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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Durotan-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Violence Divine RevelationDurotan-EU5398Not updated
2Gigacrime Divine RevelationDurotan-EU4894Not updated
3Theaf Screaming EagelsDurotan-EU3895Not updated
4Hattori EffectDurotan-EU3895Not updated
5Chaosshadow Ten MonkeysDurotan-EU3798Not updated
6Tèrak AnOrmALDurotan-EU3699Not updated
7Miraclés InfinitasDurotan-EU3692Not updated
8Faremdir FenrirDurotan-EU3691Not updated
9Sanakan NeumondDurotan-EU3673Not updated
10Flêks ranks or riotDurotan-EU3598Not updated
11Rayh critical ludersDurotan-EU3588Not updated
12Fabricius AWESOMEDurotan-EU3496Not updated
13Druba  Durotan-EU3399Not updated
14Dalarios baBämDurotan-EU3398Not updated
15Miyashima EffectDurotan-EU3297Not updated
16Mahatmapandi Der Blutige Pfad GottesDurotan-EU3296Not updated
17Flanda Der Blutige Pfad GottesDurotan-EU3293Not updated
18Tyani ranks or riotDurotan-EU3197Not updated
19Akros Event HorizonDurotan-EU3197Not updated
20Snutle Divine RevelationDurotan-EU2695Not updated
21Kuhro Nur Affen mit WaffenDurotan-EU2694Not updated
22Chimeron  Durotan-EU2587Not updated
23Tämä baBämDurotan-EU2293Not updated
24Sumuo  Durotan-EU1990Not updated
25Chiba Dark CircleDurotan-EU1989Not updated
26Souleater  Durotan-EU1891Not updated
27Zantus  Durotan-EU1796Not updated
28Montaris FenrirDurotan-EU1693Not updated
29Neshuria Legion of the AllianceDurotan-EU1496Not updated
30Leysha FenrirDurotan-EU1391Not updated
31Fifflar  Durotan-EU1377Not updated
32Juñ Guardian of the BlindDurotan-EU1291Not updated
33Spirìt EntourageDurotan-EU1199Not updated
34Kyrgyzion Veritas InvictusDurotan-EU1193Not updated
35Travvis Verlorene LegionDurotan-EU1094Not updated
36Juliè FenrirDurotan-EU999Not updated
37Tyllona keine DetailsDurotan-EU982Not updated
38Nervtoeter BathaqarDurotan-EU978Not updated
39Magicmofa æonDurotan-EU974Not updated
40Elisya  Durotan-EU958Not updated
41Bavragon CelembrîsDurotan-EU892Not updated
42Rechaka AmistosaDurotan-EU891Not updated
43Galvana HaMoDurotan-EU880Not updated
44Svein FenrirDurotan-EU880Not updated
45Hermios InfinitasDurotan-EU874Not updated
46Ðarkpredator  Durotan-EU872Not updated
47Enyra The Lost TichosDurotan-EU863Not updated
48Bullrîde TuonelaDurotan-EU797Not updated
49Demonfire InfinitasDurotan-EU795Not updated
50Jakomoniar Midlife CrisisDurotan-EU789Not updated
51Schmiddel InfinitasDurotan-EU784Not updated
52Makanis Lost EternityDurotan-EU782Not updated
53Náhreg WhatevaDurotan-EU699Not updated
54Remar InfinitasDurotan-EU699Not updated
55Selarchh  Durotan-EU699Not updated
56Sqsy critical ludersDurotan-EU698Not updated
57Nerlina  Durotan-EU696Not updated
58Brotkorb EffectDurotan-EU695Not updated
59Desec Seven Drunken PiratesDurotan-EU695Not updated
60Wákká FenrirDurotan-EU694Not updated
61Shinzou Klatschende ElcheDurotan-EU693Not updated
62Ramoxo Diener von RamoxoDurotan-EU690Not updated
63Vallarion Guardian of The SunDurotan-EU690Not updated
64Deadprincess  Durotan-EU689Not updated
65Dracarys InfinitasDurotan-EU685Not updated
66Lazia InfinitasDurotan-EU685Not updated
67Lòkí  Durotan-EU685Not updated
68Raccoon InfinitasDurotan-EU682Not updated
69Caíus WhatevaDurotan-EU678Not updated
70Nêry InfinitasDurotan-EU672Not updated
71Kigamî Der Blutige Pfad GottesDurotan-EU665Not updated
72Tuerlich Breath of the DragonsDurotan-EU658Not updated
73Olíver Erben der KlingeDurotan-EU598Not updated
74Nightrunnêr InPanikDurotan-EU598Not updated
75Therinah  Durotan-EU595Not updated
76Heintje eXcubitorDurotan-EU499Not updated
77Gizzmo WhatevaDurotan-EU495Not updated
78Schingler ÆPIXDurotan-EU494Not updated
79Streeg AnOrmALDurotan-EU494Not updated
80Æyra Old StarsDurotan-EU494Not updated
81Jinghua InsanityDurotan-EU480Not updated
82Empiria InfinitasDurotan-EU478Not updated
83Urusis Orden vom BlutmondDurotan-EU410Not updated
84Macé Blâck PhoenîxDurotan-EU399Not updated
85Itsababy critical ludersDurotan-EU399Not updated
86Sharinia  Durotan-EU399Not updated
87Sântura Amici NoctisDurotan-EU399Not updated
88Serâfinâ InfinitasDurotan-EU399Not updated
89Duruk Ring of ExcellenceDurotan-EU399Not updated
90Hunto  Durotan-EU398Not updated
91Nariva  Durotan-EU397Not updated
92Mcgoogle RebooTDurotan-EU396Not updated
93Astath baBämDurotan-EU395Not updated
94Apemonkey Allies im WunderlandDurotan-EU395Not updated
95Boomx Wipeocalypse NowDurotan-EU392Not updated
96Samiira  Durotan-EU391Not updated
97Zavy Dark CircleDurotan-EU390Not updated
98Polari InfinitasDurotan-EU389Not updated
99Globaldeath Der Blutige Pfad GottesDurotan-EU388Not updated
100Danqelo Erben der KlingeDurotan-EU388Not updated

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