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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ghostlands-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Xilian Free AgentsGhostlands-US4697Not updated
2Orical Free AgentsGhostlands-US3993Not updated
3Sparlyy PsychedGhostlands-US3978Not updated
4Tucci PsychedGhostlands-US3890Not updated
5Felcraft Free AgentsGhostlands-US3885Not updated
6Jelgan  Ghostlands-US3795Not updated
7Vivax Free AgentsGhostlands-US3792Not updated
8Alarkin PsychedGhostlands-US3782Not updated
9Deadweight InfernoGhostlands-US3697Not updated
10Nuidaur Perfect StormGhostlands-US3688Not updated
11Bake rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US3599Not updated
12Tríx InfernoGhostlands-US3587Not updated
13Aukir  Ghostlands-US3475Not updated
14Nyden Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US3399Not updated
15Bradymage  Ghostlands-US3398Not updated
16Jellra Free AgentsGhostlands-US3396Not updated
17Biozone PsychedGhostlands-US3294Not updated
18Odioushealer Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US3223Not updated
19Jesuz CohesionGhostlands-US3077Not updated
20Doughnutman Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US3031Not updated
21Sól Best Lil Horde HouseGhostlands-US3000Not updated
22Badwólf The BandGhostlands-US3000Not updated
23Applee Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US3000Not updated
24Crow Free AgentsGhostlands-US2980Not updated
25Scaryeyes The StormbornGhostlands-US2899Not updated
26Skosha Dark LordsGhostlands-US2889Not updated
27Axìos Ten SilverGhostlands-US2798Not updated
28Meëp The BandGhostlands-US2795Not updated
29Lahtori Martial LawGhostlands-US2696Not updated
30Fearmachine Perfect StormGhostlands-US2388Not updated
31Rzk CohesionGhostlands-US2288Not updated
32Yabbadabba  Ghostlands-US1977Not updated
33Billymage InfernoGhostlands-US1977Not updated
34Nelazgra PsychedGhostlands-US1898Not updated
35Misogi InfernoGhostlands-US1898Not updated
36Ragelol Free AgentsGhostlands-US1799Not updated
37Archdemon ghosts from the pastGhostlands-US1797Not updated
38Templeton Free AgentsGhostlands-US1792Not updated
39Laywaste InfernoGhostlands-US1692Not updated
40Pwnda Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US1398Not updated
41Uziele The Four HorsemenGhostlands-US1395Not updated
42Dalwen Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US1394Not updated
43Sylvanfury CohesionGhostlands-US1382Not updated
44Lobomuerto  Ghostlands-US1376Not updated
45Aveena Martial LawGhostlands-US1374Not updated
46Pugilist InfernoGhostlands-US1294Not updated
47Ilios Perfect StormGhostlands-US1099Not updated
48Alastalta PsychedGhostlands-US1000Not updated
49Regoran ReverenceGhostlands-US983Not updated
50Selithria  Ghostlands-US976Not updated
51Warbound Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US899Not updated
52Aotearoa ElysionGhostlands-US899Not updated
53Vïbe InfernoGhostlands-US899Not updated
54Malalani RevelationsGhostlands-US896Not updated
55Floral BrothersOfDestructionGhostlands-US896Not updated
56Jagoex Free AgentsGhostlands-US894Not updated
57Dartanin CohesionGhostlands-US891Not updated
58Akubal Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US889Not updated
59Derwen AcceleratedGhostlands-US888Not updated
60Kaelxx Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US870Not updated
61Twizzie Call of CthulhuGhostlands-US793Not updated
62Biostrike PsychedGhostlands-US791Not updated
63Skill rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US789Not updated
64Rhavinn Perfect StormGhostlands-US774Not updated
65Arcinite  Ghostlands-US698Not updated
66Vegäs PsychedGhostlands-US697Not updated
67Negi Foam Helmet CrewGhostlands-US695Not updated
68Dendalaus PsychedGhostlands-US688Not updated
69Kurze Free AgentsGhostlands-US687Not updated
70Raines  Ghostlands-US686Not updated
71Kraylon Ockhams RazorGhostlands-US685Not updated
72Marinax PsychedGhostlands-US682Not updated
73Elipses InfernoGhostlands-US679Not updated
74Rapture InfernoGhostlands-US675Not updated
75Orator  Ghostlands-US674Not updated
76Daddo Free AgentsGhostlands-US667Not updated
77Hotpoint InfernoGhostlands-US598Not updated
78Oeric Under the RadarGhostlands-US595Not updated
79Tomatoes  Ghostlands-US592Not updated
80Vetalla Free AgentsGhostlands-US497Not updated
81Pawndabear Dirty FewGhostlands-US494Not updated
82Frostßite Martial LawGhostlands-US493Not updated
83Karlaris  Ghostlands-US489Not updated
84Dieseljunkie Dark PhoenixGhostlands-US425Not updated
85Forast  Ghostlands-US398Not updated
86Tanif FusionGhostlands-US397Not updated
87Swolybible PsychedGhostlands-US396Not updated
88Gibbo InfernoGhostlands-US395Not updated
89Poxxy ghosts from the pastGhostlands-US394Not updated
90Lambhunter Norgannon Disc JockeysGhostlands-US393Not updated
91Sinistella The BandGhostlands-US393Not updated
92Höndoe  Ghostlands-US392Not updated
93Oxhandle Mortal DesireGhostlands-US389Not updated
94Muddyrivers Free AgentsGhostlands-US389Not updated
95Meangrn InfernoGhostlands-US389Not updated
96Lucasi EqüatörGhostlands-US388Not updated
97Shïfu Dirty FewGhostlands-US387Not updated
98Indul InfernoGhostlands-US385Not updated
99Hambush rank one in ur heartsGhostlands-US384Not updated
100Coyle PraetorianGhostlands-US382Not updated

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