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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Greymane-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Jeyo SolutionGreymane-US5698Not updated
2Nerwick SolutionGreymane-US4399Not updated
3Ànubis The Chosen FewGreymane-US4397Not updated
4Bloodmasta DespotismGreymane-US4397Not updated
5Milesdavies NegligenceGreymane-US4391Not updated
6Trainisland  Greymane-US4296Not updated
7Wickedjester SinGreymane-US3897Not updated
8Creshendo Council of NineGreymane-US3699Not updated
9Survaysays MutinyGreymane-US3698Not updated
10Ringsely Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US3694Not updated
11Belrath SolutionGreymane-US3692Not updated
12Evò Terrible FriendsGreymane-US3597Not updated
13Rimmuk DespotismGreymane-US3511Not updated
14Denkii Care Bare StareGreymane-US3497Not updated
15Nazggul MutinyGreymane-US3399Not updated
16Twistedruin Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US3395Not updated
17Sÿv  Greymane-US3395Not updated
18Syv Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US3395Not updated
19Auroran DespotismGreymane-US3388Not updated
20Houdinii SolutionGreymane-US3294Not updated
21Nayta SolutionGreymane-US3187Not updated
22Xert SolutionGreymane-US3186Not updated
23Korsarrokahn Sixty Seconds To WipeGreymane-US3154Not updated
24Ashamanxx DespotismGreymane-US3100Not updated
25Grumkin The Evil WithinGreymane-US3000Not updated
26Lathis SolutionGreymane-US2591Not updated
27Nieth DistinctionGreymane-US2398Not updated
28Coolwick Council of NineGreymane-US2396Not updated
29Surveysez MutinyGreymane-US2298Not updated
30Corrasis ChromeGreymane-US2097Not updated
31Woedin SolutionGreymane-US1896Not updated
32Lunerin Care Bare StareGreymane-US1877Not updated
33Teknical Council of NineGreymane-US1789Not updated
34Khatian SolutionGreymane-US1699Not updated
35Exxiled  Greymane-US1698Not updated
36Meatstorm Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US1599Not updated
37Faradae PinnacleGreymane-US1596Not updated
38Muciek ELWYNN FOREST WARRIORSGreymane-US1493Not updated
39Behold Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US1489Not updated
40Rhaenýs SinGreymane-US1489Not updated
41DweebishXYZ Usual SuspectsGreymane-US1397Not updated
42Socks  Greymane-US1397Not updated
43Torpey Just The TipGreymane-US1396Not updated
44Alektophobia Council of NineGreymane-US1396Not updated
45Fálrin  Greymane-US1384Not updated
46Darokin El DiabloGreymane-US1382Not updated
47Xelriel CoreGreymane-US1299Not updated
48Varayan Six Twenty SevenGreymane-US1299Not updated
49Mikalya SolutionGreymane-US1296Not updated
50Sintharia  Greymane-US1064Not updated
51Hatokiqt  Greymane-US999Not updated
52Envelope UnyieldingGreymane-US997Not updated
53Ooey SolutionGreymane-US995Not updated
54Qtpants ExousiaGreymane-US988Not updated
55Ikkuranus Fear and LoathingGreymane-US986Not updated
56Neamhain Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US984Not updated
57Eristus SolutionGreymane-US983Not updated
58Murlocslayer CoreGreymane-US982Not updated
59Skuttlez CoreGreymane-US899Not updated
60Tucofruton PhoenixGreymane-US899Not updated
61Johncxvii All the Single LadiesGreymane-US897Not updated
62Tsar Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US897Not updated
63Dex Fear and LoathingGreymane-US894Not updated
64Rathen Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US893Not updated
65Legiøn Rawhide PrimeGreymane-US893Not updated
66Angrygnome  Greymane-US889Not updated
67Hantevirus DespotismGreymane-US888Not updated
68Tempestasdux Council of NineGreymane-US886Not updated
69Drajan WarmachineGreymane-US885Not updated
70Heilena DespotismGreymane-US798Not updated
71Molowka SolutionGreymane-US797Not updated
72Vyden SinGreymane-US797Not updated
73Havvoc Council of NineGreymane-US794Not updated
74Rottencat Silver DragonsGreymane-US788Not updated
75Pointyside Eternal AsylumGreymane-US786Not updated
76Shànto Council of NineGreymane-US785Not updated
77Hibiki Last ResortGreymane-US781Not updated
78Misanth SolutionGreymane-US780Not updated
79Booagy SolutionGreymane-US762Not updated
80Hawtshot Council of NineGreymane-US699Not updated
81Sheephappens Terrible FriendsGreymane-US699Not updated
82Droslock ImproviseGreymane-US696Not updated
83Daji canichiefsGreymane-US696Not updated
84Thinkagain The Dragons HoardGreymane-US695Not updated
85Steamdog Just The TipGreymane-US694Not updated
86Virstarcy PhoenixGreymane-US694Not updated
87Whorror NegligenceGreymane-US694Not updated
88Passionz  Greymane-US694Not updated
89Ancienthaze DespotismGreymane-US693Not updated
90Burynerds DespotismGreymane-US693Not updated
91Killerstorm All the Single LadiesGreymane-US692Not updated
92Sweetymage Unbroken SoulsGreymane-US691Not updated
93Corvuss The Evil WithinGreymane-US689Not updated
94Valmitic SinGreymane-US689Not updated
95Mikelangello NegligenceGreymane-US687Not updated
96Soaf BrologyGreymane-US685Not updated
97Kirannali Eternal AsylumGreymane-US685Not updated
98Adiyn CoreGreymane-US685Not updated
99Marmiron Hugs LLCGreymane-US684Not updated
100Virgìl Azeroths BrotherhoodGreymane-US683Not updated

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