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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorgonnash-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kissume Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU5499Not updated
2Nóxit PlageGorgonnash-EU5398Not updated
3Skatomiceagè Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU4896Not updated
4Remjyo UnicGorgonnash-EU4689Not updated
5Zera SupremacyGorgonnash-EU4000Not updated
6Nashalia  Gorgonnash-EU3999Not updated
7Gniifail UnicGorgonnash-EU3988Not updated
8Rayzen Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3896Not updated
9Kptn Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU3892Not updated
10Myfriend  Gorgonnash-EU3884Not updated
11Ragestyles UnicGorgonnash-EU3799Not updated
12Râgnarok Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU3795Not updated
13Eyu UnicGorgonnash-EU3795Not updated
14Stammvieh FrøntschweineGorgonnash-EU3783Not updated
15Mexlo Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU3699Not updated
16Wyand CoreGorgonnash-EU3680Not updated
17Malgrimm Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU3596Not updated
18Rasgox  Gorgonnash-EU3485Not updated
19Talyqx Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU3480Not updated
20Booky CoreGorgonnash-EU3399Not updated
21Mitnal CoreGorgonnash-EU3398Not updated
22Autoshot Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3398Not updated
23Brumok TøxicGorgonnash-EU3394Not updated
24Xizee Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU3390Not updated
25Skîron PlageGorgonnash-EU3372Not updated
26Bøømbøømbert DominanceGorgonnash-EU3371Not updated
27Dwuu UnicGorgonnash-EU3348Not updated
28Methanas Challenger CircuitGorgonnash-EU3299Not updated
29Xaphor UnicGorgonnash-EU3299Not updated
30Nigiri UnicGorgonnash-EU3295Not updated
31Yutani UnicGorgonnash-EU3280Not updated
32Eremus UnicGorgonnash-EU3196Not updated
33Tîght Hüter des KinderzimmersGorgonnash-EU3196Not updated
34Eleniya Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU3187Not updated
35Synorá Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU3126Not updated
36Ingoheilt HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU3005Not updated
37Toradora Infernal CreaturesGorgonnash-EU2987Not updated
38Ayumì UnicGorgonnash-EU2790Not updated
39Talandrin UnicGorgonnash-EU2695Not updated
40Clouds TøxicGorgonnash-EU2695Not updated
41Îgnius  Gorgonnash-EU2684Not updated
42Kniftenjonny non phixionGorgonnash-EU2399Not updated
43Woremore UnicGorgonnash-EU2396Not updated
44Ounda CoreGorgonnash-EU2391Not updated
45Bígs Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1994Not updated
46Deadroth Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1898Not updated
47Dolphyne Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1788Not updated
48Misima  Gorgonnash-EU1786Not updated
49Nírvana ParamountGorgonnash-EU1691Not updated
50Sharlynn empíreGorgonnash-EU1689Not updated
51Aeliria CoreGorgonnash-EU1688Not updated
52Shewith TøxicGorgonnash-EU1492Not updated
53Fisselstripe Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1399Not updated
54Brumokftw SteinkreishordeGorgonnash-EU1398Not updated
55Allmagina RoyalsGorgonnash-EU1393Not updated
56Manduhau  Gorgonnash-EU1390Not updated
57Herbst Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU1299Not updated
58Xienlu Die SuperfreundeGorgonnash-EU1299Not updated
59Kennif Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU1298Not updated
60Phain Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU1298Not updated
61Shârdur Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU1295Not updated
62Strathus SchattenrabenGorgonnash-EU1295Not updated
63Lowe NachtschwärmerGorgonnash-EU999Not updated
64Nachtwolf Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU997Not updated
65Chrônos Thralls HordenmachtGorgonnash-EU996Not updated
66Kelethrion empíreGorgonnash-EU995Not updated
67Arathurius UnicGorgonnash-EU979Not updated
68Zìmt Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU972Not updated
69Beltane Guardians of the BraveGorgonnash-EU971Not updated
70Klopps Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU966Not updated
71Chezelle empíreGorgonnash-EU966Not updated
72Tharija Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU899Not updated
73Sumi Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU896Not updated
74Elmilly Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU896Not updated
75Liasc Browary HillsGorgonnash-EU895Not updated
76Órelinde CONCILIUMGorgonnash-EU892Not updated
77Leut Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU890Not updated
78Gorokar Die SuperfreundeGorgonnash-EU887Not updated
79Groldak empíreGorgonnash-EU885Not updated
80Cremâre Ai KattachGorgonnash-EU885Not updated
81Refleý empíreGorgonnash-EU884Not updated
82Ikari empíreGorgonnash-EU874Not updated
83Celsy TøxicGorgonnash-EU870Not updated
84Polakmc ParamountGorgonnash-EU798Not updated
85Blaîck UnicGorgonnash-EU795Not updated
86Arjya UnicGorgonnash-EU795Not updated
87Thandruin HeavenShallBurnGorgonnash-EU791Not updated
88Sikari DeaThGorgonnash-EU790Not updated
89Chokkei Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU790Not updated
90Llîane Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU789Not updated
91Chuuka TributeGorgonnash-EU785Not updated
92Ticcxo Thunder of DraenorGorgonnash-EU765Not updated
93Schichtkohl Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU699Not updated
94Snurp CoreGorgonnash-EU698Not updated
95Vynora Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU696Not updated
96Rezzmir Warum ich euch HasseGorgonnash-EU693Not updated
97Missdotalôt DeaThGorgonnash-EU692Not updated
98Thesz InceptionGorgonnash-EU691Not updated
99Caeleen Night Conquers DayGorgonnash-EU691Not updated
100Nishi Nocturnis SanguinisGorgonnash-EU686Not updated

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