updated
25Jinxmidnight CausticHellscream-US1285
26Amadia Armored JusticeHellscream-US986
27Darkserp Flex RatingHellscream-US885Not updated
28Farrside Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US882
29Ödïn Next Level RaidingHellscream-US799Not updated
30Smigel SovereigntyHellscream-US798
31Wolffwood Girls Who Play WoWHellscream-US796
32Rushdown Carpe NoctemHellscream-US792Not updated
33Raves CausticHellscream-US791
34Siejuro Armored JusticeHellscream-US782
35Actaeonz Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US698
36Pri Armored JusticeHellscream-US698
37Fartuna Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US697
38ßroom Mooing ChaosHellscream-US697
39Shatteredsun Armored JusticeHellscream-US696
40Mastablastar Ancient HysteriaHellscream-US694
41Upoja Call of CthulhuHellscream-US692Not updated
42Niobie Armored JusticeHellscream-US691
43Prieto Hand of FateHellscream-US689
44Kheims Dedicated FewHellscream-US684
45Ayin Midnight RisingHellscream-US682Not updated
46Saiyonicsoul We Kill For CopperHellscream-US681Not updated
47Althal Notabilis KruorisHellscream-US676Not updated
48Iovere Armored JusticeHellscream-US667
49Elementore Mooing ChaosHellscream-US644
50Gorefiendxv Army of VosHellscream-US598
51Tazsul EntropyHellscream-US597
52Peode EhrenguardHellscream-US597
53Satanzboy HatredHellscream-US594
54Firefizzle Dedicated FewHellscream-US498
55Cavalier Harmony in ChaosHellscream-US498
56Koldheat EntropyHellscream-US498Not updated
57Kushnoj Hogger Ate My SandwichHellscream-US497
58Laralette Dedicated FewHellscream-US497Not updated
59Fruitloóps Armored JusticeHellscream-US461
60Imyx Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US453
61Redisiria Armored JusticeHellscream-US399
62Raxxer Mooing ChaosHellscream-US399
63Rockyep Girls Who Play WoWHellscream-US398
64Garyoak Guilty PleasureHellscream-US396
65Mortas Midnight RisingHellscream-US394Not updated
66Lichcore Mooing ChaosHellscream-US393
67Envayne Armored JusticeHellscream-US391
68Briac CrossroadsHellscream-US391Not updated
69Mildog Armored JusticeHellscream-US390
70Wickèdclown KILLER BUNNIES OF DööMHellscream-US389Not updated
71Toxicore Mooing ChaosHellscream-US389
72Darksorcerys The Blood SocietyHellscream-US388
73Anightshre  Hellscream-US387Not updated
74Fidgett Armored JusticeHellscream-US385
75Culpepper Carpe NoctemHellscream-US385
76Zeltha Sovereign GuardHellscream-US381
77Volantìs PvPnessHellscream-US379
78Kalesmora EntropyHellscream-US375
79Dryden Midnight RisingHellscream-US360
80Morgganna BankaiHellscream-US359
81Andromath Knights of ArathorHellscream-US359Not updated
82Wallywest PhoenixHellscream-US349
83Jubel Eternal ReverenceHellscream-US299Not updated
84Odoyle Epic PeonsHellscream-US299Not updated
85Adynn Damage IncHellscream-US299
86Kreigan DecapodianHellscream-US299Not updated
87Deathfier KuG MeHellscream-US299Not updated
88Xarea Smells Like VictoryHellscream-US298
89Asonia  Hellscream-US298
90Drdizzle AscensionHellscream-US296Not updated
91Xaixo We Kill For CopperHellscream-US296Not updated
92Dexxter Carpe NoctemHellscream-US296
93Tinyteck Armored JusticeHellscream-US296
94Pandatisha Epic PeonsHellscream-US295Not updated
95Pinkflames Armored JusticeHellscream-US295
96Madeintaiwan SÝNERGYHellscream-US295Not updated
97Aveliena Hand of FateHellscream-US294
98Alcenaia Just Us LeagueHellscream-US294
99Lillica  Hellscream-US294
100Veilx Injected with AwesomeHellscream-US293Not updated

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