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Frostmourne-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Buah MagellanFrostmourne-EU4791Not updated
2Tsin  Frostmourne-EU3775
3Xêlias Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU3397
4Feryna  Frostmourne-EU3296Not updated
5Meynsang Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU3196
6Onno  Frostmourne-EU3052Not updated
7Hexorcist WTRFFrostmourne-EU3000Not updated
8Magalena MagellanFrostmourne-EU2894
9Shayliss Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU2796
10Rulposter Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU2180
11Malam  Frostmourne-EU1799Not updated
12Mashimaro Reisbällchen IncFrostmourne-EU1798
13Vyana EXTREMAFrostmourne-EU1683
14Greyson WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU1463
15Oromís MagellanFrostmourne-EU1289
16Chîchu Reisbällchen IncFrostmourne-EU994
17Venicei MagellanFrostmourne-EU968
18Khaledûm Grex Tetricorum OraculumFrostmourne-EU898Not updated
19Coldheart Arch NemesisFrostmourne-EU897
20Todderhorde BloodthirsterFrostmourne-EU894Not updated
21Remus DerrickFrostmourne-EU799
22Cloudchen Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU697
23Starwalker Reisbällchen IncFrostmourne-EU691
24Shirøki mostly robotFrostmourne-EU690Not updated
25Ashesney TaikorFrostmourne-EU690
26Kätzchen MagellanFrostmourne-EU690
27Teik MagellanFrostmourne-EU687
28Yiruma Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU682
29Mutombo InfernoFrostmourne-EU675
30Dominem InfernoFrostmourne-EU587
31Garrshock BrotherhoodFrostmourne-EU479Not updated
32Shên ChilledFrostmourne-EU478
33Turtok MagellanFrostmourne-EU461
34Lunaa  Frostmourne-EU399Not updated
35Firûsha Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU398
36Lewasha Wellen und WeiberFrostmourne-EU394
37Heledir MagellanFrostmourne-EU392
38Suut  Frostmourne-EU391Not updated
39Atiani MagellanFrostmourne-EU390
40Sîlver Lost FaithFrostmourne-EU389Not updated
41Loá Orden der ZeitFrostmourne-EU388Not updated
42Paolini The WolfpackFrostmourne-EU386Not updated
43Aldon InfernoFrostmourne-EU385
44Taskshaman noneFrostmourne-EU383Not updated
45Kyodai Corten SteelFrostmourne-EU383Not updated
46Kradas Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU382Not updated
47Bolthar  Frostmourne-EU381Not updated
48Chucknôrris Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU375
49Dèlaya WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU374
50Buyahe Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU367Not updated
51Factør Raging HordesFrostmourne-EU360Not updated
52Syvaroth Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU356
53Zypro CocoBananaFrostmourne-EU297Not updated
54Häftig The RedemptionFrostmourne-EU297Not updated
55Ommun Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU296Not updated
56Abigaile ChilledFrostmourne-EU294
57Fullgur The Heroic ClanFrostmourne-EU293
58Bolras Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU292Not updated
59Amaliâ ChilledFrostmourne-EU291
60Kilmahri ad libitumFrostmourne-EU291Not updated
61Carsaib InfernoFrostmourne-EU288
62Morgur TaikorFrostmourne-EU264Not updated
63Schlammy Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU195Not updated
64Kriesch Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostmourne-EU195Not updated
65Slêks Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU195Not updated
66Rohini Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU187
67Eichenschild Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU180
68Mafi Friends of Italian OperaFrostmourne-EU173Not updated
69Demiluna Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU171
70Maydan easyFrostmourne-EU100Not updated
71Imilia InfernoFrostmourne-EU99
72Shadowwizard ChilledFrostmourne-EU88

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