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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gul'dan-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ennveny fadeGul'dan-EU5379Not updated
2Karthok PredictedGul'dan-EU4999Not updated
3Dschasmin IM LIEGENGul'dan-EU4391Not updated
4Muhk oRkGul'dan-EU4379Not updated
5Laayra Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU4298Not updated
6Merlino myogaGul'dan-EU3998Not updated
7Oomkin PredictedGul'dan-EU3997Not updated
8Drachenzahn Ultio SanguineusGul'dan-EU3996Not updated
9Gorbasch oRkGul'dan-EU3795Not updated
10Sensha Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU3792Not updated
11Tÿrel Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU3693Not updated
12Nocta PredictedGul'dan-EU3574Not updated
13Sylina fadeGul'dan-EU3493Not updated
14Potstwo fadeGul'dan-EU3398Not updated
15Omlak Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU3397Not updated
16Enveny fadeGul'dan-EU3394Not updated
17Nazh PredictedGul'dan-EU3393Not updated
18Johnsnow  Gul'dan-EU3393Not updated
19Carisma PredictedGul'dan-EU3393Not updated
20Zunk Pakt der EliteGul'dan-EU3392Not updated
21Andesan Die Freunde der SonneGul'dan-EU3386Not updated
22Minimoo hat keine AhnungGul'dan-EU3381Not updated
23Chuckboris PredictedGul'dan-EU3360Not updated
24Miesmuschel PredictedGul'dan-EU3346Not updated
25Rockêt Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU3291Not updated
26Sambaru fadeGul'dan-EU3166Not updated
27Belgarath Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU3092Not updated
28Corkiy PredictedGul'dan-EU3009Not updated
29Owlgodtko  Gul'dan-EU3009Not updated
30Redhet PredictedGul'dan-EU3000Not updated
31Luvwen PredictedGul'dan-EU3000Not updated
32Collapses PredictedGul'dan-EU3000Not updated
33Takija  Gul'dan-EU2795Not updated
34Cørktu PredictedGul'dan-EU2792Not updated
35Eclius PredictedGul'dan-EU2687Not updated
36Hetarnia Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU2684Not updated
37Sthon PredictedGul'dan-EU2392Not updated
38Warrlord Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU1881Not updated
39Bumb PredictedGul'dan-EU1799Not updated
40Davidooff Last Men StandingGul'dan-EU1798Not updated
41Alfonikus IPhönixIGul'dan-EU1695Not updated
42Eralingus oRkGul'dan-EU1695Not updated
43Whiskazz IPhönixIGul'dan-EU1685Not updated
44Killii PredictedGul'dan-EU1390Not updated
45Karom ConvergeGul'dan-EU1390Not updated
46Dotdotdot hat keine AhnungGul'dan-EU1369Not updated
47Snuggel IPhönixIGul'dan-EU1298Not updated
48Pøts fadeGul'dan-EU1187Not updated
49Charlaine PredictedGul'dan-EU899Not updated
50Heinison  Gul'dan-EU898Not updated
51Enkidu Rad AbGul'dan-EU895Not updated
52Nerner PredictedGul'dan-EU890Not updated
53Bugor BRIGADA ADAGul'dan-EU887Not updated
54Highdi fadeGul'dan-EU799Not updated
55Annareusch MoonkizZGul'dan-EU798Not updated
56Zagstruk fadeGul'dan-EU789Not updated
57Karär Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU789Not updated
58Xinus oRkGul'dan-EU788Not updated
59Spielmann No SurrenderGul'dan-EU779Not updated
60Eralinghi oRkGul'dan-EU764Not updated
61Elektri oRkGul'dan-EU699Not updated
62Sezerek PredictedGul'dan-EU699Not updated
63Rhenaya  Gul'dan-EU699Not updated
64Ollîkahn IPhönixIGul'dan-EU698Not updated
65Scarleta TschakkaGul'dan-EU698Not updated
66Ceall Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU698Not updated
67Jefersen Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU696Not updated
68Aclamara Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU695Not updated
69Svapoo fadeGul'dan-EU694Not updated
70Lóinator fadeGul'dan-EU693Not updated
71Touta fadeGul'dan-EU692Not updated
72Aywah PredictedGul'dan-EU690Not updated
73Buono fadeGul'dan-EU684Not updated
74Bombax Ultio SanguineusGul'dan-EU682Not updated
75Reidacul  Gul'dan-EU680Not updated
76Crìssy fadeGul'dan-EU677Not updated
77Surreal oRkGul'dan-EU672Not updated
78Narisan Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU668Not updated
79Byakku Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU599Not updated
80Shokh fadeGul'dan-EU590Not updated
81Phônix myogaGul'dan-EU578Not updated
82Gauloo KnuffigeKillerkuschelsGul'dan-EU578Not updated
83Yuniaa PredictedGul'dan-EU499Not updated
84Soupi fadeGul'dan-EU498Not updated
85Simus  Gul'dan-EU481Not updated
86Inspiron fadeGul'dan-EU473Not updated
87Trakarh oRkGul'dan-EU399Not updated
88Adania  Gul'dan-EU399Not updated
89Phai PredictedGul'dan-EU398Not updated
90Kritical oRkGul'dan-EU397Not updated
91Asajun VIVA LA BÄMMGul'dan-EU396Not updated
92Nahan myogaGul'dan-EU395Not updated
93Alindor PlainCrazyGul'dan-EU393Not updated
94Trouk Die Freunde der SonneGul'dan-EU392Not updated
95Kizunia MedivalGul'dan-EU391Not updated
96Vivia Antimagnetic CultivistsGul'dan-EU389Not updated
97Karamasow Pain and PleasureGul'dan-EU389Not updated
98Gneki IPhönixIGul'dan-EU385Not updated
99Èternia Insane DesiresGul'dan-EU385Not updated
100Stabs PredictedGul'dan-EU381Not updated

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