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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Begood ProphetsGarona-EU12699Not updated
2Mariussette ProphetsGarona-EU11599Not updated
3Skÿzee maitres de l illusionGarona-EU9680Not updated
4Velinart ProphetsGarona-EU8783Not updated
5Pyrame ProphetsGarona-EU7996Not updated
6Sydane ZealotGarona-EU6986Not updated
7Vargd ProphetsGarona-EU6497Not updated
8Noballz ProphetsGarona-EU5899Not updated
9Eldar ProphetsGarona-EU5798Not updated
10Mcbacon ProphetsGarona-EU5369Not updated
11Baj ProphetsGarona-EU5299Not updated
12Primalstars ProphetsGarona-EU4774Not updated
13Akuyamalock Nø QuarterGarona-EU4692Not updated
14Vestas Vaë VictisGarona-EU4682Not updated
15Amallia Aube EcarlateGarona-EU4082Not updated
16Kazamfury CasCraneGarona-EU3890Not updated
17Goath ZealotGarona-EU3798Not updated
18Jowun ProphetsGarona-EU3793Not updated
19Bremdel ProphetsGarona-EU3781Not updated
20Kîssï Célesto cosmiqueGarona-EU3695Not updated
21Zèra R Í PGarona-EU3694Not updated
22Mylim R Í PGarona-EU3594Not updated
23Æhlys Vaë VictisGarona-EU3423Not updated
24Fako ProphetsGarona-EU3397Not updated
25Snowstone ØmégaGarona-EU3396Not updated
26Mørkaî R Í PGarona-EU3393Not updated
27Mythwindl Aube EcarlateGarona-EU3389Not updated
28Kley ProphetsGarona-EU3386Not updated
29Palearrow ZealotGarona-EU3370Not updated
30Yteyz Vaë VictisGarona-EU3196Not updated
31Yuha UnlîmîtedGarona-EU3186Not updated
32Hèpner NéoGarona-EU3143Not updated
33Primanimal ProphetsGarona-EU3000Not updated
34Cottos ZealotGarona-EU2899Not updated
35Misslu Vaë VictisGarona-EU2898Not updated
36Bêlial Croque MitainesGarona-EU2699Not updated
37Keepcalm ProphetsGarona-EU2699Not updated
38Cuné Entité inconnueGarona-EU2678Not updated
39Gïnna Vaë VictisGarona-EU2598Not updated
40Xamoü ProphetsGarona-EU2418Not updated
41Demmonnia  Garona-EU2298Not updated
42Dedexx maitres de l illusionGarona-EU2000Not updated
43Minasht ZealotGarona-EU1984Not updated
44Holyskÿ maitres de l illusionGarona-EU1899Not updated
45Ganøndø ProphetsGarona-EU1897Not updated
46Nokte Prima LuceGarona-EU1885Not updated
47Sylvia Prima LuceGarona-EU1795Not updated
48Shellshock On est pas chez MéméGarona-EU1779Not updated
49Cypress Héro CorpGarona-EU1697Not updated
50Katnîss Aube EcarlateGarona-EU1695Not updated
51Delka  Garona-EU1695Not updated
52Roucmout ProphetsGarona-EU1689Not updated
53Jarock ProphetsGarona-EU1684Not updated
54Abridbus BanksysGarona-EU1674Not updated
55Elnaris Croque MitainesGarona-EU1489Not updated
56Nounouty Prima LuceGarona-EU1420Not updated
57Auron GaaïaGarona-EU1395Not updated
58Khorra ModernGarona-EU1393Not updated
59Øxyana Prima LuceGarona-EU1388Not updated
60Yødaff  Garona-EU1365Not updated
61Trastarouth ProphetsGarona-EU1299Not updated
62Fina Prima LuceGarona-EU1298Not updated
63Ponda Entité inconnueGarona-EU1297Not updated
64Saggy ÆterniumGarona-EU1295Not updated
65Månatane Vaë VictisGarona-EU1295Not updated
66Vargol PHENIXGarona-EU1289Not updated
67Kgérie Chosen OnesGarona-EU1174Not updated
68Kalîe  Garona-EU1168Not updated
69Pengu ZealotGarona-EU998Not updated
70Rælsane ÕbsidienGarona-EU995Not updated
71Xèyz Baltimore WestcoastGarona-EU983Not updated
72Mescalyne Eau Pastï OlivesGarona-EU977Not updated
73Dorakor  Garona-EU975Not updated
74Kähmäll  Garona-EU970Not updated
75Kahmäll  Garona-EU970Not updated
76Kulian  Garona-EU898Not updated
77Tyrîs NéoGarona-EU895Not updated
78Kasterian ZealotGarona-EU895Not updated
79Gorderok Héro CorpGarona-EU887Not updated
80Crescendo Vaë VictisGarona-EU862Not updated
81Mn Célesto cosmiqueGarona-EU798Not updated
82Mizayxk Feuj du CurveGarona-EU798Not updated
83Seavenz PhantomGarona-EU798Not updated
84Maara R Í PGarona-EU798Not updated
85Cemina Crazy about youGarona-EU797Not updated
86Piroste CohésionGarona-EU790Not updated
87Tanacross La Cøur des MiraclesGarona-EU781Not updated
88Jahminebabar BloodlustGarona-EU776Not updated
89Mamick Eau Pastï OlivesGarona-EU699Not updated
90Geanpierkitu ÆspritGarona-EU699Not updated
91Viølette Prima LuceGarona-EU697Not updated
92Äntares NéoGarona-EU693Not updated
93Sølaria GøldenGarona-EU691Not updated
94Hänyta AsgardGarona-EU690Not updated
95Patti Dogs Of WarGarona-EU689Not updated
96Saylià R Í PGarona-EU688Not updated
97Lyhn BackBoneSGarona-EU687Not updated
98Soralia Dogs Of WarGarona-EU687Not updated
99Fafnir Vaë VictisGarona-EU686Not updated
100Polsar Prima LuceGarona-EU685Not updated

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