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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Eleem OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU8994Not updated
2Zyxziz GoodGameFrostmane-EU8897Not updated
3Scrubdk GoodGameFrostmane-EU8894Not updated
4Potens SunmistFrostmane-EU7597Not updated
5Devens tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU7595Not updated
6Miromoda SunmistFrostmane-EU6976Not updated
7Deadly Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU6896Not updated
8Revokz GoodGameFrostmane-EU6896Not updated
9Abed LabyrinthFrostmane-EU6888Not updated
10Mästerkerre GoodGameFrostmane-EU6790Not updated
11Projectile StyleFrostmane-EU6378Not updated
12Osirís OriginFrostmane-EU5899Not updated
13Mägmatron  Frostmane-EU5898Not updated
14Sharak OriginFrostmane-EU5896Not updated
15Xyz TurboFrostmane-EU5894Not updated
16Zebuu OriginFrostmane-EU5891Not updated
17Tsukoyomi StyleFrostmane-EU5797Not updated
18Eqyu In EleganceFrostmane-EU5299Not updated
19Fenestra Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU5298Not updated
20Nîlyna GoodGameFrostmane-EU5196Not updated
21Psylunatic Death PactFrostmane-EU4975Not updated
22Reddingtonjr Sacrifical LambsFrostmane-EU4968Not updated
23Fhusion IneptFrostmane-EU4895Not updated
24Frah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU4889Not updated
25Gonerill AnVFrostmane-EU4889Not updated
26Pôpcorns ExceptionFrostmane-EU4797Not updated
27Olordwhite OriginFrostmane-EU4797Not updated
28Taylorswuft  Frostmane-EU4793Not updated
29Fakelord EkipaFrostmane-EU4787Not updated
30Gunvald ExceptionFrostmane-EU4782Not updated
31Smeklól GoodGameFrostmane-EU4697Not updated
32Fremdez Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU4623Not updated
33Boggybolt DistortionFrostmane-EU4492Not updated
34Cam Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU4485Not updated
35Hephaisto StyleFrostmane-EU4396Not updated
36Javabiscuits  Frostmane-EU4396Not updated
37Agony Sin and SerenityFrostmane-EU4390Not updated
38Voide La RenaissanceFrostmane-EU4389Not updated
39Pashka Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU4388Not updated
40Amaryliss OriginFrostmane-EU4380Not updated
41Flargg MercifulFrostmane-EU4376Not updated
42Nicholascage DistortionFrostmane-EU4297Not updated
43Kntemplator AnVFrostmane-EU4297Not updated
44Azore AdeptFrostmane-EU4199Not updated
45Jonni OriginFrostmane-EU4196Not updated
46Kennsa OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU4176Not updated
47Glenmorangie  Frostmane-EU4000Not updated
48Stolle MazeFrostmane-EU3999Not updated
49Myfe ConvergenceFrostmane-EU3998Not updated
50Bunta The TrinityFrostmane-EU3988Not updated
51Exard ProclaimFrostmane-EU3986Not updated
52Crnavrana SunmistFrostmane-EU3899Not updated
53Kuina StyleFrostmane-EU3899Not updated
54Katadot TurboFrostmane-EU3898Not updated
55Perituz Ad InterimFrostmane-EU3898Not updated
56Ferastrasza CollusionFrostmane-EU3897Not updated
57Kinea Lights OutFrostmane-EU3897Not updated
58Trebs Elf Preservation SocietyFrostmane-EU3896Not updated
59Fùlvia Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU3894Not updated
60Twiggzi GoodGameFrostmane-EU3894Not updated
61Vèximus Propane NightmareFrostmane-EU3893Not updated
62Degvr Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU3891Not updated
63Swaguzan OriginFrostmane-EU3891Not updated
64Tossklotet GoodGameFrostmane-EU3889Not updated
65Jarrö StyleFrostmane-EU3887Not updated
66Meyr AlysiumFrostmane-EU3886Not updated
67Mikoz AdeptFrostmane-EU3869Not updated
68Enliva RyfariFrostmane-EU3799Not updated
69Kizyx OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU3799Not updated
70Connor  Frostmane-EU3799Not updated
71Waree ArcFrostmane-EU3799Not updated
72Mojsx DramaFrostmane-EU3798Not updated
73Znabzor ValkyrieFrostmane-EU3798Not updated
74Qoko S C U MFrostmane-EU3798Not updated
75Stupstocken NotoriousFrostmane-EU3797Not updated
76Sudac SunmistFrostmane-EU3797Not updated
77Raidn SecurityFrostmane-EU3796Not updated
78Malformed OriginFrostmane-EU3795Not updated
79Montolío InfernoFrostmane-EU3795Not updated
80Kapténx OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU3794Not updated
81Kineticka Limited EditionFrostmane-EU3794Not updated
82Pølsesis FalloutFrostmane-EU3793Not updated
83Frompas GoodGameFrostmane-EU3791Not updated
84Triffen TurboFrostmane-EU3788Not updated
85Moldar ValkyrieFrostmane-EU3787Not updated
86Baux OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU3786Not updated
87Coldgrave Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU3783Not updated
88Aphrodiite Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU3770Not updated
89Pain ArcFrostmane-EU3699Not updated
90Fogellek ExqFrostmane-EU3699Not updated
91Selador Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU3698Not updated
92Skrewt KirikouFrostmane-EU3698Not updated
93Humlen STRUGGLEFrostmane-EU3698Not updated
94Pýro DistortionFrostmane-EU3697Not updated
95Solid NotoriousFrostmane-EU3696Not updated
96Lílleskutt TurboFrostmane-EU3695Not updated
97Xíst Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU3695Not updated
98Ironrage StyleFrostmane-EU3695Not updated
99Macobi AlysiumFrostmane-EU3694Not updated
100Longmoon The IlluminatusFrostmane-EU3693Not updated

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