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Earthen Ring-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Greenlight FateEarthen Ring-US5599
2Fooze  Earthen Ring-US5385
3Pohlows FateEarthen Ring-US4897Not updated
4Clann Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US4394
5Claydee FateEarthen Ring-US4382
6Mokrengar WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US4094
7Yvandis Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US3795
8Necrorgasm WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US3788Not updated
9Lenopi FateEarthen Ring-US3781
10Iaeaa Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US3696
11Raanron FateEarthen Ring-US3694
12Kiing Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US3693Not updated
13Torg WarsongEarthen Ring-US3693
14Kudge WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US3692
15Meknoid Blood FistEarthen Ring-US3691
16Rezi IntangibleEarthen Ring-US3682
17Bandonio Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US3599
18Kalendes FateEarthen Ring-US3593
19Felsag The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US3420Not updated
20Ikonette WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US3397
21Vitale FateEarthen Ring-US3394
22Amberclad The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US3394Not updated
23Kamakura FateEarthen Ring-US3358
24Wãffles WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US3296
25Stancelot WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US3000Not updated
26Zaeed AberrationEarthen Ring-US3000
27Lemon SacredEarthen Ring-US2895
28Serota alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US2794
29Señorsmolder Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US2787
30Pluhm alea iacta est gravitasEarthen Ring-US2298Not updated
31Laalia Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US1986
32Güs alea iacta est verendusEarthen Ring-US1899Not updated
33Elynthil Blood FistEarthen Ring-US1799
34Kharaa Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US1798
35Foozexz FateEarthen Ring-US1796Not updated
36Hildor FateEarthen Ring-US1789
37Krimkazul  Earthen Ring-US1777Not updated
38Gonturan WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US1699
39Grimmish BloodFuryEarthen Ring-US1695
40Klouded Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US1694
41Rezreaper Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US1684
42Louse Outcast OrderEarthen Ring-US1678
43Vexxo  Earthen Ring-US1599Not updated
44Pacifíst Ignis SolusEarthen Ring-US1599
45Xatera DissonanceEarthen Ring-US1597
46Infernoxax Wal Mart SpecialistEarthen Ring-US1597Not updated
47Vanguards Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US1489
48Smith Sons of HellscreamEarthen Ring-US1468
49Teilina  Earthen Ring-US1392Not updated
50Kokuyoku SacredEarthen Ring-US1391
51Anllo For the Horde BalloonEarthen Ring-US1298
52Magiflux IntangibleEarthen Ring-US1290
53Civelle Ex Cineribus ResurgamEarthen Ring-US1199
54Turkleton IconEarthen Ring-US991Not updated
55Iskoz WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US990
56Zerthimon Blood FistEarthen Ring-US985
57Uniion FateEarthen Ring-US985
58Nohl alea iacta est dignitasEarthen Ring-US984
59Ryusi Angels of ChaosEarthen Ring-US978
60Ashyâ  Earthen Ring-US978Not updated
61Ellionsa Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US973
62Tatë The JägermonstersEarthen Ring-US973Not updated
63Poliwhirl WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US899
64Aeina The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US899
65Malcadork WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US898Not updated
66Koryander Templars of the RoseEarthen Ring-US896Not updated
67Gigapax  Earthen Ring-US892Not updated
68Magnifiqo Militis RuinaEarthen Ring-US885Not updated
69Kassdk Automata InfinitumEarthen Ring-US882
70Barcnight alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US873
71Bibbit  Earthen Ring-US798
72Chanalla Icha Icha ParadiseEarthen Ring-US797
73Hektonte Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US797
74Därklun FateEarthen Ring-US796
75Nagolix Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US789
76Hàrleyquinn Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US786
77Shmage alea iacta est dignitasEarthen Ring-US698
78Kaegos DissonanceEarthen Ring-US698
79Gyaa AscendenceEarthen Ring-US697Not updated
80Basch  Earthen Ring-US697
81Clumsy  Earthen Ring-US696Not updated
82Taradiem Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US695
83Eorae alea iacta est dignitasEarthen Ring-US693
84Magûs Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US691Not updated
85Probrick Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US690
86Devanna THE EPIC RAIDERSEarthen Ring-US689
87Altho Ignis SolusEarthen Ring-US689Not updated
88Niyenna Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US689
89Nazg  Earthen Ring-US688Not updated
90Stralyan Blood FistEarthen Ring-US687Not updated
91Lexburn The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US687Not updated
92Layczez Lunatic FriendsEarthen Ring-US684
93Atherias Sunhoof TribeEarthen Ring-US684
94Goat The JägermonstersEarthen Ring-US684
95Splinky FateEarthen Ring-US683
96Tarbosh  Earthen Ring-US683Not updated
97Nèrrok Grey Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US678
98Romulo alea iacta est ponderaEarthen Ring-US675
99Dozzy  Earthen Ring-US674Not updated
100Ewain GquitEarthen Ring-US668

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