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Elune-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ash InstabilityElune-US5798
2Acurrate UnityElune-US4799Not updated
3Jaktur Reality CheckElune-US4695
4Ashex Reign of the ExiledElune-US4183
5Baelfíre Afraid of ElementalsElune-US3994
6Pigmy Afraid of ElementalsElune-US3785
7Apple InstabilityElune-US3687
8Metsuki Just CrusadeElune-US3597
9Pawnfu Undying ResolutionElune-US3377
10Chupakaabra Afraid of ElementalsElune-US3299
11Kîngpáîñ Reign of the ExiledElune-US3176
12Finduilas FusionElune-US3031
13Naoshi Socially AwkwardElune-US3000
14Brewberrie InstabilityElune-US2998
15Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US2979
16Skilliss Undying ResolutionElune-US2898
17Jellyfish Just CrusadeElune-US2781
18Barathos Rising StormElune-US2688
19Gremy The Order of OrpheusElune-US2599Not updated
20Yogg Afraid of ElementalsElune-US2498
21Kielo PTWNElune-US1992
22Vulccan UnbreakableElune-US1899
23Taljin Reality CheckElune-US1897
24Symplicity stalk adn killElune-US1891Not updated
25Veiltear The Order of OrpheusElune-US1795
26Elchango Moist HatElune-US1790
27Kruciel  Elune-US1790
28Villhelm Midnight CartelElune-US1772
29Rose AxisElune-US1666
30Etamitlu The Lords of AggroElune-US1599
31Suynsu Reality CheckElune-US1599
32Lyraat Better Part of ValorElune-US1596
33Glem Better Part of ValorElune-US1397
34Marudas Socially AwkwardElune-US1394
35Zogazig AxisElune-US1394
36Volcanxx  Elune-US1387Not updated
37Torpey AxisElune-US1370
38Chrysos Reality CheckElune-US1100
39Obknoxious InstabilityElune-US1090
40Glitterblast Segmentation FaultElune-US995Not updated
41Huangpew The Order of OrpheusElune-US982
42Clipe InstabilityElune-US897
43Hooftodaface Vae VictisElune-US893
44Darkenedone Afraid of ElementalsElune-US892
45Axi Just CrusadeElune-US887
46Darach FusionElune-US887
47Nekkon Inner FocusElune-US884
48Merrek  Elune-US798
49Asteroid LNCElune-US798
50Moredotsftw Fear EngineElune-US798
51Aumshinrikyð Reign of the ExiledElune-US798
52Elelghoulj Reign of the ExiledElune-US795
53Libra Just CrusadeElune-US794
54Bërnadeath La Fin du MondeElune-US793
55Fròsttress InstabilityElune-US792
56Excalibur Inner FocusElune-US791
57Demiphant DamnationElune-US789
58Merkzu Moist HatElune-US786
59Webucifer NightfaIIElune-US778
60Sozin Titans ExodusElune-US699
61Natchritter Chambers of ShaolinElune-US699Not updated
62Barbaleljr Just CrusadeElune-US696
63Konvìct Afraid of ElementalsElune-US685
64Satheionis Reality CheckElune-US684
65Khethizor Socially AwkwardElune-US683Not updated
66Sust Rising StormElune-US682
67Dayzalynne Dark SkiesElune-US681
68Judicandus Stormwind Royal CourtElune-US678Not updated
69Tristanya Highway to HellfireElune-US673
70Mime sugarElune-US599Not updated
71Maximillius  Elune-US599Not updated
72Sèras Socially AwkwardElune-US597
73Jaynie Just CrusadeElune-US496
74Aambrea Just CrusadeElune-US496
75Yohko FidelisElune-US399
76Hamari AxisElune-US398
77Plo Inner FocusElune-US397
78Incineratur UnbreakableElune-US395
79Zackerias Questers RunElune-US394
80Inadan FusionElune-US394Not updated
81Ellmer FusionElune-US393Not updated
82Tommyroc Socially AwkwardElune-US392
83Kyrax TøøBaÐÐElune-US392
84Rekviem Undying ResolutionElune-US391
85Gryndal Midnight CartelElune-US390
86Shayleigh Just CrusadeElune-US388Not updated
87Gahleëm Tempted KillersElune-US384
88Khán Reign of the ExiledElune-US384
89Statler FusionElune-US381
90Finalflame Undying ResolutionElune-US365
91Merlìn AxisElune-US353Not updated
92Noccs Undying ResolutionElune-US298
93Helenhunter AmnestyElune-US298
94Jerajuana From AccountingElune-US298
95Wakbonk Reality CheckElune-US298
96Veroswen Better Part of ValorElune-US297
97Phel Gates of HellElune-US297
98Gawduh ElìteElune-US296
99Lisanna Acta SantiElune-US296
100Kaygome Undying ResolutionElune-US295

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