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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Valzear Dirt DogsEredar-US4995Not updated
2Frozenhawk Months BehindEredar-US4899Not updated
3Lubricatèd SovereignEredar-US4595Not updated
4Belizaera Months BehindEredar-US4196Not updated
5Shendelzare Capital VicesEredar-US3998Not updated
6Sariannah Capital VicesEredar-US3797Not updated
7Oshape Capital VicesEredar-US3794Not updated
8Jadè PredominantEredar-US3778Not updated
9Xloudman Months BehindEredar-US3689Not updated
10Basingse  Eredar-US3599Not updated
11Drunkz Capital VicesEredar-US3399Not updated
12Fleshraker  Eredar-US3392Not updated
13Antrìc FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US3299Not updated
14Noskillclass  Eredar-US3195Not updated
15Maluth Capital VicesEredar-US3100Not updated
16Sustained Capital VicesEredar-US3076Not updated
17Madfrog  Eredar-US3054Not updated
18Legendary Capital VicesEredar-US3024Not updated
19Psyhard Capital VicesEredar-US3000Not updated
20Phine slashdanceEredar-US3000Not updated
21Genovix PredominantEredar-US2791Not updated
22Jivvy Capital VicesEredar-US2599Not updated
23Desolution TEAM BRING ITEredar-US2377Not updated
24Unggoy Capital VicesEredar-US1983Not updated
25Sliner  Eredar-US1899Not updated
26Molakai Capital VicesEredar-US1800Not updated
27Rygën FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US1798Not updated
28Mitchworks Capital VicesEredar-US1699Not updated
29Maliciouskil Capital VicesEredar-US1694Not updated
30Dertzart DestinatusEredar-US1488Not updated
31Lawlernaut FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US1433Not updated
32Illusifer Capital VicesEredar-US1363Not updated
33Asuki Capital VicesEredar-US1355Not updated
34Krokaar Months BehindEredar-US1085Not updated
35Kimore PredominantEredar-US992Not updated
36Tikilox TEAM BRING ITEredar-US985Not updated
37Ghostburr Months BehindEredar-US977Not updated
38Adam Capital VicesEredar-US972Not updated
39Gråce FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US971Not updated
40Senrin TEAM BRING ITEredar-US899Not updated
41Moarkai Capital VicesEredar-US898Not updated
42Franticfrost Fridge RaidersEredar-US897Not updated
43Grabmytotems RadianceEredar-US798Not updated
44Lomejor PredominantEredar-US798Not updated
45Nallina Months BehindEredar-US794Not updated
46Rareform TEAM BRING ITEredar-US792Not updated
47Finnisher FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US791Not updated
48Disimulation TEAM BRING ITEredar-US790Not updated
49Flohw Months BehindEredar-US785Not updated
50Gerop  Eredar-US697Not updated
51Lunaure  Eredar-US697Not updated
52Krauth Months BehindEredar-US695Not updated
53Toosmall CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US695Not updated
54Oztec  Eredar-US695Not updated
55Vynkek ParadigmEredar-US694Not updated
56Tremnen Months BehindEredar-US694Not updated
57Spaghètti PredominantEredar-US692Not updated
58Nemysyss PredominantEredar-US692Not updated
59Quasibear ParadigmEredar-US688Not updated
60Osica FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US683Not updated
61Motholomew FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US682Not updated
62Popcorn  Eredar-US682Not updated
63Kuriara Months BehindEredar-US673Not updated
64Ligerzerro Capital VicesEredar-US599Not updated
65Qp  Eredar-US598Not updated
66Zemphoths Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US595Not updated
67Kuma Months BehindEredar-US588Not updated
68Nokcihc Months BehindEredar-US483Not updated
69Dissolation ParadigmEredar-US422Not updated
70Calvincandy  Eredar-US399Not updated
71Kleiza Bacon is deliciousEredar-US399Not updated
72Inhume Scions of DestinyEredar-US398Not updated
73Parano ParadigmEredar-US396Not updated
74Berms Capital VicesEredar-US394Not updated
75Serade Capital VicesEredar-US393Not updated
76Aequus FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US393Not updated
77Necriss Carry CoEredar-US392Not updated
78Tweeds Jukebox HeroesEredar-US391Not updated
79Baxley TEAM BRING ITEredar-US389Not updated
80Sketchfactor PredominantEredar-US381Not updated
81Mistmedic Capital VicesEredar-US380Not updated
82Cenedrah Grumpier Old MenEredar-US373Not updated
83Topshot and the Pwny ExpressEredar-US370Not updated
84Adramlek PredominantEredar-US345Not updated
85Pritzee PredominantEredar-US342Not updated
86Drivebydots PredominantEredar-US299Not updated
87Norav Months BehindEredar-US298Not updated
88Mitra CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US298Not updated
89Tejs Second NatureEredar-US298Not updated
90Deadaim FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US297Not updated
91Ohzai  Eredar-US296Not updated
92Wireless Dirt DogsEredar-US294Not updated
93Mastavoodoo FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US293Not updated
94Takkonashi INFAMYEredar-US291Not updated
95Rataiz FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US290Not updated
96Sinista Capital VicesEredar-US287Not updated
97Flukz Months BehindEredar-US275Not updated
98Drezden Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US174Not updated
99Urg Months BehindEredar-US167Not updated
100Zammzt FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US99Not updated

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