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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gnomeregan-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Erde ApotheosisGnomeregan-US5999Not updated
2Gahd DissentionGnomeregan-US4396Not updated
3Turbine ApotheosisGnomeregan-US3895Not updated
4Ceonoddys VaporGnomeregan-US3788Not updated
5Orgathor AddictedGnomeregan-US3692Not updated
6Serkova Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US3599Not updated
7Azsharanna Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US3599Not updated
8Easylol The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US3392Not updated
9Rasloc DissentionGnomeregan-US3186Not updated
10Rorina ApotheosisGnomeregan-US2695Not updated
11Jugsy VaporGnomeregan-US2393Not updated
12Whindric Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1979Not updated
13Nighthoundoo ApotheosisGnomeregan-US1678Not updated
14Kinematic ApotheosisGnomeregan-US1475Not updated
15Dorave Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US1398Not updated
16Kablammy Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US1381Not updated
17Cpain Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US1293Not updated
18Sweetjèsus CHILDREN of CHAOSGnomeregan-US1168Not updated
19Sophakyng ApotheosisGnomeregan-US996Not updated
20Luchu DissentionGnomeregan-US983Not updated
21Cobelicelm The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US973Not updated
22Darthbacon CHILDREN of CHAOSGnomeregan-US886Not updated
23Pândà  Gnomeregan-US882Not updated
24Owes ApotheosisGnomeregan-US799Not updated
25Brekø We Dem BoyzGnomeregan-US795Not updated
26Kèal DissentionGnomeregan-US794Not updated
27Inndi  Gnomeregan-US793Not updated
28Pyru  Gnomeregan-US792Not updated
29Hinotsume Quod Sanctus MicaGnomeregan-US792Not updated
30Clerix SoulmatesGnomeregan-US788Not updated
31Zarrey  Gnomeregan-US788Not updated
32Krunam The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US781Not updated
33Deplorabledk We Dem BoyzGnomeregan-US699Not updated
34Orbonne SolitudeGnomeregan-US699Not updated
35Xylas DissentionGnomeregan-US696Not updated
36Rorhn ApotheosisGnomeregan-US695Not updated
37Lucinick PerditionGnomeregan-US693Not updated
38Marmah  Gnomeregan-US691Not updated
39Wolfb dragonsfyreGnomeregan-US690Not updated
40Vehkzhoddys VaporGnomeregan-US687Not updated
41Pirloo ApotheosisGnomeregan-US684Not updated
42Lancethepyro The Forgotten KingdomGnomeregan-US682Not updated
43Kaltassia The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US671Not updated
44Rhynna ReapersGnomeregan-US599Not updated
45Zerudaknight The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US598Not updated
46Zevlolz Ebay GladiatorsGnomeregan-US589Not updated
47Kelánar Dream TeamGnomeregan-US498Not updated
48Pyah  Gnomeregan-US417Not updated
49Anierene Dragons TemplarGnomeregan-US417Not updated
50Brewsli Casually HardcoreGnomeregan-US415Not updated
51Blastingu The fighting IrishGnomeregan-US398Not updated
52Blackfurr Dream TeamGnomeregan-US397Not updated
53Isaacr Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US395Not updated
54Güru DissentionGnomeregan-US393Not updated
55Zulren Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US391Not updated
56Darkerpepper Shattered SpiritsGnomeregan-US390Not updated
57Shadowshah DissentionGnomeregan-US388Not updated
58Iamphail Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US385Not updated
59Lyshkaran Whack An AllyGnomeregan-US385Not updated
60Sargeraun Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US385Not updated
61Kizara Lucid DreamGnomeregan-US381Not updated
62Aoir Knights of KonquestGnomeregan-US373Not updated
63Rexxington ParadoxGnomeregan-US351Not updated
64Gatoddy VaporGnomeregan-US299Not updated
65Siln Mor Shil KarytharsGnomeregan-US298Not updated
66Sazaar Mob MentalityGnomeregan-US295Not updated
67Slobur Delegate of ArgusGnomeregan-US295Not updated
68Syphaliz DementedGnomeregan-US294Not updated
69Daralektra Saints and SinnersGnomeregan-US293Not updated
70Velintha Mortem IncarnatumGnomeregan-US292Not updated
71Oridart Dragons TemplarGnomeregan-US279Not updated
72Belshazzar VaporGnomeregan-US193Not updated
73Frostymugg VaporGnomeregan-US193Not updated
74Aeoliiv Dead WeightGnomeregan-US192Not updated
75Svordom VaporGnomeregan-US190Not updated
76Minksorz The Shattered PathGnomeregan-US189Not updated
77Ellyndria RetaliationGnomeregan-US189Not updated
78Crysus CHILDREN of CHAOSGnomeregan-US188Not updated
79ßaßarakus VaporGnomeregan-US185Not updated
80Bigpoppapump PerditionGnomeregan-US183Not updated
81Ryeaa VaporGnomeregan-US176Not updated
82Padrui ApotheosisGnomeregan-US146Not updated
83Druhz ApotheosisGnomeregan-US82Not updated

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