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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Aleha Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU6395Not updated
2Imagination RefugeFrostwolf-EU5898Not updated
3Wubear ParanoiaFrostwolf-EU5799Not updated
4Doerkadoerka AesyrFrostwolf-EU5799Not updated
5Hytorus RecklessFrostwolf-EU5780Not updated
6Arzubis FlawlessFrostwolf-EU5496Not updated
7Verkloppa I Infected IFrostwolf-EU5399Not updated
8Athanasy AesyrFrostwolf-EU5390Not updated
9Cptchaøs In ExcessFrostwolf-EU5377Not updated
10Nîedertracht Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU5299Not updated
11Shylin Epic WolvesFrostwolf-EU4983Not updated
12Schmieroslav Immortal SunriseFrostwolf-EU4879Not updated
13Mikonori HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU4796Not updated
14Devaiz RecklessFrostwolf-EU4699Not updated
15Zaorlock FlawlessFrostwolf-EU4598Not updated
16Trêaper WombatsFrostwolf-EU4499Not updated
17Chákaron RefugeFrostwolf-EU4499Not updated
18Janiah AudiophilFrostwolf-EU4494Not updated
19Milatdas Dunning KrugerFrostwolf-EU4493Not updated
20Teriel D o TFrostwolf-EU4491Not updated
21Zyrakon AesyrFrostwolf-EU4397Not updated
22Tyven Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU4394Not updated
23Trístram RecoveredFrostwolf-EU4392Not updated
24Ðaîgora Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU4371Not updated
25Zilpzalp Dunning KrugerFrostwolf-EU4362Not updated
26Thorosh AesyrFrostwolf-EU4361Not updated
27Theldrasar I Infected IFrostwolf-EU4360Not updated
28Ibliñq  Frostwolf-EU4300Not updated
29Finyoo Last DawnFrostwolf-EU4298Not updated
30Andurios RecklessFrostwolf-EU4268Not updated
31Domyna CasualFrostwolf-EU4197Not updated
32Shalynalol Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3999Not updated
33Kìng Epic WolvesFrostwolf-EU3997Not updated
34Elyrion In ExcessFrostwolf-EU3996Not updated
35Uták Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3983Not updated
36Uguluugulu Level UPFrostwolf-EU3980Not updated
37Elidahs In ExcessFrostwolf-EU3968Not updated
38Tanaquia Dunning KrugerFrostwolf-EU3899Not updated
39Eyêless FlawlessFrostwolf-EU3899Not updated
40Desp AesyrFrostwolf-EU3898Not updated
41Shoqx  Frostwolf-EU3897Not updated
42Ziltik Dunning KrugerFrostwolf-EU3896Not updated
43Nová on CooldownFrostwolf-EU3896Not updated
44Noresha  Frostwolf-EU3895Not updated
45Rêpa hoRízonFrostwolf-EU3894Not updated
46Pride Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU3892Not updated
47Diâlya Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3892Not updated
48Boohooyuuhuu  Frostwolf-EU3888Not updated
49Sterdov FlawlessFrostwolf-EU3874Not updated
50Azirax FlawlessFrostwolf-EU3795Not updated
51Varr Die SyndikanerFrostwolf-EU3794Not updated
52Alaman Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU3794Not updated
53Fallen Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3793Not updated
54Wanstlon AesyrFrostwolf-EU3793Not updated
55Ænjøy Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU3789Not updated
56Bombademar Novus Ordo SeclorumFrostwolf-EU3787Not updated
57Wölfïn aus MaaskantjeFrostwolf-EU3763Not updated
58Sugabuzzla on CooldownFrostwolf-EU3760Not updated
59Makedonce Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU3699Not updated
60Mythores AstatFrostwolf-EU3699Not updated
61Soldira Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3698Not updated
62Tiffanytwist Ira Initium InsaniaeFrostwolf-EU3698Not updated
63Reflaver randomFrostwolf-EU3697Not updated
64Sacard RecklessFrostwolf-EU3696Not updated
65Kaçia Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3695Not updated
66Cressy atHeatFrostwolf-EU3695Not updated
67Rogarr RecklessFrostwolf-EU3694Not updated
68Embo on CooldownFrostwolf-EU3693Not updated
69Syntarro unchainedFrostwolf-EU3692Not updated
70Vixzy Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU3690Not updated
71Slævïñ NerdZFrostwolf-EU3690Not updated
72Rhukz Level UPFrostwolf-EU3689Not updated
73Yizzy HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU3688Not updated
74Metorox Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3687Not updated
75Quyn RefugeFrostwolf-EU3685Not updated
76Heavenblôôd I Strohhutbande IFrostwolf-EU3685Not updated
77Andu  Frostwolf-EU3683Not updated
78Megamenu Level UPFrostwolf-EU3683Not updated
79Longjôhn Level UPFrostwolf-EU3675Not updated
80Leenia AudiophilFrostwolf-EU3670Not updated
81Tális FanaticsFrostwolf-EU3670Not updated
82Mihya Fearless and FaithfulFrostwolf-EU3669Not updated
83Palapam Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3599Not updated
84Hytos RecklessFrostwolf-EU3599Not updated
85Gothà RecklessFrostwolf-EU3599Not updated
86Cryogenic GambitFrostwolf-EU3599Not updated
87Frozenblade ImpeccableFrostwolf-EU3599Not updated
88Xurion RefugeFrostwolf-EU3594Not updated
89Raikku AblazeFrostwolf-EU3589Not updated
90Béllatrîx  Frostwolf-EU3588Not updated
91Armak Level UPFrostwolf-EU3576Not updated
92Endzeit Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3498Not updated
93Aiakos Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3497Not updated
94Madoshi  Frostwolf-EU3495Not updated
95Hellclaw HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU3493Not updated
96Klaaus FlawlessFrostwolf-EU3493Not updated
97Monkeyshot  Frostwolf-EU3492Not updated
98Invøkerløl AesyrFrostwolf-EU3486Not updated
99Weish AudiophilFrostwolf-EU3423Not updated
100Shendoah Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3421Not updated

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