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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Hellscream-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1微笑依舊 張君雅小妹妹家暴中心Hellscream-TW4393Not updated
2布林 CrazyMidnightHellscream-TW4295Not updated
3小麗 Ogre RepublicHellscream-TW3887Not updated
4別哭泣 不正常人類研究協會Hellscream-TW3791Not updated
5心玄  Hellscream-TW3791Not updated
6Imptc  Hellscream-TW3788Not updated
7縫小捂 NeverLandHellscream-TW3697Not updated
8Zwwbless  Hellscream-TW3691Not updated
9魚乾女 CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW3495Not updated
10裴夜嵐 凝聚Hellscream-TW3399Not updated
11Alonsoso CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW3398Not updated
12丫豬 血染風采Hellscream-TW3395Not updated
13我食人妖 Extreme RequiemHellscream-TW3391Not updated
14闇夜惡魔 凝聚Hellscream-TW3373Not updated
15俏皮小哈比 CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW3371Not updated
16達達泥巴 凝聚Hellscream-TW3300Not updated
17阿飄仔 Drive All NightHellscream-TW3299Not updated
18功夫拖鞋 小紫趴趴集團Hellscream-TW3299Not updated
19雲心粼痕 血染風采Hellscream-TW3298Not updated
20這酒有毒 傲世Hellscream-TW3297Not updated
21回憶的時光  Hellscream-TW3198Not updated
22楓逸寒 CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW3100Not updated
23小女孩特價中 凝聚Hellscream-TW3022Not updated
24死與新生  Hellscream-TW3000Not updated
25宅罐頭 我們的會長戰部牛仔手好黑怎麼開都開不出武器來Hellscream-TW2697Not updated
26卡西琺 莫高雷酒吧Hellscream-TW2681Not updated
27Tsukiko 犯規級的萌Hellscream-TW2599Not updated
28沙洛佛克 凝聚Hellscream-TW1999Not updated
29喵喵法師 凝聚Hellscream-TW1991Not updated
30平安夜 CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW1990Not updated
31鬼崎傲夜 血染風采Hellscream-TW1887Not updated
32酒吧點酒  Hellscream-TW1886Not updated
33獵人十三 凝聚Hellscream-TW1885Not updated
34龍崽 不正常人類研究協會Hellscream-TW1799Not updated
35凌雪雲  Hellscream-TW1798Not updated
36彈珠汽水內用 傲世Hellscream-TW1797Not updated
37瑟瑟悠 凹凸曼打小怪獸Hellscream-TW1699Not updated
38凌飄雲 小紫趴趴集團Hellscream-TW1598Not updated
39Dalamar 莫高雷酒吧Hellscream-TW1592Not updated
40微臣救駕來遲  Hellscream-TW1395Not updated
41御津 熊的世界Hellscream-TW1386Not updated
42天嫁料理 永恆次元Hellscream-TW1384Not updated
43熊貓人伐木工 Equation of HellHellscream-TW1366Not updated
44蛇魚 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW1296Not updated
45獵人宅宅 誓約xHellscream-TW1296Not updated
46Gorodaimon  Hellscream-TW999Not updated
47蛆蛆吱吱 Extreme RequiemHellscream-TW998Not updated
48韓敏 凝聚Hellscream-TW979Not updated
49雪舞熾蝶 凝聚Hellscream-TW964Not updated
50你的老貳竟然 凝聚Hellscream-TW899Not updated
51迫天者 CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW899Not updated
52Kenming CrazyMidnightHellscream-TW899Not updated
53諾茵 眾生滅Hellscream-TW899Not updated
54瑞士捲 張君雅小妹妹家暴中心Hellscream-TW897Not updated
55潘古 血染風采Hellscream-TW897Not updated
56寶寶月 莫高雷酒吧Hellscream-TW896Not updated
57Gwendolyn 血染風采Hellscream-TW895Not updated
58Aegius 少數部落Hellscream-TW893Not updated
59輕便雨衣 凝聚Hellscream-TW892Not updated
60雲中大上天  Hellscream-TW889Not updated
61啪氏企業經理 凝聚Hellscream-TW889Not updated
62秋葉悲花 Fate SailingHellscream-TW886Not updated
63Taeyeon 眾生滅Hellscream-TW794Not updated
64Bombard 血染風采Hellscream-TW791Not updated
65一奎托斯一  Hellscream-TW790Not updated
66勞燕分飛  Hellscream-TW697Not updated
67御夢  Hellscream-TW695Not updated
68新郎官  Hellscream-TW695Not updated
69欠你的幸福 脆皮嫩雞軟骰黑手陣線聯盟Hellscream-TW694Not updated
70Qcuteloli CHAOS FORCEHellscream-TW691Not updated
71忽必獵  Hellscream-TW683Not updated
72阿爾法希坦 none such under heavenHellscream-TW680Not updated
73Ronaldk 永恆次元Hellscream-TW671Not updated
74一魔王一 雷光之斧Hellscream-TW670Not updated
75傷心化妝 風雨同路Hellscream-TW642Not updated
76沙維 永恆次元Hellscream-TW594Not updated
77陰死你 血染風采Hellscream-TW593Not updated
78蓓妮奧絲 一神樣一Hellscream-TW587Not updated
79約爾姆加德  Hellscream-TW499Not updated
80世紀處決者暴 凝聚Hellscream-TW499Not updated
81Barricade  Hellscream-TW498Not updated
82Eciy 毛 幫Hellscream-TW494Not updated
83Bht INVINCIBLEHellscream-TW481Not updated
84肌肉鎧甲 眾生滅Hellscream-TW444Not updated
85Toadsworth 莫高雷酒吧Hellscream-TW419Not updated
86乂血色玫瑰乂 Extreme RequiemHellscream-TW399Not updated
87潮仔 凝聚Hellscream-TW399Not updated
88歇斯底里  Hellscream-TW398Not updated
89伊汎 少數部落Hellscream-TW397Not updated
90孤寂攸楓 犯規級的萌Hellscream-TW397Not updated
91雷迪卡特  Hellscream-TW396Not updated
92夢靨再現 INVINCIBLEHellscream-TW396Not updated
93就是軟趴趴 永恆次元Hellscream-TW396Not updated
94熾華 一神樣一Hellscream-TW395Not updated
95雷迪斯特 凝聚Hellscream-TW392Not updated
96谷川懍 誓約xHellscream-TW392Not updated
97瑪蒂爾德 Extreme RequiemHellscream-TW390Not updated
98熊小蘼 凝聚Hellscream-TW386Not updated
99星期日處女 一神樣一Hellscream-TW386Not updated
100楓鳴 被遺忘的神族Hellscream-TW385Not updated

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