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Gilneas-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ash AggressionGilneas-US4799
2Icedasher Calamitous InténtGilneas-US3595
3Ctepp AggressionGilneas-US3589
4Faustz  Gilneas-US3498
5Vanas AggressionGilneas-US3399
6Scio OutliersGilneas-US3399
7Vaêr StormGilneas-US3394
8Sliceoflife StormGilneas-US3390
9Kynnareth StormGilneas-US3384
10Keyboardtrnr Fist Of ThrallGilneas-US3342
11Zekez Six Inches UnbuffedGilneas-US3281
12Zak Legends of TristramGilneas-US3047
13Aiodots Legends of TristramGilneas-US2796
14Heinzer Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US2679
15Losh ÉvólûtïoñGilneas-US2497
16Raanx ApathyGilneas-US2392Not updated
17Hupriest The IlluminåtiGilneas-US2298
18Izzo StormGilneas-US1991
19Koltaras AggressionGilneas-US1897
20Faust StormGilneas-US1893
21Kracube Betrayers of LightGilneas-US1799Not updated
22Firebushz ApathyGilneas-US1653Not updated
23Faustlol StormGilneas-US1499
24Thanatasi HuzzahGilneas-US1457
25Senile Obsidian OrderGilneas-US1399
26Tough StormGilneas-US1295
27Loshayden AggressionGilneas-US1189
28Yzulii AggressionGilneas-US1186Not updated
29Slipz Legends of TristramGilneas-US997
30Cires FailsauceGilneas-US996
31Lluscannon Fist Of ThrallGilneas-US991
32Aeshma Legends of TristramGilneas-US973
33Typecast AggressionGilneas-US897Not updated
34Minarmo Sudden DeathGilneas-US892
35Reconshot StormGilneas-US884
36Ihaveworms Betrayers of LightGilneas-US882
37Orìon AggressionGilneas-US796
38Galons AggressionGilneas-US795
39Sabryn HuzzahGilneas-US794Not updated
40Venato Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US789
41Lumina Legends of TristramGilneas-US691
42Darkfeary Lost RequiemGilneas-US690
43Bereavement Is Not In A GuildGilneas-US689
44Cuddlezplz ShadowbladesGilneas-US681
45Phend Vermicious KnidsGilneas-US677Not updated
46Zerimar Clan BloodhoofGilneas-US665
47Kanorro Better Than YouGilneas-US599
48Mililanious StormGilneas-US597Not updated
49Khaleeci Six Inches UnbuffedGilneas-US498
50Kupid Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US398Not updated
51Mosch AggressionGilneas-US397
52Facestealerr ShadowbladesGilneas-US392
53Daerwynn End of LegendsGilneas-US391
54Koryuu  Gilneas-US391Not updated
55Goroth The IlluminåtiGilneas-US386
56Mâttdemon AggressionGilneas-US383
57Auriala Keepers of AzerothGilneas-US382Not updated
58Obliviøn DesiredGilneas-US381
59Shaiza AggressionGilneas-US372
60Livewire OutliersGilneas-US358
61Leifang Calamitous InténtGilneas-US347
62Ivraea ElysianGilneas-US299
63Tenian Circus NinjasGilneas-US297
64Sharpshootr Keepers Of LiteGilneas-US296Not updated
65Selarra  Gilneas-US294Not updated
66Dôbby FailsauceGilneas-US292
67Nithogar IncursionGilneas-US289Not updated
68Akela Circus NinjasGilneas-US286Not updated
69Fapnslapn SaveitGilneas-US286Not updated
70Lùcían Knights of the AllianceGilneas-US283
71Gnomon OutliersGilneas-US197
72Icebound Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US197Not updated
73Foshizzdizz ForeverGilneas-US195
74Kitawna  Gilneas-US195
75Xyerst  Gilneas-US189
76Khanvoum Six Inches UnbuffedGilneas-US189
77Mcpleazer Acta Non VerbaGilneas-US186
78Axor  Gilneas-US181Not updated
79Zyron Better Than YouGilneas-US172
80Bleaux PhalanxGilneas-US100Not updated
81Ifritus Legion of the ExiledGilneas-US81Not updated

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