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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garrosh-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Xlcucumber RebellionGarrosh-US9899Not updated
2Sciamachy RebellionGarrosh-US5898Not updated
3Kuronika RebellionGarrosh-US5387Not updated
4Ladorisa RebellionGarrosh-US3885Not updated
5Aches Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US3694Not updated
6Szemere The TribeGarrosh-US3687Not updated
7Catscan Emerald DawnGarrosh-US3599Not updated
8Syntribus RebellionGarrosh-US3396Not updated
9Xerxei RegulatorzGarrosh-US3368Not updated
10Kaylei Emerald DawnGarrosh-US3299Not updated
11Zaylee Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US3299Not updated
12Deadlawk RebellionGarrosh-US3298Not updated
13Sékki Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US3295Not updated
14Decmonke Edge of MadnessGarrosh-US3293Not updated
15Slugshot Reroll SicknessGarrosh-US3288Not updated
16Sciamonkey RebellionGarrosh-US2993Not updated
17Connorwarren  Garrosh-US2795Not updated
18Connorrhea RebellionGarrosh-US2795Not updated
19Kerbindawg BestFriendsForeverClubGarrosh-US2395Not updated
20Syntribows RebellionGarrosh-US2390Not updated
21Orestes ChangeGarrosh-US1979Not updated
22Yosarion RebellionGarrosh-US1892Not updated
23Reddestiny Serious FunGarrosh-US1890Not updated
24Knuckle  Garrosh-US1789Not updated
25Tetrasodìum  Garrosh-US1399Not updated
26Varkeon Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US1398Not updated
27Velirian ImmortalGarrosh-US1397Not updated
28Anise Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US1397Not updated
29Dutchmang RebellionGarrosh-US1396Not updated
30Melthar  Garrosh-US1377Not updated
31Kazyn  Garrosh-US1365Not updated
32Insahnitee Drop ShockGarrosh-US1299Not updated
33Velnora RebellionGarrosh-US994Not updated
34Lifetapp Dark HorseGarrosh-US981Not updated
35Amerika Drop ShockGarrosh-US969Not updated
36Warmota Drop ShockGarrosh-US899Not updated
37Fîrst The TribeGarrosh-US898Not updated
38Noleafclover RebellionGarrosh-US895Not updated
39Kelol RebellionGarrosh-US893Not updated
40Cyraktokken Aspect of the WolfGarrosh-US893Not updated
41Spyguyy  Garrosh-US882Not updated
42Xocolet  Garrosh-US881Not updated
43Arqus  Garrosh-US880Not updated
44Chillness  Garrosh-US854Not updated
45Stjohn Drop ShockGarrosh-US796Not updated
46Magequit RebellionGarrosh-US788Not updated
47Alugard All The AboveGarrosh-US699Not updated
48Xscoconut RebellionGarrosh-US699Not updated
49Lorglarson Dark HorseGarrosh-US699Not updated
50Kkiz RebellionGarrosh-US699Not updated
51Bloodyday  Garrosh-US693Not updated
52Gnork I Faked Every CataclysmGarrosh-US693Not updated
53Petwhisperer And FriendsGarrosh-US692Not updated
54Darrun RebellionGarrosh-US689Not updated
55Justinshot Drop ShockGarrosh-US689Not updated
56Nomgketh Drop ShockGarrosh-US688Not updated
57Grevantos Ex NihiloGarrosh-US685Not updated
58Solcia When Lemmings AttackGarrosh-US682Not updated
59Nisth Dark HorseGarrosh-US680Not updated
60Mogrok  Garrosh-US680Not updated
61Chaldan Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US679Not updated
62Okiro Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US672Not updated
63Law RebellionGarrosh-US669Not updated
64Ophinash RegulatorzGarrosh-US663Not updated
65Muhati RegulatorzGarrosh-US596Not updated
66Averillah Dark HorseGarrosh-US498Not updated
67Fists Insane AsylumGarrosh-US399Not updated
68Justinmonk  Garrosh-US397Not updated
69Larelann Society of MisfitsGarrosh-US397Not updated
70Raziiell  Garrosh-US394Not updated
71Tokì The Ghosts of TheramoreGarrosh-US394Not updated
72Davela Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US392Not updated
73Rownever The Great GuildGarrosh-US392Not updated
74Kaels Wreck ListGarrosh-US391Not updated
75Gulohkar Rage SchripGarrosh-US390Not updated
76Kasira RegulatorzGarrosh-US389Not updated
77Incendria Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US389Not updated
78Erase The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US385Not updated
79Trollnu Vengeance IncGarrosh-US381Not updated
80Bair ChangeGarrosh-US378Not updated
81Iroxxiga  Garrosh-US378Not updated
82Aefix RebellionGarrosh-US372Not updated
83Erendar  Garrosh-US371Not updated
84Thegoo RebellionGarrosh-US365Not updated
85Nekthara Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US360Not updated
86Baleryan Emerald DawnGarrosh-US354Not updated
87Ypsilon Celtic BrotherhoodGarrosh-US298Not updated
88Salty RebellionGarrosh-US298Not updated
89Velidel The Darkwolf MaraudingGarrosh-US298Not updated
90Smellroy  Garrosh-US298Not updated
91Baíleys Certified OrganicGarrosh-US297Not updated
92Kazarim The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US297Not updated
93Felbane Drop ShockGarrosh-US296Not updated
94Hwoarang DeityGarrosh-US296Not updated
95Shaunue Shenanigans and MalarkeyGarrosh-US296Not updated
96Vykolaka Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US296Not updated
97Vel Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US294Not updated
98Drethsan Highly IntoxicatedGarrosh-US288Not updated
99Gyroo The Deadly SinsGarrosh-US287Not updated
100Eevander Forsaken KnightsGarrosh-US287Not updated

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