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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Widesprint Para bellûmEitrigg-EU7395Not updated
2Lexe AwakeningEitrigg-EU5898Not updated
3Shimpra AwakeningEitrigg-EU5896Not updated
4Swaänn AwakeningEitrigg-EU5795Not updated
5Méméjakeline AwakeningEitrigg-EU5431Not updated
6Souro ExceedEitrigg-EU5390Not updated
7Ottanok AwakeningEitrigg-EU4899Not updated
8Makkavélia RefugeEitrigg-EU4887Not updated
9Silimine AwakeningEitrigg-EU4799Not updated
10Manthis AwakeningEitrigg-EU4399Not updated
11Neyrah NovaeEitrigg-EU4395Not updated
12Thànatos The coctedEitrigg-EU4384Not updated
13Archÿ La Grande ExpéditionEitrigg-EU4292Not updated
14Taishï ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU3984Not updated
15Grider  Eitrigg-EU3899Not updated
16Kaminari BlazeEitrigg-EU3888Not updated
17Tooffy La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU3880Not updated
18Kitcha KâliEitrigg-EU3799Not updated
19Lhust killerzzEitrigg-EU3794Not updated
20Mageliä snøwblindEitrigg-EU3791Not updated
21Voltorn ExceedEitrigg-EU3786Not updated
22Pidimo The coctedEitrigg-EU3682Not updated
23Øweraz ØwerazEitrigg-EU3494Not updated
24Napapigé Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU3485Not updated
25Jackard Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU3420Not updated
26Eyoril  Eitrigg-EU3393Not updated
27Voltorna ExceedEitrigg-EU3393Not updated
28Adaria ExceedEitrigg-EU3388Not updated
29Dagga The coctedEitrigg-EU3359Not updated
30Athís ExceedEitrigg-EU3290Not updated
31Zärâ ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU3000Not updated
32Brynyolf Die Kleine HordeEitrigg-EU3000Not updated
33Kalî CynwällsEitrigg-EU3000Not updated
34Claythorne  Eitrigg-EU2999Not updated
35Zeratum ExceedEitrigg-EU2889Not updated
36Sasukell  Eitrigg-EU2796Not updated
37Sarevøk RefugeEitrigg-EU2696Not updated
38Swäann VanguardEitrigg-EU2687Not updated
39Fgtheghost GhosteamEitrigg-EU2397Not updated
40Norr AwakeningEitrigg-EU2392Not updated
41Anveen AwakeningEitrigg-EU2392Not updated
42Damabiah La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1973Not updated
43Minimiam La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1898Not updated
44Klindaz WinterheartEitrigg-EU1893Not updated
45Déminîa A F KEitrigg-EU1892Not updated
46Ønizuka The coctedEitrigg-EU1885Not updated
47Asstaroth Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU1885Not updated
48Smírk La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1797Not updated
49Kalhÿ ExceedEitrigg-EU1794Not updated
50Héracle ErelimEitrigg-EU1793Not updated
51Thundergirl The coctedEitrigg-EU1696Not updated
52Elfesf Les survivantsEitrigg-EU1696Not updated
53Thoorgall La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1683Not updated
54Glemente Nøt SameEitrigg-EU1682Not updated
55Gaminna L Arbre PourpreEitrigg-EU1599Not updated
56Jeanmichèl AwakeningEitrigg-EU1499Not updated
57Kîmahri Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1497Not updated
58Sorñ Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1399Not updated
59Stonnman Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU1399Not updated
60Valgohnran  Eitrigg-EU1398Not updated
61Troff  Eitrigg-EU1389Not updated
62Parenlien HävenEitrigg-EU1374Not updated
63Mirad Les Sultans d EluneEitrigg-EU1364Not updated
64Shunsml ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU1360Not updated
65Microgramme ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU1298Not updated
66Rayouk Luci FamilyEitrigg-EU1295Not updated
67Hatchi La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU1199Not updated
68Quio Lightning ShadowsEitrigg-EU1100Not updated
69Nahäle ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU995Not updated
70Levi La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU992Not updated
71Horcrux A F KEitrigg-EU992Not updated
72Sickless ShadeEitrigg-EU990Not updated
73Almerion La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU988Not updated
74Ohsuko RaidPulLEitrigg-EU982Not updated
75Xerenus CynwällsEitrigg-EU980Not updated
76Wûshu AwakeningEitrigg-EU972Not updated
77Tripeurs RefugeEitrigg-EU961Not updated
78Hêaven AnwämanëEitrigg-EU899Not updated
79Shuzen AwakeningEitrigg-EU898Not updated
80Temarinechan The coctedEitrigg-EU897Not updated
81Zguyknight frranky famillyEitrigg-EU896Not updated
82Hurricaine WrathEitrigg-EU892Not updated
83Füriøus The coctedEitrigg-EU892Not updated
84Carantir The coctedEitrigg-EU889Not updated
85Robotgauffre GloriaEitrigg-EU888Not updated
86Zerstören AZERTYEitrigg-EU886Not updated
87Goulgivre Même Pas PeurEitrigg-EU881Not updated
88Sørn Nightmares AsylumEitrigg-EU879Not updated
89Schango zooltimaEitrigg-EU878Not updated
90Stonman Fairy TailEitrigg-EU797Not updated
91Darkdylan ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU796Not updated
92Immortales La Main BlancheEitrigg-EU795Not updated
93Aknohr snøwblindEitrigg-EU794Not updated
94Dombledore RefugeEitrigg-EU791Not updated
95Kôsuke Irøn PyriteEitrigg-EU767Not updated
96Hadës RefugeEitrigg-EU760Not updated
97Elementari ArtekÿsEitrigg-EU699Not updated
98Legenden  Eitrigg-EU699Not updated
99Irøel ExceedEitrigg-EU697Not updated
100Jilko RefugeEitrigg-EU697Not updated

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